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Season 14 : Episode 54

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In this spin-off from The Oprah Winfrey Show, Dr. Phil gives advice to guests and tackles a variety of topics.


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  • dr phil and Mrs filler

    I don't know if it's me or what but dr phil is looking old and walking really slower lately as he walks off the stage and grabs Mrs fills hand. So it looks like an old man and his pretending to be 21 y/o wife walking hand and hand into the sunset. He also repeats degrading remarks to his guests over and over again. He talks about stupid topics now like one step above jerry Springer. I saw one woman give it right back to him and loved it! He is constantly plugging his products and his website. I don't think he's a very nice manmoreless
  • He has no interest in helping people

    Dr Phil's motto is If you allow me to exploit you and your issues and completely humiliate you in a very condescending manner, then I'll send you off somewhere for someone else to help you!
  • dr akim

    how i got my husband back and got pregnant after 5 years!!!my husband has been patient with me and has been encouraging me that it will be best if we had hopes that we will have a child one year,we had a little fight and he demanded for a divorce and i was so down because without him,i am left me and the next day i met him with another woman in a shopping even tried talking to him but he pretended he didn't know told my sister about it and she introduced me to the Famous Prophet Akim,who helps in so many contacted him and he did his thing,before i knew it,the next day Moric called me and apologized that he was sorry for everything and that i should take him back and that he will cancel the divorce,i had no choice than to accept him,and we have been living happily until i felt sick and went for check up and the doctor confirmed me am so happy and all thanks to Dr Akim for all his him now for any kind of problem and he will surely try his best to make you happy. His email is thanks once again Dr Akim for everything :)moreless
  • Perpetual plugging of Dr. On Demand, Books and Robin's Skin Care

    Dr. Phil has become a shyster. His show has become a platform for his Dr. On Demand app and his numerous books, plus for His wax museum wife Robin's skin care line. It is almost disgusting to see him continually plug his products and actually flies in conflict with his stated purpose of wanting to change people's only at the expense of the Mcgraw family doing their snake oil presentation every single show!moreless
  • infomercials

    Some days the show has become an infomercial for Robin's skin care products. Her face, however, is not a very good testament for her products. She looks alien and frozen in place. Her lips have been "plumped" so much that she can't seem to close them. She must have been pretty at one time but she has taken the surgery and Botox way too far.

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