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Season 11 : Episode 84

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In this spin-off from The Oprah Winfrey Show, Dr. Phil gives advice to guests and tackles a variety of topics.

  • Dr Phil - Informercials

    The Dr Phil show used to be helpful. Now it's just a big commercial for promoting his family's financial endeavors. His books, son Jay's TV show, publishing company, Dr On Demand, Chime (Ching Ching) and now little wifey's skin care products!

    If that's something the show will continue to do then change the name to Dr Phil - Buy It Here.

    BTW, Dr Phil should read now or again Eckhart Tolle's book The Power Of Now or Spiritual Awakening to learn about big egos.moreless
  • full of crap

    Don't say negative things even if they're true on dr phils fb threads you will get blocked! I can't stand Robin she's a fake plastic face with a mini mouse voice, trying to sell skin care when she has no credentials whatsoever.
  • erergerre rtgertrt

    Phil McGraw and wife: I enjoy checking in on your show, daily, the freshness of the stories of the people that you speak to, and particularly like when you provide help for I have noticed a TREND of yours lately. This is your bully tactic of bringing up your take on what's legal. That distorts your whole identity as a show, to me, also puts a bad taste in my mouth, and gut especially when you try to scare the person to whom you have sided with. Well to you quoted the law on childhood pornography; it's 'conduct', NOT a picture of boobs, that's illegal. You falsely frightened the do gooder young lady, and if you want to restore some of your reputation then a shows on your apologies and restoration to your victims seems highly in order. Please keep on the straight and narrow path in the name of psychology and we will keep watching. thank you.moreless
  • plug, plug, plug, plug it up Dr. Phil.

    plug, plug, plug, plug it up Dr. Phil. I cannot take it any more. Your book, your son's book, Dr. on demand, wife's skin care line.
  • Dr. Phil Infomercial

    Lately the Dr. Phil show is just a plug - it's either his latest book, son's new app or wife's skin care line. If I want to watch infomercials I'll go to the shopping channel. Get back to being a psychologist and while you're at it, enough with the good old boy smart-alec witticisms. You are not that funny or clever.

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