Downton Abbey

Season 2 Episode 7

Episode 7

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 30, 2011 on PBS
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It is now early 1919, and with the war over, the residents of Downton Abbey slowly start to get their lives back in order. Just as it is thought that there cannot be more problems concerning Vera, Bates learns that something else has arisen and he's not sure how to deal with it. Meanwhile, Sir Richard Carlisle uses Anna in a manner which puts her in a very difficult position. For Thomas, the end of the war means yet more ways to make money. And, for Sybil and Branson, they must try to keep their secret for as long as possibles when some totally unexpected news leaves everyone reeling.


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  • Downton abbey , gvg

    Great zz
  • This show is awesome. Great TV once again. The characters are great, storyline excellent, all the twists and sets in the series in just done very well. I am actually having withdrawals because I have to wait until Jan to see the new episodes.moreless

    My husband and I came upon this show by accident and after the first episode , we loved it so much, I sent away for the series and we watched those in a week. We have been waiting since the spring to see the new series. Can't wait until Jan.

    I tell everyone I know about this series because there is nothing good on tv anymore and this far exceeds our expectations.moreless
  • The war is over and it's time for everyone to take stock of their lives.

    Perhaps not the best episode of the show but a great deal certainly happened. His Lordship kissed a maid, Matthew realised he could walk and function normally again and the detestable Sir Richard tried to bribe Anna to spy on Lady Mary. Meanwhile, after hearing of this, Carson declared that he could not work for such a man and Sir Richard counter attacked by saying that he and Mary may not settle at Haxby Park after all, preferring to perhaps be further away from Downton after their marriage.

    Mary was quite unpleasant during this entire episode but, then again, her heart was broken by the fact that Lavinia and Matthew are to be married after all. The annoying Tom Branson finally convinced Sybil to run away with him but Mary and Edith managed to talk some sense into her before the two could marry.

    Karma firmly bit Thomas when he found that the blackmarket goods he had purchased were not the real deal and he looks to be facing financial ruin. Meanwhile, Violet made it abundantly clear to Matthew that Mary is still very much in love with him and Bates receives a letter that looks as though it may implicate him in Vera's death. On top of that, Ethel meets the parents of the late Major Bryant.

    And all that in just over an hour! Next week's series finale should be even more interesting. Don't forget to watch!moreless
Hugh Bonneville

Hugh Bonneville

Robert, Earl of Grantham

Penelope Wilton

Penelope Wilton

Isobel Crawley

Jessica Brown-Findlay

Jessica Brown-Findlay

Lady Sybil Crawley

Laura Carmichael

Laura Carmichael

Lady Edith Crawley

Jim Carter

Jim Carter

Mr. Charles Carson

Brendan Coyle

Brendan Coyle

John Bates

Zoe Boyle

Zoe Boyle

Lavinia Swire

Guest Star

Iain Glen

Iain Glen

Sir Richard Carlisle

Guest Star

Clare Calbraith

Clare Calbraith

Jane Moorsum

Guest Star

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    • Mrs. Patmore: Daisy!? What in God's name are you doing down here at this hour?

      Daisy: I just wanted to check it were all right. That it hadn't, you know, caved in or anything.

      Mrs. Patmore: Caved in? It's a cake, not a souflé.

      Daisy: I know, but I've never made a wedding cake before.

      Mrs. Patmore: Is that the one for tasting?

      Daisy: Yes, Mrs. Patmore. (getting a piece off the shelf)

      Mrs. Patmore: Well, bring it out, we'll give it a try.

      Mrs. Patmore: (after she and Daisy try a bite and both spit it out) What in God's name do you call this?

      Daisy: I don't know. I did everything that you said. I promise.

      Mrs. Patmore: Didn't you taste the mixture? (Daisy shakes her head) Well, then I'm afraid it's time to look at Thomas's ingredients. (walks over to counter and tries something and spits it out) Well, it's two thirds plaster dust. Where's the peel? (Daisy hands it to her) This were old when Adam were a boy. So, Thomas was happy to "let it go", was he? Well, it won't go anywhere near me in future. Chuck the whole bally lot out and we'll have to think again.

    • Violet: No doubt you will regard this as rather unorthodox, my pushing into a man's bedroom, uninvited.

      Matthew: Well, um...

      Violet: It's just I don't want us to be disturbed. (she sits down) I'm sure you know how pleased I am that you will recover after all.

      Matthew: Thank you.

      Violet: Just as I am delighted that you can once more look forward to a happy married life.

      Matthew: I'm very lucky.

      Violet: Now, this may come as a surprise but I feel I must say it all the same.

      Matthew: Please do.

      Violet: Mary is still in love with you.

      Matthew: What?

      Violet: I was watching her the other night when you spoke of your wedding. She looked like Juliet on awakening in the tomb.

      Matthew: Mary and I have always had...

      Violet: Of course, I suspected long ago that the flame hadn't quite gone out, but then there was no chance of your recovery and it seemed best to let her try for happiness where she could.

      Matthew: I quite agree, and Sir Richard is...

      Violet: No, now let's not muddy the pool by discussing Sir Richard. The point is you loved her once. Are you sure you can't love her again?

      Matthew: Cousin Violet, please don't think I mind your speaking to me in this way. I quite admire it. But consider this: Lavinia came back, against my orders, determined to look after me for the rest of my life, which meant that she would wash me and feed me and do things that only the most dedicated nurse would undertake, and all with no hope of children or any improvement.

      Violet: Yes, yes, it's all very admirable. And I give her full credit.

      Matthew: And giving her that credit, do you think it would be right for me to throw her over because I can walk? To dismiss her because I no longer have need of her services?
      Violet: Spoken like a man of honor, and we will not fall out over this.
      Matthew: But you don't agree.
      Violet: I would just say one thing. Marriage is a long business. There's no getting out of it for our kind of people. Now, you may live 40, 50 years with one of these two women. Just make sure you have selected the right one.

    • Branson: You're very late. Won't they worry?

      Sybil: They're all so excited, they won't care where I am.

      Branson: I'm pleased. I like Mr. Matthew.

      Sybil: He announced at dinner that he wants to get married at Downton. Somehow, it made me feel more than ever that the war is really over and it's time to move forward.

      Branson: Do you mean you've made your decision?

      Sybil: Yes. My answer is...that I'm ready to travel and you are my ticket to get away from this house, away from this life.

      Branson: Me?

      Sybil: No, Uncle Tom Cobley.(they both laugh)

      Branson: I'm sorry. But I've waited so long for those words, I can't believe I'm hearing them. You won't mind burning your bridges?

      Sybil: Mind? Fetch me the matches! (Branson leans forward but stops) Yes, you can kiss me, but that is all until everything is settled.

      Branson: For now, God knows it's enough that I can kiss you. (They kiss)

    • Robert: Is it true? Is it true what Lavinia says? (Matthew nods and with Lavinia's help stands up out of his chair)

      Mary: I can't believe it!

      Cora: It's so wonderful.

      Sybil: It is, but don't tire yourself out. Sit down now and we'll send for Dr. Clarkson.

      Robert: She's right. Edith, go with Branson. Get Clarkson, but fetch Mama and Cousin Isobel was well. I don't care what they're doing, tell them to come now! (walks up to Matthew) My dear chap. I cannot begin to tell you what this means to me.

      Matthew: It's pretty good news for me, too.(Robert laughs)

    • Matthew: Nobody's down yet.

      Lavinia: They won't be long.(pushing Matthew into the room) Oh, look. They've cleared the tea but forgotten to take that tray.

      Matthew: Ring the bell.

      Lavinia: I'll do it. They'll be busy getting dinner ready.

      Matthew: It's too heavy for you.

      Lavinia: No it's not (she trips over a footstool and drops tray)

      Matthew: Look out! (Matthew jumps up out of chair and tries to stop Lavinia)

      Lavinia: (Lavinia stands up from almost hitting her head) Heavens, that was a near thing. (she turns around and sees Matthew standing) My God.

    • Carson: I wrestled with it, m'lord, I don't mind admitting. And I wanted to be there to help Lady Mary, and...

      Robert: And protect her from Sir Richard.
      Carson: Well, I would quite put it like that, but yes, I suppose. Only...
      Robert: Only you felt you couldn't work for a man who would offer a bribe?

      Carson: That is correct, m'lord.

      Robert: Are you quite sure you won't regret it? I know how fond you are of Lady Mary.

      Carson: But I couldn't work for a man that I don't respect. And I certainly couldn't have left Downton for him.

      Robert: I shall take that as a compliment. For myself and for my house.

    • Sybil: Doesn't it feel odd to have the rooms back?

      Edith: And only us to sit in them. I suppose we'll get used to it.

      Sybil: I don't want to get used to it.

      Edith: What do you mean?

      Sybil: I know what it is to work now. To have a full day, to be tired in a good way. I don't want to start dress fittings or paying calls or standing behind the guns.

      Edith: But how does one escape all that?

      Sybil: I think I've found a way to escape.

      Edith: Nothing too drastic, I hope.

      Sybil: It is drastic. There's no going back once I've done it, but that's what I want. No going back.

      Edith: I don't want to go back, either.
      Sybil: Then don't. You're far nice than you were before the war, you know. (Edith looks happy)

    • Branson: You look very fine.
      Sybil: Everything I own is from my season before the war. I'm trying to wear them out. Where you have been all day?

      Branson: Nowhere, I've just been busy.

      Sybil: I envy you. I feel so flat after the rush and bustle of the last two years. They were sighing for the old days at dinner, but all I could do was think about how much more I want from life now than I did then.

      Branson: Does this mean that you've made up your mind, at last?

      Sybil: (looking sad) No, not quite. But almost. (Branson looks down and Sybil puts her hand on his cheek and he looks at her again)

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