Dr. Katz

Season 4 Episode 3

Electric Bike

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jun 29, 1997 on Comedy Central



  • Quotes

    • Ben: A couple of words about the bike: sucks, um, not good, bad bike, waste of money, looks bad, people laugh at it. I go by, I ride, the engine doesn't kick in.
      Dr. Katz: Couple words about the son: not supportive, unkind, peeing on my parade, maybe a little jealous of my bike.
      Ben: I'm not jealous, Dad. I was riding it and, what happens is, when the engine kicks in, it goes slower, because it like resists. I was also gonna say Dad, it doesn't do well down sets of stairs. It's not like a mountain bike. Because when you do, the electric part, snaps off.
      Dr. Katz: You don't mean that literally it snapped off.
      Ben: I mean hypothetically it would ... and literally it did.

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