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  • I feel bad for Hayley Ray.

    I really like watching this show but I feel so bad for Hayley Ray. I remember the episodes where she was losing weight and went down to 95 lbs. and really wasnt eating and this this past episode where she went back to Canada to visit with old friends and see her childhood home. She just cried and cried it was so sad. I think that she is relizing but wont say it that she has lost her life to Robert. That she was her own person and has somehow turned into a robot and seeing her childhood home and friends reminded her of her old life when she was in control of it all instead of the mindless life she is living in Beverly Hills. I am sure it is a nice place to live but it is like she said \"living in Beverly Hills is just... diffrent\" Sure it is diffrent everyone is all about showing off what they have and being fake rather then being down to earth the way Hayley is. I think that Robert (i have to say is very hot!) really needs to spend some time away from the office and get Hayley out of Beverly Hills and just spend some alone time together and really give all of his attention to her. It is sad, it is like you wake up one day and wonder where the heck your life went. I believe that is why she was crying. I am all for being successful in life but not at the expense of your families happiness. I hope that Hayley can find it in herself to get back to that strong female that she once used to be. She seems so alone all the time it is heartbreaking to watch.