Downton Abbey

Season 3 Episode 5

Episode 5

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 14, 2012 on PBS

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  • Poor Tom.

    I've to admit that i cry almost all the chapter, it was so heartbreaking. I was so move to all the characters reactions. I'm very curious to see what is going to happened to Tom, Downton was more about his wife place, so its goin to be so odd for him now.
  • 5x05 - The Baby is Born

    I was accidentally spoiled for the outcome of this episode but I was still hit hard when the death occurred. I honestly teared up. Now that's powerful drama.
  • Superbly done for the most part.

    Apart from a couple of 'slow' parts and some rather bad acting by the Lady of the Manor, I thought this episode wasexcellent. I had already figured out that it would be Lady Sybil who died but I found the event poignant, perhaps more for her talk with Mary before her death than her death itself.

    I believe it was Robert's pompous arrogance and stupidity which indirectly led to Sybil's death, so I find myself agreeing with Cora on that point. Thomas's reaction was surprising but gratifying. Carson was just plain ridiculous about the whole 'Ethel at Crawley House' thing, but good for Mrs. Patmore for seeing it for what it was.

    I don't like to write too much in a review for a show which has yet to be seen in the US so I will say nothing more except can we please either deal with the whole Bates issue or get rid of him? His storyline, once poignant, has become meaningless. As for Daisy, she needs a good shake. I'm certain the rest of the series will be equally excellent.

  • I won't ...

    ... hate them for daring to make momentous decisions.
  • **SPOILERS**

    I will freely admit this that i cried during this episode and i can't imagine anyone who won't once they've watched it!

    The episode begins with the impending birth of baby Branson but it turns out that Lady Sybil is just in slow labour and without pain relief!

    Surprisingly Matthew is also thinking of babies, he's concerned that his injuries during the war has left him unable to father a child but Sir Philip (baby doctor) assures him that it's just anxiety. Maybe its his concerns about the estate, don't quote me but i think munity might be soon on the horizon?

    After her failed wedding something positive is finally happening for Lady Edith. She gets the opportunity to write in a column once a week but Lord Grantham comments it's just her title and not her writing abilities they are interested in. I wished he'd give the poor girl a break!

    Big developments downstairs Anna has found evidence that could finally free Mr Bates but unfortunately they need a statement from his late wife's friend, who would rather see him rot in jail!

    Mrs Crawley (Isobel not Mary) takes Ethel on as a maid but Mrs Bird can't bear the thought of working along side a prostitute and so Ethel soon finds herself as the new cook and bless the girl can't cook as Mrs Crawley soon finds out!

    Finally Lady Sybil gives birth to a baby girl but this is were the episode becomes so heartbreaking, soon after she gives birth she dies of preeclampsia as Doctor Clarkson's prior warnings were ignored. It was such an emotional scene as all her family watched helplessly as she took her last breath and then you heard little baby Sybil crying in the next room. Even Thomas cried when the downstairs staff were told!

    Next week is going to be very interesting!