Dr. Katz

Season 3 Episode 4


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Oct 27, 1996 on Comedy Central
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Ben wants to change his image, and he decides to get an earring, after considering developing a tic, or getting allergies, or dressing like a pirate and calling everyone Captain.

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      • Ben: Hey Dad, whatta you think of these pants -- too tight?
        Dr. Katz: Well they're not tight around the ankle.

      • Ben: (looking for a new style) A parrot and a peg-leg -- I could be like, you know, very popular. Just in this neighborhood. And I could walk around and call everyone 'Cap'n'. "Morning, Cap'n!"

      • Dr. Katz: I just don't know if an earring is the right look for you. Remember how you felt when we went out to a restaurant -- two-three years ago -- and I had the rug?
        Ben: Yeah, that bothered me.
        Dr. Katz: Because your father was trying to what?
        Ben: Compensate for having no hair.
        Dr. Katz: Yes, and now my son is trying to what?
        Ben: Compensate for having no ears.

      • Dr. Katz: Do you want my honest opinion?
        Ben: Um, is that the one where my feelings get hurt?
        Dr. Katz: I'm afraid so.
        Ben: Well, what other sort of opinions do you have?

      • Dr. Katz: (looking at Ben's ear) What is that? Is that an infection? Oh! That's an earring! Hey, you're not rebelling, are you?
        Ben: Against what?
        Dr. Katz: That's true.

      • Julie: (about Ben getting an earring) Well Jonathon, he's just a kid. I mean, you were young once; you probably did some crazy things, right?
        Dr. Katz: Well when I was young, when I was in college, I had my tubes tied.

      • Ben: You know, but, just because I didn't get the earring, doesn't mean I'm, you know, that I'm not gonna change my image. And I did get this.
        Dr. Katz: Hey, it looks great, Cap'n.
        Ben: It's a raccoon cap.

      • (discussing rearranging Dr. Katz's office furniture)
        Laura: I think that it's good, but when you open the door, you're gonna hit the patient in the head.
        Dr. Katz: You know what, you're right.
        Laura: But that could be good.

      • Dr. Katz: Do you know how to tell if a racoon's rabid?
        Ben: No.
        Dr. Katz: Poke him in the eye. Oh no, that's how you make a Venician blind.

      • Laura: (reluctantly) Are you wearing an earring?
        Ben: Yes, huh, what do you think; pretty sexy, huh?
        Laura: There's something covering it. What is that?
        Ben: That's, um, that's the tape. It's a tape-on.
        Laura: Oh, a tape-on.
        Ben: They don't make clip-ons anymore.

      • Dr. Katz: Do you know how many raccoons died to make that one hat? Do you know that?
        Ben: No, I don't.
        Dr. Katz: One raccoon.

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      • Kevin Nealon jokes he would have been in the back making coffee in the movie Braveheart. Adapted from the novel of the same name by Randall Wallace (who also wrote the screenplay), the film starred Mel Gibson as William Wallace, a Scottish man in 1280 who became the figurehead for of the First War of Scottish Independence against the English. Arguably the most memorable parts of the movie were the epic battle scenes, which were filmed in Ireland and used up to 1,600 members of the Irish Army Reserve as extras. While the film was criticized for its historical inaccuracies, it won five Oscars.