Dr. Katz

Season 4 Episode 1

Ben Treats

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM May 09, 1997 on Comedy Central
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Episode Summary

Ben Treats
Ben wins $500 in the Sir Pay-a-Lot scratch-off lottery and takes Katz and Laura out to dinner. Soon enough, Ben and Laura both get drunk and start to act goofy.

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (2)

      • Ben says that his $500 prize is 5 million pennies and Laura corrects him and says it is 5 hundred-thousand pennies. However, $500 is actually 50 thousand pennies.

      • During the manatee bit, the manatee says he has a layer of blubber to keep him warm. Manatees do not actually have a layer of blubber and stay warm by living in warm waters.

    • QUOTES (9)

      • Dr. Katz: (about accepting Ben's dinner invitation) I have to tell you Laura, this would be, this would really pick up Ben's spirits, they've been really down, the past eight ... 12 years.

      • Jim (client, discussing the manatee): "... The manatee kind of looks like a guest on the Ricky Lake Show, doesn't it?
        'Ricky, I can't get laid.' Then somebody in the audience would offer up the advice,
        'Yeah, I wanna say something to the sea pig. ... What you gotta do is get yourself an education and a job.'
        'I live in the ocean.'
        'You live in the ocean 'cause you aint got no job.'
        'I don't know what you're talking about.'
        'You're fat, you gotta get Weight Watchers.'
        'I have a layer of blubber to keep me warm in the water.'"

      • Ben: Do you know what French food is?
        Laura: No.
        Ben: It's like American food, but glazed.

      • Ben: The closest people in my life right now, are, my Dad, of course, and you.
        Laura: Me?
        Ben: Yeah, you.
        Laura: That is so sad.

      • (Ben talks about the excitement of winning $500 in the scratch-ticket lottery)
        Ben: There was no better feeling than seeing that number nine come up, underneath my dirty, little, fat finger.

      • (Dr. Katz's therapy notes as dictated)
        "Dreyfus session 418: Julia thought I was making a joke at her expense and, uh, I thought I was trying to let her off the hook. Uh, she was right."
        "Dreyfus session 418: Things aren't going well. Ten minutes in the bathroom to one minute on the phone. 10 to 1 ratio, not good."
        "Note to myself: I gotta redecorate this office... put a live fish in the fishbowl."
        "Note to myself: Appreciate the little things in life; take the time to smell the flowers... and get some flowers. I'm a very lonely man."
        "Note to myself: How are you? Who's your favorite professional therapist? You are, you bad, bad Dr. Katz."

      • Dr. Katz: Just remind me, you have an older sister ...
        Julia: And an older brother.
        Dr. Katz: And an older brother. So you are in fact the middle child.
        Julia: No, I'm the youngest.
        Dr. Katz: The youngest of three.
        Julia: See, I don't even think you're listening to you.

      • Dr. Katz: (during phone therapy session) You wanna tell me why you left your last therapist?
        Julia: Well, I had two therapists and you know, they were both nice guys, I guess, but I had this experience where each one of them fell asleep during a therapy session with me. So I find the idea of therapy a little bit humiliating.
        Dr. Katz: Well were you going on and on about something?

      • Dr. Katz: Ben, are you spending your bar mitzvah money on scratch tickets?
        Ben: Well, you gotta do something with those Israeli bonds.
        Dr. Katz: You know the bonds, unlike yourself, matured 10 years ago.

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