Downton Abbey

Season 1 Episode 5

Episode 5

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 24, 2010 on PBS



  • Quotes

    • O'Brien: (Walking into a room where Edith is seated, writing a letter.) Sorry to bother you, my lady. But your mother wanted you to know Lady Sybil's back. She's changing now so dinner won't be late, after all.
      Lady Edith: What happened to her?
      O'Brien: The horse went lame.
      Lady Edith: (After turning back to her letter, she glances up again to see that O'Brien is still hovering in the room.) Is there anything else?
      O'Brien: There is something that's been troubling me. You remember the Turkish gentleman, Mr Pamuk. The one who died all sudden-like?
      Lady Edith: Of course I remember.
      O'Brien: Well, it's Daisy, my lady. The kitchen maid. Only, she's been talking recently as if she had ideas about Mr Pamuk's death.
      Lady Edith: What sort of ideas?
      O'Brien: Well, I've no proof and maybe I'm wrong. But I've a sense she knows something but won't say what. Something involving Lady Mary.
      Lady Edith: How absurd. What could she know.
      O'Brien: Whatever it is, she won't say. Not to us anyway.
      Lady Edith: Have you spoken to Lady Mary about this?
      O'Brien: I didn't like to, my lady. It seemed impertinent somehow, but I thought someone in the family ought to know about it.
      Lady Edith: Quite right. Bring the girl to my room, tomorrow, after breakfast.

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