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Problems With Duplicate Submissions. (PLEASE READ)

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    [1]Apr 5, 2013
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    Hi All,

    Hope you are all enjoying everything Downton as Season 4 continues filming. Smile

    I want to raise the problem of duplicate submissions which are becoming a problem all over the site. On this guide, US members who have only recently seen the show and the 2012 Christmas Special are adding extra information and submissions, such as episode summaries which are already there. This is not necessary as all the episode summaries and airdates are added at the time of the UK listings. A separate US summary and airdate are not required. You can add US airdates under the NOTES, TRIVIA, ILLUSION headings but a separate submission and changing the airdate is not required. Changing the original airdate is in fact a violation of the Terms of Service as only one airdate is acceptable and that is the very first screening which, in the case of 'Downton', is the UK airdate.

    Please be more careful in what you submit as I will have to reject duplicates because of their incorrectness or TOS Violations.

    Thanks for reading.


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