Dr. Katz

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Episode Guide

  • Season 6
    • Lerapy
      Episode 18
      Conan O'Brien steals a couple of Dr. Katz's jokes, and Katz becomes obsessed with the incident. After recounting the events to Ben and Laura, Ben plots to sell some of his own jokes to Conan O'Brien.
    • Uncle Nothing
      Uncle Nothing
      Episode 17
      Ben and Dr. Katz meet at Julie's bar for a fun night on the town, but Dr. Katz reveals some startling news: Laura is engaged. Ben insists he's fine with it, but his actions (and words) prove otherwise.
    • Bakery Ben
      Bakery Ben
      Episode 16
      Ben starts working at Steve's Bakery, his very first job. He has to get up at 4 A.M. to start work, and he gets fired on his 3rd day, for being 4 hours late.
    • Expert Witness
      Expert Witness
      Episode 15
      Katz is called to testify as an expert witness in the trial of a boy named Roger who broke into an elderly couple's home, tied them up, then wrote with permanent markers all over their walls. The issue is whether he's mentally competent to stand trial, and it's up to Katz to determine that. Ben wants to know why Katz is doing this, instead of the "charlatans" they usually get ("They were busy," Katz says), but when he learns that it pays $400 an hour, he encourages this new pursuit of his dad's. Eventually, Katz finds Roger not competent to stand trial.moreless
    • Radio Katz
      Radio Katz
      Episode 14
      Katz's friend Carlton Campbell, host of radio show "Campbell's Couch," has asked Katz to fill in for him one night ("Does he know you well?" asks the typically supportive Ben
    • You're Belinda
      You're Belinda
      Episode 13
      Ben hears about a new system of therapy called "brief therapy," wherein the patient is cured with only 10 questions. Katz is skeptical, of course, citing the example of Jonas Salk, which he then realizes is a bad example, since what he did worked. Laura brings up the Meyers-Briggs test, and Katz refers to them as "vaudeville."moreless
    • Vow of Silence
      Vow of Silence
      Episode 12
      When the paper doesn't get delivered for a few days, Ben observes that Katz is hooked on the news. Katz denies it and bets him that he can go longer without news than Ben can go without talking.
    • Big TV
      Big TV
      Episode 11
      Tragedy strikes when the family TV dies ("Maybe you should give it mouth-to-mouth," offers Katz). Ben, of course, is most stricken by this event, unable to live even a day without it. He also can't wait for Katz to get home so they can go buy one together; instead, he has a 72-inch TV delivered to the house.moreless
    • Garden
      Episode 10
      Katz comes in, having just gone for a walk.Ben points out that for old people, everyday things like walking, chewing and swallowing become hobbies. Katz wants to get a plot at the municipal gardens. Ben finds this odd, until Laura says that lots of old people do it.
    • Snow Day
      Snow Day
      Episode 9
      Neighbor Mr. Graham (whose wife either died or left him, depending on who you ask) has asked Ben to take care of his pigeons on the roof for a week.
    • Ball and Chain
      Ball and Chain
      Episode 8
      Katz goes on three dates with best-selling author and gastrointerologist Alice Webber, and -- surprise -- Ben over-reacts, fearing his dad will get married again.
    • Used Car
      Used Car
      Episode 7
      Laura tells Katz she wants to buy a used car, and Katz says he can help her out by asking the dealer the right questions. Unfortunately, Ben insists on coming along, and he and Dr. Katz manage to help the car salesman raise the price of the car Laura wants.
    • Walk for Hunger
      Walk for Hunger
      Episode 6
      Laura tells Katz she'll be participating in a "Walk for Hunger" this Saturday, and asks him to sponsor her. When Ben hears about it, he decides to participate too, much to Laura's dismay.
    • Ben's Partay
      Ben's Partay
      Episode 5
      Ben hears from an old friend who tells him that he and some others will be in town over the long weekend. Ben decides to throw a party, and when Katz threatens to bring his guitar, Ben tells him he's not invited. On the night of the party, Katz goes to the bookstore, and runs into Laura. The two of them call Ben, who wants to ditch the party and join them.moreless
    • Past Lives
      Past Lives
      Episode 4
      Looking through the P.U. class catalog, Katz encourages Ben to take an adult education course with him on discovering your past lives.
    • Wisdom Teeth
      Wisdom Teeth
      Episode 3
      Ben's wisdom teeth hurt, which he shows his dad (along with a mouthful of cereal). He fears going to Dr. Zelbar because of his violent history with him -- apparently, Ben used to fight him.
    • Pullman Square
      Pullman Square
      Episode 2
      Ben calls Katz at work with the shocking news that Berman's is closing, the latest casualty in a renovation of Pullman Square -- Ben's old hangout. He wants to do something about it, natch, though he does it in a misguided way.
    • Sissy Boy
      Sissy Boy
      Episode 1
      While picking up a box of donuts one morning, Ben is harassed by an old bully from school, Jimmy Solaray, and by Jimmy's son. They call him a sissy; Ben retorts by saying he's going to join the military.
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