Dr. Dolittle & Other Stories

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Dr. Dolittle & Other Stories

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Dr. Doolittle and Other Stories is an animated television series that was broadcast on NBC network from September 1970 to September 1971. Doctor Doolittle (voiced by Bob Holt) travels from place to place around the world assisting ailing animals. What makes Doctor Doolittle special is his ability to communicate with the animals. He travels by ship accompanied by a sailor Tommy Stubbins (voiced by Hal Smith), who has also learned to talk to the animals. Along with the animal doctor and the first mate, there is a group of animals that make up the rest of the crew. Chee-Chee is a delightful monkey that attends to the cabins. A duck, named Dab-Dab serves as the ship's cook; while a two-headed llama, The Pushmi-Pullyu, is perfect for lookout on the ship. A parrot, named Polynesa, a wise owl known as Too-Too and a hound dog called Jip (voiced by Don Messick) make up the rest of the crew. As the crew sails along, a submarine disguised as a Pirate Island follows them. Pirate Island is the stronghold for a crew of pirates led by Sam Scurvy (voiced by Lennie Weinrib). The pirate group consists of a large simpleton sporting an eye patch, named appropriately as Cyclops; a high-spirited Frenchman, known as Zig-Zag; Nico, an Italian pirate and Miko, a Chinese pirate. The pirates' goal is to ultimately kidnap Doctor Doolittle, so he will reveal the secret of how he is able to talk to the animals.


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