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  • better than citizen kane


    Whenever, I see a promo for this show, I say, "Seriously? We lost Cristela for THIS?!" Cristela was a million times better than Dr. Ken!
  • Great show

    Sorry but I enjoy Dr Ken. I find nothing about this show insulting but a way to laugh at things. Enjoy the humor.
  • Dr. Ken 1/16

    Not funny ! The skit with Dr. Oz was totally not funny ! Also, PLEASE stop with the hip-hop thing, being a black person ,it makes me feel as though you're patronizing me. This I REALLY find in bad taste !!
  • Very funny and witty

    Great show. I love the cast. And every episode there is something quotable. Very funny!!!
  • Terminal

    This show has an illness... I was happy to see a show with Dave Foley (Bob from Hot in Cleveland) and Jonathan Slavin (Better Off Ted) in it, but the main character ruins it all for me. I understand the man is a good Standup but he appears nothing more but awkward and forced funny in this show. People that can overlook his "acting" may enjoy this show. Perhaps it picks up if Dr Ken stops trying too hard and becomes a more relaxed character. The way it is now, it simply doesn't work for me.
  • A shame it's not better

    I say this with a hesitation, because I really wanted this comedy to work. The show had a lot of hype to start with and big expectations. The supporting cast is solid and the scripts are funny. I hate to say it but the problem is Ken himself. He is a great as a standup comedian and impersonator, but he is not carrying a half hour sitcom. He comes across as annoying, silly, and inappropriately trying too hard to be funny. It is sometimes embarrassing to see him shrink into a shell when he should be nailing a situation.
  • Please Doctor i think it,s fatel

    How do these shows make it past the Pilot .I know in America they are pretty straitlaced about rude words and body parts but this looks like a physical embodiment of an Enema .What a load of excrement .Send out for more canned laughter ,wrap it up in a body bag and send it to the morgue .