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  • Awesome

    One of the most interesting shows.
  • Dr. Jonathan Katz is a shrink with a dead-beat son and a lousy receptionist. But these problems are tiny when he has to deal with his many patients' anxieties. One of my favourite shows of the 90's!

    Okay, first thing's first...Squigglevision. The visual style, however intentional, pretty much puts you off the moment you watch an episode. Coloured static characters wobbling for no reason to crude, monochrome backgrounds. I remember only one friend I made sit and watch, stuck it out and loved it. The rest gave up because of the visual style. It's a shame because underneath is a sharp witty comedy that was way ahead of it's time.

    Basically each episode (and overall season) would have Katz and his twenty-something son, Ben, have a conversation. Usually this ran through the episode as a kind of loose crutch or basis for sub-plot. The rest of episode would be dedicated to two patients, cult or famous alt. stand-up's but as un-famous alter egos and their bizarre stories. That was the formula and it worked.

    That was it, no more, no less. But every week you expected something funny to hit you in the face. Hard. Usually for me, it was the visual interpretations of the monologues given by Katz's patients. For all it's animated flair, this series felt like a radio show of sorts. The off kilter visuals just gave a stronger reinforcement of the sketches. The actors would even laugh at their own stuff on mic. It just felt real, intimate and improvised at times. The images would be drawn later, so they could get away such things like uncontrolled laughing. It made the show less scripted than it originally was and maybe a little bit more funnier than it would have been.

    Dr. Katz was witty play on neurosis and a parody of a therapy obsessed New York. It full of memorable and wildly different characters, so even on an off-day it would still get at least one laugh out of me. I miss this show a lot as I taped them and lost at least two seasons worth one year when I moved house!

    So get past the squiggle factor and just listen. Chances are when you try and switch off, you'll just want more.
  • Awkward pauses ...googley eyes, and golden moments

    Squiggly animation at it's best!Dr Katz was a sleeper comedy. NO sudden moves. NO overt comic gestures-this show thrives off of awkward glances and neurotic patients. Ben was the perfect lounging moocher son;always asking his dad for money and never doing anything to get a job. This show, I believe, was based off of a real psychiatrist named Dr. Stan who now appears on Starting Over as a life coach. Cool idea using the therapist office as the backdrop for an animated series. There aren't enough smart animated series around today, and I think this is an example of what creators should be coming up with.
  • A kind of animated "Bob Newhart Show"

    This show truely has a more to date feel of the Bob Newhart Show. It a psychologist that is midst all this insanity from his clients and people in his personal life. The difference is that his clients are up and coming comedians. This gives a unique ability to parade stand up comedians and show off their jokes. Comedians had the chance to use the show as a sort of commercal while the show gets to use the comedians material as great stock. I enjoyed dry wit that came from Dr. Katz himself, and also enjoyed the exposure of comedians I did not know of or knew much of. Dr. Katz is a smart and oftain crazy cartoon that allows substance to take more importance to flash.
  • The docotor is in(sane)

    Before the show even came out I was ready to hate it. It ran bumpers in and out of every commercial break on comedy central, with that dischordant piano banging. It came on, eventually I watched it, began to like it, then love it. I was won over.
    The premise is a patient comes in to see psychiatrist Dr. Katz. Through pseudoconversation we learn that the doctor isn't a very good one. Before seeing the doctor patients have to run the gauntlet, otherwise known as his secretary, Laura, who just doesn't want to be there. Rounding out the characters is his slacker son Ben. The relationships between these characters, is funny, interesting, sometimes ascerbic, and sometimes sweet.

    The premise is from stand-ups Johnathan Katz, best know for his quiet style. Guest stars, mostley comedians like Ray Romano, Kathy Griffin, and Tom Kinney (Spongebob Squarepants), but also stars like Dave Duchovny and Wyona Rider, show up and riff. Their bon monts are vallied by Johnathan in an improv style, then annimated by a process called sqigglevision. An unique style, however it does not take long to get used to it. Recommended if you can find eps.