Dr. Katz

Season 2 Episode 10

A Journey for the Betterment of People

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Apr 28, 1996 on Comedy Central
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A Journey for the Betterment of People
Ben is approached by a "woman plying her trade," and it makes him decide to help people in need. He gets pretty obsessed about the whole thing, brags to Laura, calls Katz a failure, insults a long-time family friend, and finally gives up on the idea of helping people -- all in about three days.moreless

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    • Dr. Katz: Would you do me a big favor? Would you give Liz (old family friend Ben mistook for a prostitute) a call and apologize and just explain to her that you didn't recognize her.
      Ben: If I did that to Liz, I certainly would apologize but there's a good chance she should change her life anyway.

    • Ben: You know Dad, I gotta be honest with you, there is only so much I can give of myself. I mean, I know I got a lot, but I can't give, I can't give no more.
      Dr. Katz: Well you can't go on like this for three days in a row.

    • (on Ben accusing an old family friend of being a prostitute)
      Dr. Katz: It disturbs me to think that that's your first reaction to a woman carrying groceries.
      Ben: She was carrying groceries, but she was doing it so provocatively.

    • Dr. Katz: So, how's it going, your uh ...
      Ben: I haven't been able to help anybody yet, really, one on one.
      Dr. Katz: Not so simple, is it?
      Ben: Yeah but I really haven't had the courage to approach someone yet.

    • Ben: Listen Laura, I'm calling from the street. Man I love the street, Laura. I love the smells. I love the ...
      Laura: Is there something I could do for you?
      Ben: I'm at a pay phone right now, Laura. I'm kind of moving from neighborhood to neighborhood mapping out a strategy for what I'm doing right now. Do you wanna know what I'm doing right now?
      Laura: No.

    • Sandra: Everything's difficult. Life is difficult. Every time you get out of bed and you have to head out into the world, it's potentially difficult. But I don't wanna, I don't wanna get into that, you know, that that trip. To me, it's negativity, it's, you feed on your own negativity and I don't want that. Do you understand? I really wanna change.
      Dr. Katz: I think that it's not a ...
      Sandra: I want some substance. I don't want this kind of, you know, rhetoric. It's, you know, because it doesn't really change the world. It doesn't change the consciousness. It doesn't elevate us. It's just this, you're in the mire and the muck and the nonsense. But that's not even the point here. That's not even the point. I want something deeper. I want something that elevates me; that takes me out of this day-to-day self-indulgence. You know, thinking about my past; thinking about family: what they did to me; how they twisted me. You know, I wanna let go of it already. It's enough. I'm an adult. I'm a woman. I mean, I've, I've gotta be able to move forward in my life to have relationships, to have happiness. Why shouldn't I be able to have that? There's just no reason but I'm blocking it. And I think some times when I talk about the obvious, when I talk about the superficial aspects of my life and what causes all these problems, I just sink deeper into it. You know when I leave here, I don't feel bad.
      (music starts playing)

    • Ben: Man, I'm all stiff this morning.
      Dr. Katz: Are you?
      Ben: I got back pain, shoulders are tight.
      Dr. Katz: You, you sleep in a weird position?
      Ben: On the floor, I fell off the bed.

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