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Downtown is an animated take on urban life, based on interviews with real people the show follows a diverse and multi racial cast who live in NY. With mind blowing, award winning animation...original stories, brilliantly written...Great acting, easy to relate to likeable characters and a killer soundtrack.

The main characters of the show are:
Alex- Probably 23-25 years old. Just moved to an apartment on Manhattan. As a typical computer-fantasy-sf-comic geek hasn't got much experience with girls, and that gives his best friend- Jen, and his younger sister- Chaka another reason to make fun of his miserable person (besides laughing at his casual clothes and hobbies). Unsubstantialy in love with Serena- goth girl from a comic book store.

Chaka- Alex's younger sister, 19. Always fashionable, always want to be on top, so she hangs out with anyone who is "trendy" enough. Likes all kind of clubs, pubs and bars. Being too young to drink alcohol is not a problem to Chaka, because of her natural talent of acting older then she is and thanks to Fruity- her friend, who make fake ID's. Likes to annoy Alex and spend his money for her own pleasures.

Jen- Her relationship with Alex started years ago, in primary school. Always sarcastic and always in "anti-trendies" mood (that's why she is seen almost whole time in baggy, three larger clothes). Likes to make fun of Alex, but she's his best friend and always there to comfort him in sad moments.

Mecca-Chaka's sidekick and high school friend. Much more reasonable and less party type than her friend, Mecca is sometimes a voice of conscience, when Chaka's actions go to far. She hopelessly dreams about great love, like in fairy tales- knight on the white horse and that sort of stuff.

Fruty- Skater and playboy (in his dreams, of course)- he is the finest example of "How not to pick chicks with lame speech" type. But he is handsome and sometimes got his great moments, so maybe Chaka could some day be more than a friend to him. By now, it's just a little hate-love relationship.

Matt- Fruty’s friend and graffiti artist. His greatest desire is to put his own tag on every “dangerous and impossible to reach place” in New York, to gain honor in whole graffiti community and become a legend. Girls like him, but he doesn’t seem to have much interest in them- a can of spray paint is his only love.

Serena- Goth chick, currently working in a comic book store. Beautiful and mysterious, a dream of any guy, who doesn’t mind black lipstick and vampiric outfit. Though Alex is trying to impress her by being someone he’s not (even denying his sf-comic passions!) she seems to only like him and nothing more. Jen doesn’t like her much, maybe because of jealousy.

Goat- True “Headbangers Ball” generation- moustache like Lemmy from Motorhead, dressed up like Hell’s Angel, drinking everything with even a little alcohol in it and paranoid because of strange substances he was drugging himself with in mid 80’s. The most easy-going and simple character in whole series- he only wants to drink, get laid and drink something afterwards. But his simple thinking makes him the best advisor (sometimes) for Alex and others. Got even more lame pick up speeches than Fruty.


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