Dr. Katz

Season 2 Episode 7

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Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Apr 07, 1996 on Comedy Central



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    • Dr. Katz: I just hate to see you moping around, Ben. It's just so...
      Ben: I just wish she'd...
      Dr. Katz: You look so defeated.
      Ben: I wish she just, you know, had been more diplomatic, let me down more gently.
      Dr. Katz: Well what exactly did she say?
      Ben: She said, 'Hey fat, fatty'.
      Dr. Katz: I guess she didn't understand you, Ben, you know, she misconstrued the stalking.

    • (about Ben's obsession with the new tenant)
      Julie: ... It sounds pretty harmless to me, really, it's sort of, you know, cute.
      Dr. Katz: It's cute if they were in school and, you know, he was admiring her from a distance. But when you're 24 and you're admiring somebody with very high-power binoculars from a distance, it's just different.

    • Dr. Katz: How's it been going?
      Ben: I'm making progress. Actually, yesterday when I was jogging, when she was jogging ... and then I bumped into her -- I mean I just really bumped into her – and, uh, she fell over. And uh she said 'watch where you're going.' And uh that's a good sign, because she's concerned. And I didn't help her up, she got up on her own and she jogged away.
      Dr. Katz: Well you don't want to get involved with a woman who depends on you for every little thing.

    • Garry: I'm going to, actually, honest to God, I'm going for a colon exam.
      Dr. Katz: Have you had this procedure before?
      Garry: No, I haven't, I haven't.
      Dr. Katz: Can I recommend something?
      Garry: Yeah.
      Dr. Katz: Have it done professionally.
      Garry: You know, that is not a bad idea. Because I was a little hesitant at first. 7:30 on a Saturday night sounds like an odd time.

    • Dr. Katz: Ben, you seem to have her (new tenant) schedule down pretty tight.
      Ben: Yeah, I've been just sort of keeping tabs on her over the course of the last week since she moved in.
      Dr. Katz: Just sort of looking out for her interests.
      Ben: Well not as much as her interests, but you know, when she leaves, when she comes back, what she does, her likes, her dislikes, you know, what kind of food she orders.

    • (Ben's waiting for someone)
      Dr. Katz: Who are you meeting?
      Ben: I'm uh meeting a lady friend.
      Dr. Katz: Someone I know?
      Ben: Not really.
      Dr. Katz: Well don't torture me, Ben, tell me, please.
      Ben: It's the new tenant, from downstairs. You don't remember, we saw her moving in last week. You remember, we almost helped.

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