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In this spin-off from The Oprah Winfrey Show, Dr. Phil gives advice to guests and tackles a variety of topics.



    News Briefs: Showtime and Robert De Niro Are Working on a Neo-Nazi Drama

    Plus: Bad Teacher: The TV Show?, Dexter adds to its cast, and J.J. Abrams gets a pretty important new job.


    New Harriet the Spy TV Movie to Be Worst Thing Ever Made

    Plus: A Battlestar Galactica alum lands a steady gig, Dr. Phil is forever, and Jonas Brothers!1!

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    • Todays 061616 show

      Very disappointing show. The female of the couple clearly had a reason to be anxious and her husband did lie was someone in the home or he was covering up internet activity or a phone text. Any correspondence a spouse has with someone outside of the marriage or relationship is a form of adultery and emotional abuse towards a partner wife or any spouse. Come on Dr Phil all you focused on was sex? She said she doesn't trust him at and has no respect for him clearly he is not the one for her she was emotionally distraut. His texts and relationship with that girl were totally inappropriate the reality that many older men fantasize about feeling attracted to someone that young and the young person ends up feeling awkward in the end of focusing on the relationship because he was immature and disrespectful and will not work you focused on sex and allowed her to feel worse in the end and he was shocked with guilt.moreless
    • Looney Mom

      I set and watch Dr Phil on May 24 2016. Is he for real? Whatever became of the two children? What became of the mentally ill and dangerous mother? I cannot believe that CPS did not come in and remove those girls from the Mom. I doubt very much that Dr Phil has his guest interest at heart. It seems it is all part of his big money making machine. I for one will never watch him again. I've had doubts about him before, but this went beyond believable! I group him with all the other tabloid shows on TV especially shoes like Maury, and rest of channel 5 LA shows. Dr Phil deserves a big fat zero rating.moreless
    • michael brown

      I have read a bunch of the reviews on different subject both pro and con, However, today the Michael Brown story is on the Dr Phil show. After two years Dr Phil has the nerve to bring this up again with Michael Brown's mother on the show. I simply can't believe after all the rioting, dying, looting, racism, story telling, racial slurs, racial lies, people resigning and folks begging for all of this to stop and Dr Phil puts it on his show two years later inconsiderate of all the loss, senseless, rediculous meaningless, unjustified and so much more just to try to maintain some level TV rating.moreless

      Why would anyone subject themselves to this egotistical man. He doesn't even give people a chance to explain/defend themselves, it is so ridiculous. I use to record his shows and now I can't even stand watching him, he is a bully and I really believe he thinks he is on the same level as god. This man got way too big for his britches and I would love to see someone get up and knock him out. The ratings on his show have to be down by now, I haven't heard anything good about this man in over two years. Take his sorry disrespectful behavior off the TV,there are many other talk shows that are uplifting and enjoyable to watch. Every chance he gets he puts in a plug about how well educated he is, I am almost embarrassed for him every time he does it. I love when he turns to the audience and asks them "now do you agree with me" what the heck do you think their response is going to be? He doesn't help people, makes them walk away feeling worse, and who the hell is he?moreless
    • Husbands ask Dr. Phil

      I watched an episode of the Dr. Phil show today Husbands ask Dr. Phil. I normally am a very big fan but today I feel I saw a little biased and superficial behavior, advice, and rudeness from him that was very off putting. A husband wrote to him for help on how he might his marriage after cheating on her. Seems he totally ignored, insulted, and even rolled his eyes at this individual and only addressed the mans wife. They were a young couple with a kid and had been together five yrs. They were a biracial couple which I felt he did not agree with at all. He basically told her to get counseling for herself first the couples counseling if she wants to save the marriage but distance herself until she is done with counseling. Just the day before I watched an episode of a husband trying to save his marriage because his wife of ten yrs is having an affair and wanting a divorce with 3 kids. She lost some weight was feeling good about herself and wasn't getting enough attention from her husband so she cheats with her friends husband and breaks up their marriage and family and is going to do the same to her kids and family. She waited 10 yrs to do this we all no there are women out there that stay in a marriage they are not happy in for at least ten yrs so they can get half the assets without a whole lot of fight. I've seen many woman do this strategically had it planned after the first couple yrs of marriage. Dr. Phil begged this women to break off the affair and try to work it out in her marriage. I'm sorry but I saw unprofessional and bias in him as a Dr.moreless

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