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  • Is Trump a Collective Thinking Error?

    Dr. Drew is currently exploring the reasons for Donald Trumps' appeal to the masses. As a forensic psychotherapist, I see Americans as experiencing/ using some common thinking errors taught in Psch Ed classes to incarcerated individuals; firstly, we feel LEARNED HELPLESSNESS because the political pool continues to generate the same old 1% (you fill in the blank) types of people to lead the nation. Secondly, we see Trump as an opportunity to react with a POWER-THRUST and continue to have some hope that maybe our system doesn't have to remain broken and believe that we _do_ have a voice.
  • is all about commercial-ratings used to care. Now,i do not feel it when i see him on tv anymore.

    I'm sick of . I was a huge fan,but now,i m seeing it is all about RATINGS and tonight is no diff,on the idiotic show boat of Donald Trump,who just talk bad about nice Carly Fiorina, whose done nothin' to him.

    - is now boring to me. I rarely watch,unless i am really really bored.

  • dr drew is a jerk

    watched him tonight on 8/4 talked about killing of cecil and he clearly said whats the big deal and we are abusing the dentist. first of all so called dr drew get your facts straight cecil was not just killed, he was hunted, skinned and decapitated: MURDER. the dentist is getting what he deserves and so much more. ive lost all my respect for you.
  • Love the

    I have to change channels when you have the idiot Black gay guy talking stupid shit, like last night about Chris Kyle? GET RID of him.