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  • January 2012
    • 1/27 Erin Brockovich
      1/27 Erin Brockovich
      Episode 0127
      Dr Drew's Exclusive Tonight: Erin Brockovich joins the crusade to help figure out what's causing the NY high school mystery illness. Dr Drew talks to her to get answers and find out what she is planning to do.
    • 1/25 Teen Medical Mystery
      The medical mystery of thirteen high school girls with Tourette's like symptoms continues. Dr. Drew brings in more people to the discussion; moms and medical professionals together to search for answers.
    • DD: 1/23 Teen girl medical mystery
      A mysterious illness! Twelve high school girls develop Tourette's-like symptoms. Tonight, Dr. Drew is continuing the conversation on what is wrong with them, what are the clues? And how can we help them? Let's find out what's really going on!
    • DD:1/20 Newt Gingrich
      DD:1/20 Newt Gingrich
      Episode 0120
      Newt Gingrich's ex-wife is claiming that he suggested he wanted an ?open marriage." Why does that matter? As a voter do you care? And do you have a right to know? Dr. Drew will talk to his panel of experts and try to get some answers.
    • 1/18 Joran van der Sloot
      Joran van der Sloot talks about his childhood in Aruba, his relationship with his father. He claims he always had lots of friends, even girlfriends in note to a forensic psychologist. Dr. Drew will analyze the chilling letter tonight.
    • 1/17 Anti-obesity campaign
      Tonight on Dr. Drew - a controversial anti-obesity campaign in Georgia! What should we learn from them? Inform? Help? Or make fat kids thin? Dr. Drew will tell us if these ads really help.
    • DD 1/16 Cruise Ship Disaster
      Drew talks to a family who survived the Italian cruise ship disaster and helped children get off the sinking ship. Plus Casey Anthony's new puppy makes his television debut. And, a teenager pretends to be pregnant. Drew talks to her about why.
    • 1/13 Scream Rooms
      1/13 Scream Rooms
      Episode 0113
      Parents outraged over so called "scream rooms" designed to calm troubled students. But some parents are outraged, saying they are distracting, disruptive and they're afraid a child could get seriously hurt. Find out what Dr Drew has to say tonight.
    • 1/12 Billy Ray Cyrus
      1/12 Billy Ray Cyrus
      Episode 0112
      Country Singer Billy Ray Cyrus talks one on one with Dr Drew about Miley, his family and reuniting military families in a surprise homecoming. He's teamed up with TLC to pay tribute to America's brave soldiers with a compelling new series.
    • 1/9: Bullying
      1/9: Bullying
      Episode 0109
      Bullied girl, Amanda Cummings kills herself by jumping in front of a bus. Dr. Drew has an exclusive tonight with Cecile Weber, mother of Amanda Cummings, about her daughter's terrible tragedy.
    • DD1/6:Van Der Sloot Trial Suspended
      Joran Van Der Sloot is accused of the brutal murder of a young Peruvian woman. The prosecution is asking for a 30-year sentence. In court today, he didn't have to plea. Why is he getting more time? Dr Drew will examine his demeanor in court.
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