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  • The show continued to be political

    The first couple of seasons were great when the story lines fit the early 20th century, and then the producers decided to add 21st century issues into early 20th century, which was totally out of place. They took on: Single motherhood, working mothers, racism, homosexuality, class warfare, feminism, patriotism -- all became political statements instead of realistic story lines. Seems producers would rather make political statements then produce a story that fit the times
  • Simply an elegant ending

    How could this have ever had a better ending. It took six long years but Edith is finally happy, god bless her, she was such a trooper to put up with those writers:( Mary had her just re-ward, her new hubby ended up being a used car salesman. Is it possible that Thomas out-grew his gayness?

    I shall miss this show, I shall miss it indeed!!
  • Growing pains

    I love the depiction of this aristocratic family struggling in the midst of a changing world. Robert (Hugh Bonneville) initially is befuddled thinking of life without his personal valet, while his mother (the wonderful Maggie Smith) sees no need for change; yet to add to her complex character, we see her making decisions that are in keeping with the times. It's a head-shaking moment when we see the lady's maid dress the women for bed, pulling on their dressing robe, only to have said lady walk to her bedside and remove it before getting in bed. However, what a delight to peek inside that remarkably honest picture of that lifestyle. The character of Edith, breaking out of her insecurities and becoming a business woman is wonderful and encouraging. Her sister, Mary (whom I suspect we are not to like overly much) is well done by Michelle Dockery, and portrays her own insecurities, albeit in a more covert manner. The downstairs staff is wonderfully integrated. Poor Mr. Carson whose identity is seemingly tied to THE FAMILY. He's sweetly endeared to Lady Mary and completely devoted to Robert, and he is definitely struggling with changes in the Abbey as well as in the world. Thomas Barrow, the troubled valet/servant--unlikeable from the beginning, now showing (only us) his hurts. Will Mrs. Patmore find love? Will Daisy leave the Abbey? There are so many more characters to contemplate. I look forward to seeing how the conclusion is written.
  • Amazing

    It's currently my favorite TV show, and I have been watching since the beginning. The storylines are well-developed and intriguing - but don't get me started on the characters. Even the most minor characters are perfect. 10/10!
  • Fantastic Show about Downton and his Abbey

    Oh, when Abbey is on, all my ladies are glued to the TV. And finally I get the well deserved rest and can play Witcher on my PS4 without them asking me some silly question every 5 minutes.

    And for that Downton Abbey deserves all its 10 stars. I never watched a single episode by myself and never going to, but the calmness it brings! oh, the calmness!.
  • bad idea

    If there was one show that should have NEVER been finished , this is it!
  • Obsession

    Thank goodness this is finally over. I quit watching after they gratuitously insisted on the rape storyline. That ruined it. Julian Fellowes seemed obsessed with this. First spending episode after episode with Bates being the murder suspect and then pointing the finger at Anna. Why did this show need that? IT DIDN'T!!!!! There is no defense. Please don't give me the "this kind of thing happens and should be depicted, in order to be true to the realities of How sad! It was SICK!
  • My favourite program

    I nearly cried when Edith got her child back. Great program

  • Gratuitous rape has no place in my life

    I proudly remain on the sidelines, never watching this reprehensible show again.
  • Wonderful Show must watch

    I wanted to see what the fuss was about ... now I know I am so hooked .love it..
  • Best TV Series Ever

    I have viewed a lot of TV Series in my life, but none captivated me as much as Downton Abbey. The acting, to begin with, is absolutely stunning; It is a rare Series with one writer and the story lines are fabulous along with great reactions from the characters; The music composition is the greatest in history; the locations are marvelous; the directing is beautiful and last, but not least, the costumes are amazing. If you have not watched Downton Abbey, you are missing out on the jaw-dropping Drama.

  • its 9.5 if my mother tells me

    I do not actually like this show, my mother made me give it a 9.5.
  • Can't wait for next Season...

    Just finished last season still going Strong!!

    had to go though 3 seasons given the high this show sucks R GOOD BUT THAT DOESNT MEAN ITS can handle slow plots n storytelling but this show is just melodramatic n be bcoz its british way of getting high rating for their own shows and I SUPPOSE THIS IS TO SHOW TO THE WORLD HOW GOOD n KINDHEARTED N SIMPLE WERE THE LORDS N LADY'S OF ENGLAND, JUST TO DOWNPLAY THE THOUGHT OF 1000 YEARS OF TYRANNY N SUPRESSION...
  • Downton Abbey; Greatest TV Drama Ever!

    Absolutely great drama by ITV and Masterpiece! I own all four series on DVD and have watched all episodes. This is a drama that is outstanding in acting, location, costumes, music and everything English. We in America are truly in love with Downton Abbey; I love the character of Lady Mary the best but, everyone on the program is great. lt is a shame that American actors have become only celebrities and not true dramatists; I mostly watch English programs when they are available. Again, great job Julian Fellowes and all.
  • Downton Abbey a class act

    In the glorious tradition of shows like Upstairs Downstairs, Downton Abbey does not disappoint. Lady Mary Crawley played by Michelle Dockery is by far my favorite character. She is smart and witty and brilliantly written.

    I find myself intrigued by her ability to capture the audience with a single stare. Michelle is fantastic. Who would have believed her success. Isn't this show one of the very greats. I look forward to each episode with enthusiasm. Keep up the great work.

  • Season 4 - Thoughts

    I've watched Series 4 live as I've been in the area and despite what some have said I think it keeps up the high standards of series past. I did feel there was one aspect in the series that seemed slightly too contrived but I don't want to give away anything. Suffice it to say I think it resolves well as the series goes along and takes us into an interesting realm.

    As for those folks who'll be waiting for Paul Giamatti's appearance, it seems he'll only be in the Christmas Special. So don't hold your breath... I just hope I make it back for the special, I couldn't stand to wait until it's released in the Americas.

    Over all I liked this series/season and where it went and I'm sure you'll enjoy it as well: They rounded out a few long time characters and gave us some more romantic entanglements as well as new characters to get to know. My favorite being Charles Blake, who's portrayed by Julian Ovenden and is probably best known to American audiences as Andrew Foyle from the ITV program Foye's War.
  • Downton is Down Right Beautiful!

    Downton Abbey is one the best historic dramas ever made, and has become one of my all time favorite television shows!
  • Downton Abbey Season 4

    The show is a phenomenal drama show with the addition of Paul Giamatti.

    Downton Abbey Season 4 is a show that takes place in 1912 during the sinking of the Titanic. Set on an Edwardian country house in Downton Abbey Season 4, life is idyllic and busting for a family called the Crawley's. The inhabitants of Downton Abbey, Robert, Earl of Grantham, his American heiress wife Cora and their three daughters, along with Robert's mother Violet, haven't lived a particularly tough life living in luxury with the help of a cadre of servants.

  • Addictive!

    Downton Abbey has it all: old fashion England, drama, great costumes, beautiful looking casts, tragic ending love story. Really addictive!

    WHEN it will start?
  • Emmy deserving in every way.

    This show is absolutely flawless. It's exceeds all others because period dramas have been done countless times but Downton keeps it fresh and that it is why it exceeds Hannibal, Homeland, breaking bad and Mad Men. The cast is also supreme - Maggie smith.
  • Jolly old England

    I love this show because it shows that "I'm better than you" attitude that we just don't see in England anymore; unless you're in the royal family. A great series and great acting for the most part! Some of the characters are highly believable especially Maggie Smith. I just think she's perfect for the part.
  • Excellent Show

    Really envy to those people who live in yorkshire. The beautiful scenery, village, etc really add up to the series. Not to mention excellent acting by all of them. Simply the best show ever.
  • I'm hooked!

    I wasn't certain what to expect when I started watching the opening season of Downton Abbey, but somewhere around the second or third episode, I got hooked. After that first day, I "marathoned" all three seasons in order to catch up.

    To me, this is basically a prime-time Soap Opera with continuing storylines, featuring high drama, some comedic lightness, and terrific acting. It's definitely not satirical or tongue-in-cheek (like Desperate Housewives) or overly campy and unbelievable (like Dynasty), but more of a Knots Landing (the best nighttime soap ever!) set in the world of Upstairs, Downstairs, meaning enjoyable stories, a talented ensemble cast, believable characters you care about, and a fascinating historical setting. The locations and sets and costumes are outstanding as well, and the whole series is produced with a top-notch level of quality that only British TV can muster. Although Maggie Smith is a standout among the cast, stealing every scene in which she appears (due, mostly, to her laugh-out-loud one-liners), she's completely surrounded by actors who can easily handle the chore of delivering the own goods each and every episode.

    You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll be on the edge of your seat for many of the storylines. Overall, an excellent show thus far! Bully to the Brits for creating such a great series! I can't wait for Season Four!
  • One of my two favorite shows!!

    The other being The Walking Dead. On the surface they don't have anything in common, but they both have great characters that you love tuning in just to watch and compelling story arches.

    I give Downtown the edge however, since I don't have to look through my fingers during any gorey scenes, lol
  • Love it

    Love this show, excellent, Maggie Smith is great.
  • Watch "Downton Abbey Kids"

    if you're a fan of Downton Abbey fan videos, watch "Downton Abbey Kids" on youtube, just in time for the season 3 (it's got a nice montage of all 3 seasons)
  • 2013 airings

    when does the new season for 2013 start???
  • Where is it??

    What am I doing wrong? Can't find any 2013 airings on this site?