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Show called "The lingering Question" aired 09/20/2010

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    Hello Dr. G.,

    I watched this story of a woman that shot her husband three times, fatally killing him and claimed self defense. You found in his Toxicology report that he has high levels of arsnic in his system and it was said that he was being poisoned over three weeks at the time of death. You were called to court for the Prosicution but the Judge had determined that you could not mention his poisoning because it could not be proven "who" was trying to kill him.

    What do you think his state was in the sense of physically being able to be of threat to anyone? Between his throwing up and diarreah, it seems to me that if she felt threatened during a disagreement, she could have left. Can you tell me, if you can, while it could not be proven "who" was trying to kill him, he was weakened and could not possibly been a threat to deserve his life betaken in self defenseand was this considered or presented to the judge as to "good reasoning" to allow this information to be known to the jury?

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