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  • From the most exceptional cases from corner's files

    Some of the most bizarre and seemingly unexplainable deaths that Dr. G and her staff have ever come across and dealt with. Part medical science, part detective work, part drama, and part health/lifestyle. Seriously the viewers and staff think that these deaths are typical and explainable yet they prove more strange and complicated than than assumed. Sure she comes across her everyday dime a dozen cut and dry cases but these are some of the most baffling cases she has had to solve. If needed Dr. G will also consult with other professionals to give more detail on certain organ systems and conditions that contributed to deaths. Quite often the medical examiner's reports and testimony is the difference between being innocent or guilty. Superb animations and narrations about how the body's systems work and how they can be disrupted. A number of this cases are a one in a million that you only read/hear about or must consult with another expert. Even though guts are blurred out and scenes are labelled as dramatized, this still isn't for the squeamish so be warned. A very informative show featuring the most high profile cases to the lesser known. Truly eye opening.
  • Awesome

    Her show is great. When my dad passed suddenly in October, I searched every where trying to find a way to contact her because my dad was admitted to the hospital on 10/12/16 and died 10/15/16. I was devastated and wanted an autopsy done but my aunts fought me on it and since they were his sisters, I had to respect their wishes. I watch Dr. G every week and wish I could have gotten in touch with her.
  • I love your show!!

    Dr G is a fantastic medical examiner. I actually wanted to see if i could somehow reach out to her because of a recent sudden death in my husbands family yet she was a healthy young 14 year old girl. And her condition is a mystery even after autopsy. I know dr G would be the perfect person to help us with this mystery.
  • Re AKATazMK

    Really akatazmk it is not a lifestyle choice??? Let me ask you this who decided to try the drugs to begin with before they were addicted to them???
  • Annoying

    I just watched the programme for first time tonight here in the UK.

    It was really interesting but I've got to be honest the woman's voice was going through me!! Does she have a volume button? I wish someone would turn it down a few decibels. To me it was like she was shouting all the time. I lasted 15 minutes and then switched it off coz I could not take her bloody annoying voice for one more minute. Although I could've swore I could still hear her from here in Scotland
  • Dr. G needs desperately to educate herself with regard to alcoholism and drug addiction!!

    Check the AMA for gods sake: addiction is NOT a lifestyle choice it is a CHRONIC DISEASE!!!!! People who have addictions can't just pick it up or put it down until they reach a bottom of desperation, and heaping shame for 'lifestyle choices' on people already struggling is just ridiculous and ingnorant! Some people's bottoms happen to be death, very Dr, G needs to refresh her knowledge and get some education about this subject.

  • Absolutely LOVE this show!!!

    This show is informative, insightful, thought provoking, and at times, infuriating when obvious clues are over looked, but right now, I want some answers. I saw an episode where a severely depressed man

    was allowed to literally wast away as he willed himself to death over months after his ex-lover refused him visitation of his daughter. He simply could not muster the will to live. How excruciating for him AND he lived with his sister who was either too self-absorbed to notice any changes like an increasingly emaciated brother who refused to get out of bed or eat much as he developed a deadly impacted feces problem which seeped into his blood stream. How can this happen? Are people so uncaring that they can't see the forest through the trees? This is a horrific tragedy that DID NOT HAVE TO HAPPEN. This is a warning to all who don't take depression seriously. DEPRESSION KILLS. And my heart is broken for this obviously sad beyond feeling any hope at all. If he had been my brother, I would have INSISTED, IF NOT ADMITTED HIM UNDER A 51/50 hold to dtermine if he was a threat to himself or others. When are we going to stop burying our heads in the sand and do what God has strictly instructed us to do? I, for one, know exactly where I am going because I have been following my B.ASIC I.NSTRUCTIONS B.FOR L.EAVING T.HIS E.ARTH (BIBLE), and to allow another human being to suffer to such magnitude will surely make you accountable. I hope you have a really good story because the end is nigh and we will ALL BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR OUR BEHAVIOR. Have you been a blessing today. If you don't live your life accordingly, you had better start getting really terrified because the clock is ticking and there is a special place for self-centered, cruel, non-believers. Believe me now, or repent and say "you were right later". It's your choice and it's not too late.
  • I have watched this show for about three years. Absolutely fascinating to watch Dr. G trace down the exact cause of death, especially in cases that are extremely hard. Her compassion to families is wonderful.

    I have watched this show for about three years. What a fascinating thing to watch one of the best Medical Examiners in the country do her job. I love watching her do a step by step analysis of the last hours of the person's life to trace the exact cause of death, even when there is seemingly no cause and the autopsy does not reveal what she expected. Her compassion and sensitivity with the families of the deceased are extraordinary, as is the obligation she feels to obtain answers for them. I have watched her over and over assure grieving families that they played no part in the death. Without that, these people may have spent the rest of their lives feeling guilty. She clearly sees the cases she deals with as human beings, even when they were flawed and contributed to their own deaths. I do not need to see the actual autopsy uncensored to fully enjoy this show. My own husband collapsed and died suddenly last year, and I myself was comforted and reassured that I could not have prevented it. I decided to return to college at 56 and am now studying professional Medical Coding and Billing, which includes Anatomy, Terminology, etc. Dr. G's show has helped me to become familiar with many of the terms I am now encountering. I just wish there were more new episodes.
  • interesting

    Dr. G: Medical Examiner documents cases handled by deputy chief medical examiner Dr. Jan C. Garavaglia (aka Dr. G) of Florida's District Nine Medical Examiner's Office. Each episode features two or three cases Dr. G has handled in the Orlando area, and also in Bexar County, Texas and Jacksonville, Florida where she was previously employed. Some portions of the show have been dramatized and some names have been changed to protect the dignity of individuals and their families. This is a good show... Overall for this show

    interesting factor 9/10 pretty good...
    lol factor 7/10 nothin to lol at..
    point of show 10/10 really good
  • SylAnnHmns

    I really like Dr. G she get the point of thing, and she knows her job well. She also points out of how a person life is by telling us if he or she had a hard life, and what they could of done, to have a longer life. With Dr. G., she could save alot of people, by telling us about others peoples, health, so we can get a reality check, and get ourselves to the Doctor. I Heard that Dr. G is going to do a Full Examination and Autopsy on Caylee, can anyone let me know if thats true or not. My Husband said Yes its true.
  • I love Dr. G, i watch her show whenever i can. I do wish the was a way to watch the show uncensored and that you can see the actual procedures. Dr. Michael Baden does live and uncensored atopsies on HBO and I would love to see Dr. G do them as well maybe

    I love Dr. G, i watch her show whenever i can. I do wish there was a way to watch the show uncensored and that you can see the actual procedures with blurs over the bodies or organs. Dr. Michael Baden does live and uncensored autopsies on HBO and I would love to see Dr. G do them as well maybe one day. I've always wanted to become an Embalmer and learn about death and the human body. If anyone is interested in these topics too try reading the book "Stiff" it's a wonderful look into the human body after life.
  • I absolutely love her style, her manners and her compassion. I wish my own doctors that treat me (other than my Primary Care Physician) were as nice as she is. You can't fake that; it's really her personality.

    Dr. G, I wish you were around here, not just to work, but to teach the doctors some good bedside manners!

    I like the fact that she calls up the families to let them know exactly what happened to their family member and consoles them. She takes the time out of her very busy schedule to do that...not too many doctors do that anymore.

    Personally, I couldn't do what she does or her co-workers do, but I guess after awhile they get used to it. I think the hardest part for her would be working on little children. Thank you, Doctor.
  • Quite an amazing woman and a very informative show.

    Dr. G is amazing. She does a job most people could not and is compassionate about what she does. She really cares about the families of the people. She wants to give them an answer. I am from San Antonio and did not realize she used to work there until I watched an episode from there tonight. The Live Oak P.D. responded to the call of the kid who died in his sleep and I lived in Live Oak for 7 years. If I ever have to have an autopsy, I would want Dr. G to do it. Hopefully, no time soon.
  • This show is the best and I am Dr.G's biggest fan ever!!!!!!

    I absolutely love this show. I have been a fan of Dr.G ever since I seen her show. She has inspired me to think about becoming a forensic pathologist. For seventh grade we had to do a research project on a career and I choose forensic pathology and I fell in love with the career all because of her show. I think the show is just perfect although I wish they didn't blur stuff out. I can't wait until it comes out on DVD. If they don't get it on DVD my heart will be broken.
    Never stop this wonderful show!!!!!!!!!
  • While I understand the need for confidentiality, I would like to see more of the actual procedures that Dr. G performs.

    I love the show, but I think that I could learn much more about the human body and its functions if I could see what Dr. G sees as she is performing her procedures. I am a medical transcription student soon to be a billing and coding student as well. I would like to see first hand what she sees that makes her come to the conclusions that she comes to. I have always had a particular interest in forensic pathology. I like Dr. G as a person and as a professional, I would like to see more detailed episodes. I would also like to see a lot more new episodes, I am sick of the same ones over and over. The world of forensic pathology is a fascinating one indeed. I understand that some people have voyeuristic tendencies regarding the dead, so the show has to be careful about how far they can go, but I really think many could benefit by a more graphic approach to the reality of the situation.
  • Dr. Jan Garvaglia is a brilliant doctor who brings her amazing skills to the test in her awesome show

    This was the first show I ever saw on Discovery health. Wow I was amazed right away and watch this channel every night in hope that I may watch this show. Dr.G is very intelligent, and she is able to tell you about every square millimeter of somebody's body.

    When the bodies are first brought in you think that there is no way that Garvaglia can figure out what happened. However, she is a truly amazing person and always seems to figure out what happened. The whole case and solving it and replaying what happened is done brilliantly. However, I wish they wouldn't blur the graphic opening the body scenes. Dr.G Medical Examiner is an amazing and inspirational show that will build your knowledge, while you watch a truly great show.
  • Dr. G Medical Examiner is ABSOLUTELY my favorite show on tv, and I am her biggest fan.

    Dr. G is absolutely the most interesting person on t.v., and I am her biggest fan. Also, whoever made the comment that they thought Dr.G was evil because she enjoys doing autopsies, is completely wrong. The reason she enjoys doing autopsies is because she likes to bring closure for the family, especially if the want to know if they could have done anything to prevent their loved ones death. Also, the autopsies she does can often prove if a death was accidental or if it was murder. And if it proves that it was caused by murder it could also help provide clues of who could have committed the murder, and possibly help to get a killer off of the streets. Even though she knows that it might mean that she doesn't get to do an autopsy. I also don't believe she enjoys doing autopsies in a sadistic way, but rather because she finds it interesting.
  • Educational...! Exciting...! Engrossing...!

    Dr. G goes above and beyond what\'s expected as a medical examiner. This makes the difference for the family members and may even save someone the death penalty; or, perhaps, give it to them! She is so real and down to earth and I enjoy her to the fullest. And to think... it\'s also educational...!
  • I think this is a great show.

    I think this is a great show. There are lots of programmes on TV about solving crimes by examining evidence found around the body etc, but there is no other show I can think of where the cause of death is found only through the examination of the body. Although it is annoying that the actual autopsies are not shown, it is understandable. This is done out of respect to the people whose autopsy is being done and because not many people could stomach watching an autopsy take place. It’s one thing seeing a photograph of a dead person and another watching them being cut up. Considering how many people don’t watch gory movies because they can’t stand seeing blood and guts, I think it’s a wise move by the makers of the programme, which allows people to watch it who wouldn’t otherwise. The programme is very educational, and Dr. G cares about what she does and why she does it. All in all, I think this is one of the best programmes on TV.
  • To be honest, Dr. G might be evil. She seems to like doing autopsies and you never see anything, but in return, it is very intriguing, and it makes you constantly think about "How does this happen?" "How does that happen?".

    To be honest, Dr. G might be evil. She seems to like doing autopsies and you never see anything, but in return, it is very intriguing, and it makes you constantly think about "How does this happen?" "How does that happen?". However, the show wasn't meant to see anything of that sort. It was meant to make people think about medical stuff. A very intriguing episode was the episode was this skeleton that Dr. G tried to determine the age and gender of that skeleton, but found the identity and prosecuted her mother for third-degree murder. I would reccommend this show to people who are interested in medical stuff.
  • A look at where it all starts!

    Dr. G is factual, fascinating, and sympathetic. Three qualities of a ME (Medical Examiner) that are a must! Given the television of the day and age with shows like Crossing Jordan or CSI, yes I am a fan of both, one can get lost in the hour long crime and resolution!

    Dr. G has gone as long as a few years looking for an answer to a reason for the death. No this is not a show for the faint of heart, but they blur everything out anyway! Dr. G takes the time to explain why she is doing what she does! A little on the raw side, but a good show! This is right up my alley; call me morbid it is okay!
  • A look at a real crime lab.

    I am studying to be a lab technician and I love to watch this show for their technique. My main professor is a Pathologist and he says this is the most realistic show on TV. The cases are facinating, and the step by step process is very accurate. My only complaint is when they are re-enacting a case instead of showing a live one.
  • i think that dr. g: medical examiner is the best tv show on the earth i look at her and want to be just like her she is the best person that i like on tv now i watch her every time that she is on tv.

    I like every show that plays and ilearn at lot from her and she is a kool women in the world I wish I meet her to talk about somthings.i wish that I can work with her some time and talk to her I am the biggest fan in the world I think about her all the time.she is my number one hreo in the world.I always wish I can be like her mybe like her some day.IAnd when she is not on tv I lisen to my music and think of her.
  • I think it is one of the worst shows on..... Dr. G usually has this "smirk" on her face while doing any autopsy....which the viewers never get to see anything. What is the sense of having her show on?? We do not learn anything....

    I tune in to watch my favorite shows..The Critical Hour or Trauma in the ER. These shows are actually teaching us things about what goes on in an emergency situation.
    What do we learn from Dr. G??? NOTHING! Absolutely NOTHING!
    I cringe at the thought of Dr. G performing an autopsy on someone I loved....with that look on her face.
    I'm sorry, but I really do not get the message her show is trying to get accross.
    I usually just turn the channel and wait for her hour to be up.
    Thank-you for letting me vent.....