Dr. Katz

Comedy Central (ended 1999)





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  • The docotor is in(sane)

    Before the show even came out I was ready to hate it. It ran bumpers in and out of every commercial break on comedy central, with that dischordant piano banging. It came on, eventually I watched it, began to like it, then love it. I was won over.
    The premise is a patient comes in to see psychiatrist Dr. Katz. Through pseudoconversation we learn that the doctor isn't a very good one. Before seeing the doctor patients have to run the gauntlet, otherwise known as his secretary, Laura, who just doesn't want to be there. Rounding out the characters is his slacker son Ben. The relationships between these characters, is funny, interesting, sometimes ascerbic, and sometimes sweet.

    The premise is from stand-ups Johnathan Katz, best know for his quiet style. Guest stars, mostley comedians like Ray Romano, Kathy Griffin, and Tom Kinney (Spongebob Squarepants), but also stars like Dave Duchovny and Wyona Rider, show up and riff. Their bon monts are vallied by Johnathan in an improv style, then annimated by a process called sqigglevision. An unique style, however it does not take long to get used to it. Recommended if you can find eps.