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AIRED ON 5/22/2015

Season 13 : Episode 163

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In this spin-off from The Oprah Winfrey Show, Dr. Phil gives advice to guests and tackles a variety of topics.


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  • infomercials

    Some days the show has become an infomercial for Robin's skin care products. Her face, however, is not a very good testament for her products. She looks alien and frozen in place. Her lips have been "plumped" so much that she can't seem to close them. She must have been pretty at one time but she has taken the surgery and Botox way too far.
  • To busy trying peddle family members a career

    What's sad is how bad it's become.. He'd b ok if he'd quit peddling his family.. Wife's skin care line, really??? Her face is so full of fillers, cheek and chin implants, second set of teeth.. She's to the point of scary looking.. Then he's peddling his son and "perfect" wife which we all know was part of playboy triplet pinup.. (Over the top provocative girl on girl or rather sister on sister).. While his busy peddling all of them notoriety and fame, has anyone notice how slow he seems.. Constantly repeating himself and clearing his throat as if waiting direction in his ear phones?? Hmmm?moreless
  • Good/Bad

    Interesting subjects . I like that Dr Phil helps people. Must be a good tax write off. Not to say he's not genuine. He and his wife have good causes they support. BUT Dr Phil is very smug, even rude. Sometimes just outright exploiting those who do not know better, for ratings. It seems often he's listening but not really hearing guests. Yes,he's heard it hundreds of times. But not everyone is a moron .Give them some credit and dig a little. Have an open mind. No one knows it all ,not even him.moreless
  • Race card

    Now Dr Phil is cashing in on the emotional white on black race card just like main stream media. He is another Al Shapton or cnn. Dr Phil: Try doing a program on "white girls bleed a lot" or the topic "don't make the black kid angry". You want truth? Or cash?
  • Mom hasnt spoken to daughter in seven years

    Try 25 years and the grandchildren are grown kept from their grandmother and there are no explanations except religion and a possible roach. Add to the mix the son is a minister and his wife is the daughter of a pastor who demanded my son untie his apron strings to his family but his daughter did not have to untie her apron strings. My mother was not did not even raise me however I loved her because she was my mother not because of what she did or did not do. On the March 5th, 2015 show I think Jen needs to understand she is not perfect. I am an adult as well as an abused child. A lot of the people who abused me are now dead and gone but they are still in my head and govern much of my thinking. Sometimes isolation is the only way to deal with abuse. That's what I have chosen to do rather than allow my son and his wife to abuse me any longer.moreless

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