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(ended 2001)


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Dr. Laura

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Radio talk show host Dr. Laura Schlessinger brought her self-described 'nagging' act to this daytime talk show.

This L.A. based series featured the now standard arena set, and usual set of topics, such as the opening episode: Teens and Drugs . Schlessinger toned town her rather abrasive radio persona, but the results were predictable and universally panned.

Controversy surrounded the series before it even aired, thanks to her comments on 'hot button' issues like divorce and abortion. She generated a large backlash from the gay community by declaring them 'deviant', 'biological errors' and the like. Protests ensued. The controversy continued when staff members of her show were spotted on camera as 'plants' in the audience and as guests. Often, even bad publicity helps to draw an audience, but in this case, it didn't help. Dr. Laura soon returned to her radio show.

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  • Conservative viewpoint for family problems. The doctor gives solutions to real problems facing the family today.

    I actually only watched Dr. Laura a few times and would prefer a regular viewer respond here, but there wasn't one and I stared at the description here and had to say something. I have listened to her frequently on the radio for years. I first am a conservative Republican, so am biased toward the woman. If you are not, then obviously you will want to turn the channel! She does not sway on her beliefs and does not apologize (much) for it. You can't write a person off for giving a suggestion when asking for one. I want to smack these people who are familiar with her stance on issues and sit there for advice and lock up, because they won't change their lifestyle or dislike hearing it in their face. She is a very pleasant woman. I picked "Underappreciated" by the description given for the show only. Ultimately the viewers decide if the show should be on and she was only on one season. I had to defend the show based on what I read to this point. (Call me a hypocrite, but I am not married and don't have kids, so my rating of the program shows this. She does talk about other issues, but focuses on the family which I am not directly a part of.)moreless

    The Big C Scores Big Ratings

    Plus: Betty White is writing books, CBS is making an Undercover Boss spinoff, and Dr. Laura is leaving her radio post.

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