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Dr. Katz

Season 2 Episode 4

Office Management

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Dec 17, 1995 on Comedy Central
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Episode Summary

Office Management
Laura takes the day off for no good reason, and Ben thinks it's because she's not happy there, particularly when Katz asks Ben to fill in and then brusquely changes his mind. Katz worries Laura isn't happy with her job. Stanley suggests "Intra-Office Primal Screaming." Katz tries to convince Ben (and himself) that there is no problem with Laura, but then throws an office Christmas party -- even though his office consists only of him and Laura.

This episode’s patients are Ray Romano, and Carol Leifer.moreless

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    Carol Leifer

    Carol Leifer


    Guest Star

    Ray Romano

    Ray Romano


    Recurring Role

    Julianne Shapiro

    Julianne Shapiro


    Recurring Role

    Will Lebow

    Will Lebow


    Recurring Role

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (1)

      • Ray Romano mentions he likes Las Vegas because of its legalized prostitution. However, Las Vegas does not have legal prostitution - only a few counties in Nevada do, and Clark county is not one of them.

    • QUOTES (9)

      • Dr. Katz: Why don't you leave those pajama bottoms in the hamper so Grace can wash those because they're disgusting.
        Ben: What are you talking about?
        Dr. Katz: I'm talking about the stains all over your bottoms.
        Ben: Yeah, well, I mean I do wash them. They're just indelible stains. You know, they're...
        Dr. Katz: I don't wanna know.
        Ben: Well, I mean, it's not like it's bad stains. It's food, and drinks.

      • Ben: (answering the home phone) Hello.
        Laura: Oh, hi.
        Ben: Hi, who's this?
        Laura: Laura. ... What are you doing up?
        Ben: I try to get up early now and have a cup of herbal tea. 'Cause I'm trying to wean off the coffee because, if I have a cup of coffee, you know, it keeps me up for two or three hours and then I can't take a nap until like after noon.

      • Ben: Just drink your herbal tea.
        Dr. Katz: I can't drink this crap, it tastes like yak's piss to me.

      • Dr. Katz: You know what would be nice, though? If just once, you would say 'Hey Dad, can I help out in some way; can I lend a hand?'.
        Ben: Fine.
        Dr. Katz: Just to make... the gesture itself, even if you don't mean it.
        Ben: You just want me to say it.
        Dr. Katz: Yes.
        Ben: Hey Dad, would you like me to help out?
        Dr. Katz: Yes, yes I would.
        Ben: Not today.

      • Ray Romano: You know what? I'd rather be in Vegas 114 (degrees) than New York 90. You know why? Legalized prostitution.

      • Stan: You know what you can do with Laura? You know what works, is, uh, one of the latest techniques is called intraoffice primal screaming.
        Dr. Katz: I don't think we're zoned for that, Stanley.

      • Dr. Katz: You have been forced to deal gracefully with some very difficult situations and you have constantly risen to the occasion.
        Laura: Are you dying or something?

      • Dr. Katz: You know how much I know about your life outside of this office? Nothing. I don't even know, I don't know if you're into sports; what kind of music you like; if you collect something.
        Laura: You know what, though, um, I have to go.

      • Laura: You're making me an administrative assistant.
        Dr. Katz: That's right Laura.
        Laura: All my dreams come true.
        Dr. Katz: Well, pinch yourself and wake up, this is happening, this is not a dream.
        Laura: I cannot believe it.
        Dr. Katz: Can I pinch you?
        Laura: If you want a lawsuit. How is this different from receptionist?
        Dr. Katz: Well, I won't be able to pay you as much, but there'll be additional responsibilities.

    • NOTES (0)

    • ALLUSIONS (1)

      • Ray Romano: Instead of white tigers, they have a white hamster....

        Ray Romano's joke about staying at a little mom-and-pop casino that has a white hamster is a reference to the white tigers that performed with magician Siegfied Fischbacher and animal specialist Roy Horn in the "Siegfried and Roy" show at The Mirage casino in Las Vegas. However, after Roy Horn was injured by a tiger during 2003 performance, the show was cancelled. The white tigers are still on display in their habitat at The Mirage.