Dr. Katz

Season 3 Episode 11

Big Fat Slug

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Feb 09, 1997 on Comedy Central
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Big Fat Slug
Katz thinks Ben is watching too much TV, which he is. But he says TV influences people.

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      • David: The other night, I rented 'Schindler's List.' And I gotta be honest with you - not that funny.
        Dr. Katz: Where were you sitting?

      • Ben: Hey Dad, you're missing this.
        Dr. Katz: (from the bathroom) You're missing this.

      • Dr. Katz: I'm gonna get up and I'm gonna go to the bathroom, and when I come back, I'm trusting you not to change the station.
        Ben: How long are you gonna be?
        Dr. Katz: I'll be back for the next commercial.
        Ben: Well take your time. What are you gonna do, one or two?
        Dr. Katz: I actually was thinking of doing a combo.

      • Ben: Do you know what the average number of hours people watch TV a day is?
        Dr. Katz: No, I don't.
        Ben: Like three-and-a-half hours a day. And I watch ...
        Dr. Katz: How much do you watch?
        Ben: I watch considerably more.

      • Laura: Did you know that most of those nature shows are actually taped in front of a live audience?
        Dr. Katz: No, I didn't.
        Laura: They sweeten it up.
        Dr. Katz: Ha, that's funny. You're in good form today, Laura.
        Laura: Oh, shut up!

      • Ben: Do you think TV affects the - influences the way people behave, Dad?
        Dr. Katz: Yes, I do.
        Ben: What about me? Do you think I'm a product of what I watch?
        Dr. Katz: I do. In fact, remember your favorite show when you were a kid? You know which one I'm talking about?
        Ben: Which one?
        Dr. Katz: I'm a Big Fat Slug.

      • Dr. Katz: (on phone) Ben, is that the TV I hear in the background?
        Ben: Well Dad, it's on, but that doesn't mean I'm watching it. It's just on for atmosphere.
        Dr. Katz: And then when you're not looking at it, what are you looking at?
        Ben: My tummy.

      • Dr. Katz: What do you mean you're in denial about being in therapy?
        Caroline: I just convinced myself that there's a friend that I see once a week, and that I lend him 150 dollars.

      • Caroline: Dr. Katz ready?
        Laura: Uh, no, he's not.
        Caroline: Okay, you having a good day?
        Laura: Could you sit over there?
        Caroline: You know, bossy pants, maybe this isn't the best job for you -- working with people all the time.

      • Dr. Katz: That's my problem with nature is that there's not fair play. I hate to keep coming back to the wildebeest. What does it have on its side? It's edible, you know, that's all it has going for it -- it's really yummy.

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