Downton Abbey

Season 2 Episode 7

Episode 7

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 30, 2011 on PBS

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  • Downton abbey , gvg

    Great zz
  • This show is awesome. Great TV once again. The characters are great, storyline excellent, all the twists and sets in the series in just done very well. I am actually having withdrawals because I have to wait until Jan to see the new episodes.


    My husband and I came upon this show by accident and after the first episode , we loved it so much, I sent away for the series and we watched those in a week. We have been waiting since the spring to see the new series. Can't wait until Jan.

    I tell everyone I know about this series because there is nothing good on tv anymore and this far exceeds our expectations.

  • The war is over and it's time for everyone to take stock of their lives.


    Perhaps not the best episode of the show but a great deal certainly happened. His Lordship kissed a maid, Matthew realised he could walk and function normally again and the detestable Sir Richard tried to bribe Anna to spy on Lady Mary. Meanwhile, after hearing of this, Carson declared that he could not work for such a man and Sir Richard counter attacked by saying that he and Mary may not settle at Haxby Park after all, preferring to perhaps be further away from Downton after their marriage.

    Mary was quite unpleasant during this entire episode but, then again, her heart was broken by the fact that Lavinia and Matthew are to be married after all. The annoying Tom Branson finally convinced Sybil to run away with him but Mary and Edith managed to talk some sense into her before the two could marry.

    Karma firmly bit Thomas when he found that the blackmarket goods he had purchased were not the real deal and he looks to be facing financial ruin. Meanwhile, Violet made it abundantly clear to Matthew that Mary is still very much in love with him and Bates receives a letter that looks as though it may implicate him in Vera's death. On top of that, Ethel meets the parents of the late Major Bryant.

    And all that in just over an hour! Next week's series finale should be even more interesting. Don't forget to watch!