Dr. Katz

Season 2 Episode 13


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM May 26, 1996 on Comedy Central



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    • Dr. Katz: Wait a second, you bent all these spoons with your mind.
      Ben: Pretty much, you know, I found that if I preheat them first, it makes the job a whole lot easier.

    • Dr. Katz: (discussing Ben's prediction) In fact, he told me to stay out of the bar.
      Stanley: Did he say anything about the people around you? Were they in danger at all? 'Cause there's another table over there I could take.

    • Stanley: I actually met my wife at a séance. I was a regular -- she was a medium.

    • Dr. Katz: (to Ben) A friend of my father was a mentalist. He did it for years, and then he quit one day. He said to my Dad, "It's just so hard to tell what people are thinking."

    • Ben: I just got my powers last night.
      Laura: Wow, that's great.
      Ben: Yeah, I've been reading people's minds all day -- man, am I beat.
      Laura: Can you read my mind?
      Ben: Do you know how many people have asked me that today, Laura? Like I'm some kind of freak, huh. Like I'm some sort of side-show act.
      Laura: Ben, have you even seen any other people today?

    • Ben: Yeah, you're probably wondering what this is all about.
      Laura: No.
      Ben: Let me fill you in. You see, I've got E.S.P ... extra sentencing something else.

    • Dr. Katz: I noticed you came a little late again today.
      Laura: Yeah.
      Dr. Katz: I would uh, I would appreciate it if you could make an effort to be here at 9 o'clock sharp. Is that ...
      Laura: That might actually be a problem.
      Dr. Katz: How so?
      Laura: Um, because I usually don't get here until after that.

    • Dr. Katz: What other phobias are you talking about?
      Ray: Um, the usual. The other stuff is normal. You know: death, taxes, cloud cover, certain crayons, Colorforms, raisins.

    • (trying to read his dad's mind)
      Ben: Is it a camel?
      Dr. Katz: No.
      Ben: It's not a camel. Is it a moose?
      Dr. Katz: It's not a camel, it's not a moose.
      Ben: Is it a camel again?
      Ben: Is it a hamster? 'Cause a hamster is like a small camel.

    • Ben: Do me a favor. Come here, I need to touch your head.
      Dr. Katz: Oh boy do I hate this. I hate this game so much.

    • Ben: Think of an animal from 1 to 10.

    • Dr. Katz: But you know, what I, what I believe in is the, is how susceptible you are to anything you see on television. Remember when, when four years ago you thought you were a Solid Gold dancer?

    • Ben: It's part of the show. There was a baby that bent a spoon with its own mind.
      Dr. Katz: Jeez, kids today. You know when I was a kid, we had to bend spoons with our hands.

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