Dr. Katz

Season 4 Episode 4

Broadcaster Ben

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jul 06, 1997 on Comedy Central
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Broadcaster Ben
Apparently not having learned from his previous experience with journalism, Ben goes to a broadcasting school audition.

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      • Dr. Katz: (describing the low-budget freak show he visited as a child) They had a two headed tape deck. No fat lady, they had a woman who was premenstrual, a little bloated. They didn't have Siamese Twins; they had two guys with a joint checking account. They had a bearded man.

      • Ben: (about the broadcasting school) I really knew it was a scam when, afterwards, they said for 1500 bucks, you know, I could take the six-week course, or for 2000 dollars, I could just get the diploma.

      • Dr. Katz: What about the Katz family good luck hug?
        Ben: Yeah, I think we should stop doing that Dad. I'm starting to get uncomfortable.

      • Ben: Is this collar too big? It's one of your old shirts.
        Dr. Katz: It's not, no, it's not too big.
        Ben: Well, the shirt's too small, but the collar fits.

      • (about Ben's interview)
        Dr. Katz: What reason do you have to believe it wasn't going well?
        Ben: I can't read.

      • Dom: Will you marry me? Please, marry me. I'll take care of you. I'll make you happy.
        Dr. Katz: Sure, you're saying that now, but ...

      • Dr. Katz: I had an idea during the Gulf War, when tensions were so high, you know, that if all the networks would agree for just one night, to substitute the word 'noodles' for 'news.' You know, you'd have guys saying 'Hoping your noodles are good noodles.'

      • (discussing Ben's interview)
        Ben: Well, he opened with 'What have you done prior to this?' and that really threw me.
        Dr. Katz: Hey, that's none of his business.
        Ben: I just didn't have a decent answer. So, I said 'Oh, this and that.'
        Dr. Katz: That should hold 'em.
        Ben: You know, he just didn't look thrilled with that. You know, he said 'Do you have any experience?' and I said 'You know I do.'

      • Bill: I didn't have a very strict Jewish upbringing ... because I'm Catholic.

      • Bill: You know it's the '90s when a guy can just say he loves to cook and it doesn't mean anything more than he's a homosexual.

      • (message on the answering machine)
        Ben: And when we come back, we'll be talking live via satellite to somebody, uh, somebody else who is somewhere, in another satellite area. Back to you Jane. Jane? Are you there? I'm not getting you Jane. I can't ... Jane?

      • Dom: People say I'm paranoid, right. Well maybe you'd be a little paranoid, if there was a world organization bent on your destruction.

      • (to Laura)
        Dom : Do you believe in God? 'Cause I was just looking in the mirror, and I was thinking, 'only a god could pull this one together.'

      • Ben: Say that with me, 'Articulation.'
        Dr. Katz: Articulation.
        Ben: Well that's not great, but ... see, there's so many ways to say one word. When you're a broadcaster, you'd know that.
        Dr. Katz: Yeah, well get back to me when you're a broadcaster.

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