Dr. 90210 - Season 2

E! (ended 2008)


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  • New Beginnings and New Horizons
    So much happened this season--and in this episode. A law-enforcement officer and mother of three decides she wants to get some work done in anticipation of making the rank of detective. And Dr. Li performs an amazing set of procedures on a woman who gained and lost a huge amount of weight. And then things get personal. We see the ultrasound of Dr. Li's baby, find out the (good!) news regarding Hayley Rey's biopsy and find out where Dr. Diamond and his longtime love plan to take their relationship. But is this the end of the story for all these doctors? Don't bet on it.moreless
  • It Don't Mean a Thing if It Ain't Got That Bling
    You won't believe this episode. Meet a real-life million-dollar babe, a stuntwoman who wants Dr. Kotler to repair the damage done to her nose. Then Dr. Li goes to work on a Beverly Hills socialite who's lost so much weight from a gastric bypass that she needs a little tummy tightening. And finally, Dr. Diamond does a little redecorating on the face of an interior designer looking to freshen things up. Who needs a vacation? The docs, that's who. And they head off in different directions--Northern California, the Swiss Alps, China--looking for a little rest and relaxation. But one doctor and his family face a challenge that shocks them--and will shock you.moreless
  • Big Changes
    Episode 11
    This episode has some major surprises. Dr. Li performs a difficult surgery on a budding fashionista. Dr. Rey meets with an aspiring model who has lost so much weight after a gastric bypass that she needs a tummy tuck, breast augmentation and more. And then, when we aren't in the operating room, we get to spend some quality time with the docs. We learn that Dr. Li has some exciting news, Dr. Diamond mulls over a big decision, and Dr. Rey spends some time with Hayley and the kids. But how much time?moreless
  • Young Frankensteins
    Young Frankensteins
    Episode 10
    Think only the older generation gets plastic surgery? Guess again. In this exciting episode, Dr. Rey performs a pro bono breast reduction on a 17-year-old girl from South Central Los Angeles at the behest of her mother. Dr. Diamond performs surgery on a 19-year-old college student to repair her massively deviated septum. Meanwhile, Dr. Alter works to feminize the facial features of a male-to-female transsexual patient. And then we have fun as little Sydney Rey begins martial-arts training, and Dr. Diamond and his girlfriend take a romantic train trip.moreless
  • "It's a Business"
    "It's a Business"
    Episode 9
    Sure, some think plastic surgery is about vanity, but plenty of people recognize the business opportunities afforded by looking young and vibrant. In this episode, Dr. Rey treats a hairstylist who feels her huge success should be reflected in a slightly larger cup size. Then, a hip interior designer goes to Dr. Diamond for some facial redecorating: a cheek- and face-lift and chin implant. And finally, we meet a woman looking to replace her breast implants. However, she also may have a burning issue that Dr. Rey has to discuss with her. Plus, Dr. Li needs some more space--in her office, people--and Dr. Kanodia heads to London for some business, pleasure and Botox!moreless
  • Board-Certified Drastic Surgeons
    This is an episode unlike any other, dealing with procedures that are a little less common than a nose job. First, we meet a 19-year-old West Virginia woman who travels to New York to get a labiaplasty from Dr. Alter in order to reduce the pain and irritation caused by the size of her labia. Then we meet a transsexual patient of Dr. Alter's who is in the last stages of transitioning from female to male. Finally, porn star Tabitha Stevens--who appeared on the show in the first season--invites us along as she gets her anus bleached. Yes, you read that right. Think we can't top her bottom? Then watch as Dr. Rey delivers some surgical strikes in a tae kwon do smackdown.moreless
  • Age Ain't Nothin' but a Number
    Aging gracefully doesn't mean you have to age that much--not with all this surgical talent at your disposal. Watch as some patients look to turn back the clock with a little help from the docs. Dr. Kotler returns to perform a facelift on the husband of one of his former patients. Dr. Diamond performs a facelift on a yoga instructor, who is looking to maintain both her inner and outer beauty. Plus, we work out with Dr. Li, watch Hayley help Dr. Rey with his upcoming tae kwon do tournament and hit the links with Dr. Diamond.moreless
  • Only the Lonely
    Only the Lonely
    Episode 6
    This is an episode unlike any other. In it we meet three very different patients who have something in common: loneliness. Dr. Li treats a wife and mother whose husband is off in Iraq and who hopes to surprise him with her new, improved look--but she must go through the procedure alone. Dr. Alter, whom we also get to know this episode, treats a Nigerian patient who has traveled to America alone seeking help for a complex medical situation. Dr. Diamond helps a recent divorcée get ready to look for love again. And where's Dr. Rey, you ask? You'll find that out and a whole lot more in this terrific episode.moreless
  • Psychiatrists with Knives
    In this episode, we examine the many reasons people have for getting plastic surgery, whether to enhance their career or their self-esteem. Dr. Li treats a woman who is looking to makes some physical changes in response to some difficult personal changes she's recently gone through, including the end of her marriage. Dr. Diamond performs a facelift on a psychiatrist who wants to look younger, and then he schedules a visit with a couples' therapist to help evaluate his relationship with longtime girlfriend Dr. Jessica Combs. Think that's all? Think again. Find out what Hayley Rey tells her husband about his unrelenting desire to get a black belt.moreless
  • Mothers and Daughters
    Welcome to the special "family edition" of the series. In this episode, a professional dancer--with the support of her best friend (who happens to be her mom) gets what she's always wanted: a smaller nose. The next mother-daughter team is also quite close, so much so the two are coming to see Dr. Rey to get breast implants for both of them at the same time. And over on the home front, Hayley's mom helps out with planning a birthday party.moreless
  • Reconstruction
    Episode 3
    This episode is all about breasts--how much society focuses on them and how important they can be to a woman's feeling about herself. The show introduces two women as they approach reconstruction following cancer. Dr. Li's two patients--one a lively model, actress and two-time cancer survivor and the other a new bride who is going through reconstruction after having a tumor removed--are both inspiring stories of facing down cancer and getting on with life. As well, Dr. Li must undergo a second cervical exam of her own to determine whether her abnormal cells will prevent her from getting pregnant. This is an episode you won't want to miss.moreless
  • Risk
    Episode 2
    The doctors know that risk is a huge part of what they do--in surgery, in business, in relationships--and this episode has plenty of it. Dr. Rey takes on a patient who is a wife, mother and former Los Angeles Police Department officer and who is looking to have her breast implants replaced and stomach tightened up. And Dr. Li--who will undergo a medical procedure herself this episode--faces the challenge of operating on a diabetic, knowing that her blood sugar levels could drop dramatically during the procedure. Want more? Head to the beach with Dr. Diamond and do some martial arts--and househunting--with Dr. Rey.moreless
  • New Beginnings/Starting Over
    In the one-hour season premiere, we check in again with Dr. Rey and learn that business is booming--he's got more patients, more staff and more potential changes coming in the future. We also meet the two new docs, Jason Diamond and Linda Li. Dr. Diamond is a hunky bachelor who's at a crossroads with his longtime girlfriend, who's also a physician. And Dr. Li and her anesthesiologist husband have a successful practice and a strong desire to start a family. Plus, we meet two patients who both want the same thing: a fresh start.moreless