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Dr. Katz

Season 4 Episode 7


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Aug 03, 1997 on Comedy Central
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Episode Summary

Katz takes a class in making African ritual masks, but when he brings home his finished mask, Ben won't stop playing with it.

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      • Ben: Woe is me.

      • Ben: Isn't there a certain age that you reach where you can't go to your dad when you've had a bad dream?
        Dr. Katz: That's not true. I don't think there, I don't think there, that's ... well maybe, maybe you're right.

      • Ben: Hey Dad, you didn't tell me how your African mask-making class went.
        Dr. Katz: It's going very well, and it's not at all competitive, but I think that I'm winning.

      • Dr. Katz: You probably don't remember some of the things you said while you had it (mask) on, do you?
        Ben: What did I say?
        Dr. Katz: You said I'm a witch doctor ...
        Ben: Oh my God, I never wanted to say those things.

      • Steven: (to Laura) Excuse me, do you have any matches 'cause I'm gonna light the building on fire.

      • Ben: So you can really channel other spirits when you put on a mask. Is that it? Or do you just look really stupid?

      • Dr. Katz: How did you act normal? What did you think normal was as a 9-year-old?
        Steven: Not telling them what I was really thinking. I was just picking the cat up and whipping it through the picture window and lighting the garage on fire, and drawings with knives ...

      • Dr. Katz: Is there a history of longevity in your family?
        Steven: Yeah, with the older people there is.

      • Ben: Dad, do you know why people wore masks, you know, hundreds of years ago?
        Dr. Katz: Why's that?
        Ben: They were ugly.

      • Ben: "Hey, there's Mr. Mask, Dad, looking right at us."
        Dr. Katz: "What do you think?"
        Ben: "Well for all I know, this one could really suck."

      • Dr. Katz: "I actually don't think dreams are as significant as some of my colleagues. ... There are three different schools of thought, and I couldn't get into any of them."

      • Laura: "Is this something that I'm not gonna wanna hear?"
        Dr. Katz: "I think so."
        Laura: "Alright, I just wanted to know."
        Dr. Katz: "Sometimes when I'm wearing a mask, I actually feel more in touch with my feminine side."
        Laura: "Oh, you were right."

      • Dr. Katz: "You should get into the habit of writing your dreams down as soon as you wake up."
        Ben: "Why?"
        Dr. Katz: "It'll give me something to read in the bathroom."

      • Ben: "I had this dream I was trying to kill you. You know what that means, don't you? ... I'm gonna have to kill you."
        Dr. Katz: "Jeez, I'm looking for another interpretation. What if you just beat the crap out of me and we call it a day. ... You know what the most obvious interpretation of that dream is."
        Ben: "What's that?"
        Dr. Katz: "You don't like me that much. But I'm not willing to even consider that one. I'm gonna go with the more traditional interpretation which is that you really don't like your mother."

      • Ben: "I never realized how much talking about killing you would make me feel so much better about my life."

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