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Season 8 : Episode 6

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Dr. G: Medical Examiner documents cases handled by deputy chief medical examiner Dr. Jan C. Garavaglia (aka Dr. G) of Florida's District Nine Medical Examiner's Office. Each episode features two or three cases Dr. G has handled in the Orlando area, and also in Bexar County, Texas and Jacksonville, Florida where she was previously employed. Some portions of the show have been dramatized and some names have been changed to protect the dignity of individuals and their families. The series originally aired on Discovery Health Channel, and now airs on Discovery Fit & Health.

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  • I love your show!!

    Dr G is a fantastic medical examiner. I actually wanted to see if i could somehow reach out to her because of a recent sudden death in my husbands family yet she was a healthy young 14 year old girl. And her condition is a mystery even after autopsy. I know dr G would be the perfect person to help us with this mystery.
  • Re AKATazMK

    Really akatazmk it is not a lifestyle choice??? Let me ask you this who decided to try the drugs to begin with before they were addicted to them???
  • Annoying

    I just watched the programme for first time tonight here in the UK.

    It was really interesting but I've got to be honest the woman's voice was going through me!! Does she have a volume button? I wish someone would turn it down a few decibels. To me it was like she was shouting all the time. I lasted 15 minutes and then switched it off coz I could not take her bloody annoying voice for one more minute. Although I could've swore I could still hear her from here in Scotlandmoreless
  • Dr. G needs desperately to educate herself with regard to alcoholism and drug addiction!!

    Check the AMA for gods sake: addiction is NOT a lifestyle choice it is a CHRONIC DISEASE!!!!! People who have addictions can't just pick it up or put it down until they reach a bottom of desperation, and heaping shame for 'lifestyle choices' on people already struggling is just ridiculous and ingnorant! Some people's bottoms happen to be death, very Dr, G needs to refresh her knowledge and get some education about this subject.

  • Absolutely LOVE this show!!!

    This show is informative, insightful, thought provoking, and at times, infuriating when obvious clues are over looked, but right now, I want some answers. I saw an episode where a severely depressed man

    was allowed to literally wast away as he willed himself to death over months after his ex-lover refused him visitation of his daughter. He simply could not muster the will to live. How excruciating for him AND he lived with his sister who was either too self-absorbed to notice any changes like an increasingly emaciated brother who refused to get out of bed or eat much as he developed a deadly impacted feces problem which seeped into his blood stream. How can this happen? Are people so uncaring that they can't see the forest through the trees? This is a horrific tragedy that DID NOT HAVE TO HAPPEN. This is a warning to all who don't take depression seriously. DEPRESSION KILLS. And my heart is broken for this obviously sad beyond feeling any hope at all. If he had been my brother, I would have INSISTED, IF NOT ADMITTED HIM UNDER A 51/50 hold to dtermine if he was a threat to himself or others. When are we going to stop burying our heads in the sand and do what God has strictly instructed us to do? I, for one, know exactly where I am going because I have been following my B.ASIC I.NSTRUCTIONS B.FOR L.EAVING T.HIS E.ARTH (BIBLE), and to allow another human being to suffer to such magnitude will surely make you accountable. I hope you have a really good story because the end is nigh and we will ALL BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR OUR BEHAVIOR. Have you been a blessing today. If you don't live your life accordingly, you had better start getting really terrified because the clock is ticking and there is a special place for self-centered, cruel, non-believers. Believe me now, or repent and say "you were right later". It's your choice and it's not too late.moreless
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