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  • Dissapointed in the Botox injections for TMJ.

    I am a little disappointed in the botox injections to treat TMJ dysfunction with Angie Everheart. Dr. Li only injected the Masseter at the lower attachment site and did not address other muscles involved with the TMJ. Such as, the medial and lateral pteragoid and Temporalis muscles. When you only treat part of 1 muscle out of 4, it just proves why Angie only had 1 week of relief. I am a massage therapist and athletic trainer and work with many people with TMJ dysfunctions and have better results than Angie after the botox. Myofascial release, Neuromuscular therapy and Craniosacral therapy are far more affective and longer lasting than Botox for tight muscles. There are also many other home care activities a client can do on thier own time to treat their TMJ. It does not have to be a debilitating condition and there are other forms of treatment.