Dr. Katz

Comedy Central (ended 1999)




Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • Pot-Bellied Pigs
      Pot-Bellied Pigs
      Episode 1
      In the premiere episode, Ben sends off quite a lot of money -- $2,999.99 each -- to buy two pot-bellied pigs, theoretically to breed them, although he didn't specify which sexes he wanted. This sudden interest in animal husbandry comes after Katz lectures Ben about finding a job.

      Dom Irrera and Bill Braudis are the patients this week.moreless
    • Pretzelkins
      Episode 2
      The first couple episodes had much more random discussion than did the ones that followed. "Pretzelkins" typifies it. The unifying theme is that Katz feels a bit of a malaise in his life. Julie thinks it's because he deals with unhappy people all day long; Stanley thinks he needs a little "you know." Katz asks Ben to drive Grandpa to the urologist, and "remind him to put his pants back on." Ray Romano and Wendy Liebman are the patients this week.moreless
    • Bully
      Episode 3
      Ben finds that his favorite stuffed animal from his childhood, Bully, has been tossed in the dumpster. Ben immediately blames his father and begins to label all of his possessions; he even labels his labels. Ben starts to fear that his father is going to throw him out of the house like his Bully. Sick of his father playing his folk, blues and "Snoopy Dog Dog" songs, suggests that he should play an open mic night, so that he doesn't play in the house. Ben and Laura go to watch him humiliate himself. Ray Romano and Joy Behar are the patients this week.moreless
    • Cholesterol
      Episode 4
      When Katz becomes concerned about his health after a routine check-up, Julie the bartender agrees to help him get in shape. In exchange, he gives her guitar lessons and sings a songs he wrote about her, with one word: "Julie." Dr. Katz's patients this episode are Dave Attell and Laura Kightlinger.moreless
    • Everybody's Got a Tushy
      Katz goes on a couple dates while Ben has no plans other than taking a shower, feeling clean, and then maybe shaving all his body hair. Katz expresses concern to Julie and Stanley about Ben's sex drive and social life. Ben looks up a few old girl friends and winds up with a date with one from fourth grade. He also wants to go into hydroponic farming "because it's fun." This episode's patients are Ray Romano and Larry Miller.moreless
    • Family Car
      Family Car
      Episode 6
      Ben borrows the car for the day; Katz calls him on the cell phone; Ben parks in front of the building and narrowly avoids getting towed when Laura cries to the tow truck driver to get him to stop. The car has to go into the shop because Ben had the emergency brake on the whole time.

      This episode's patients are Anthony Clark and Andy Kindler.moreless
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