Dr. 90210

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  • Season 6
    • Buttocks Are a Girl's Best Friend
      Following a serious fight with Hayley, Robert fears they could be heading for a divorce. So in order to save his marriage, he invites his wife and kids to come with him to visit his adoptive parents in Utah to hopefully get some insight into some of his deeply-rooted issues. Will they be able to give him the answers he needs to repair his relationship? Meanwhile, Dr. Rey gives a young woman a new set of breasts to boost her self-confidence while Dr. Matlock gives a lovely Latina a bigger booty. Dr. Fulcher surprises Dr. Li with a special gift for their tenth wedding anniversary.moreless
    • Blonde's Eye View
      Dr. Rey's world is thrown for another loop when Hayley reveals her parents are moving to California from Canada and she wants to move closer to them. Plus, during a house-hunting excursion for her parents, Hayley ends up finding the house of her dreams--and she's ready to move with or without her husband! How will Dr. Rey react to her unexpected ultimatum? Is divorce in their future? Meanwhile, Dr. Rey helps a pretty pilot get a little bigger on top, and Dr. Diamond gives an aging woman a full facial rejuvenation and ear corrective surgery.moreless
    • Trans-Parent
      Episode 6
      The tension continues to brew between Dr. Rey and his meddling mother-in-law Brenda, and now his wife Hayley is feeling caught in the middle! Can their marriage survive this mother of a problem? It's been four months since Brenda moved in and Dr. Rey decides it's time to try and mend their broken relationship, but will Brenda be as open to his peace offering? Meanwhile, Dr. Rey helps two sisters get matching breasts. Can he make these hot moms even hotter? Also, Dr. Alter helps a transgender patient take the final step towards becoming a man with sex reassignment surgery.moreless
    • Behind the Mask
      Behind the Mask
      Episode 5
      Dr. Li adapts to being a new stepmom. The Rey family heads to Tampa for some R&R. Actress Tabitha Stevens wants to have some bad plastic surgery fixed.
    • Lovely Lady Bumps
      Dr. Rey helps the flatest woman he has ever seen by giving her confidence through her new boobs. Meanwhile, Dr. Rey's daughter wants to start acting and doing casting calls, but instead of helping her himself, Hayley decides she needs to be involved. The Diamonds have their baby boy.
    • Dancing With the Scars
      Robert and Hayley find out that she might be pregnant just as the Diamonds are about to welcome their first child. Robert is really excited about having another baby, but Hayley thinks it's just not the right time.
    • Mother Trucker
      Mother Trucker
      Episode 2
      Hayley's mom has moved in and is changing things up. Erin and Dr. Kirby work on their relationship. Later Dr. Kirby aids a daughter and a mother improve on the look of their lips.
    • Slice of Life
      Slice of Life
      Episode 1
      Robert gets angry when he finds out his wife asked her mother to move in. Dr. Li attempts to help a woman improve the way her body looks after her rapid weight loss left a lot of excess skin, while Dr. Rey makes improvement on an aspiring actress.
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