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Child Protective Services Ripping our Family Apart

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    [1]Mar 14, 2006
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    WE Really need help!! I don't know if you Dr. Phil or Arnold Schwarzenegger will actually
    get this or Read this? But I have to try!I believe in you and I believe that
    you care about Family's and what is going on that is Illegal and Breaking a
    loving Family apart due to Children's Welfare Services. My whole Family has
    been shattered and are broken hearted by what they have done to us.Children's
    Protective services is not Justice, No matter how hard you try and do
    everything that they want and beyond. in the end they take your Children, In
    this case my Grandchildren.They have lied and made false statements in Reports,
    They (CPS) have not done their jobs per the Law. It is like they are God and
    they are wielding their Power over your Head. This is what has happened to my
    Family so far:On August 17th 2004 my youngest Daughter Lost her Baby boy at 3
    and a half months from what at the time was determined to be SIDS Sudden infant
    Death Syndrome. It turned out that when they did the Autopsy they determined it
    was SIDS, Undetermined Causes and trace of Methamphetamine.So because of the
    Methamphetamine they took my Daughter other two children away and she was told
    to her face in their office that she had killed him and that she was Guilty,
    This is what the Social worker Rebecka Tolson accused her of right off,I was
    with her. She tried to explain that she had her children watched by a
    Babysitter and that she had no Idea that the Babysitter was doing Drugs.My
    Daughter had fallen hard when her Son Roberto Died, her husband was in the
    service in Connecticut in School and is now in Washington in the NAVY. My
    Daughter Cassie had No support from her husband, she turned to drugs to kill
    the pain after her baby died to, so when they did come and take her children
    she was dirty. She was open with the case worker Rebecka Tolson and told her
    that when she took the Drug test they wanted her to take she would be dirty.The
    day they removed her children Ashley and Exceviar was the Last day that my
    Daughter Cassie had done drugs. My Husband and I took her into our home and She
    began her road to recovery.Cassie was ordered to Take Mcalister Classes, SARMS
    to be drug tested , she has not had a dirty test in 18 months, She was ordered
    to do NA (Narcotics Anonymous meetings,ordered to do Therapy,Have Psych Evaluation,ordered to do Parenting classes which she completed two of them,She
    had to have supervised visits which she never missed. Cassie had completed and done a Great job on everything that was asked of her, so CPS Respectfully gave
    her back Ashley and Exceviar. She had a Home and all the required furnishings and Food and clothing and what ever was needed. During this time of about a year that her two children were Taken away,Cassie had another Beautiful
    Daughter like God was trying to help her heal, Cassie was Clean and so was the baby, but still a week later they removed Alana from her care for no reason.
    Cassie has fought so hard to do everything that has been asked of her, it came down to the day February 14th that Cassie was to get Alana Back so then she would have all three children back.
    Well when February 14th came CPS once again denied Cassie back her Daughter and the report that was given to her showed that they were respectfully giving back
    Alana to Cassie and had Good Reports of all she had done throughout it.This one woman from Casa( which is suppose to be voices for the children) had it out for
    Cassie and she made false accusations to the children's Attorney and CPS. After this on February 28th our Family was called together for a "Family Unity Meeting" this was suppose to help and Cassie was suppose to get Alana back. The Casa worker Jennifer Negre had made many untrue accusations, Like Ashley and Exceviar had missed to much school, that Ashley had a Bruise on her knee(Ashley
    falls down easily and even when she was with the Foster Mom she had bruises on
    her knees from falling, That Exceviar had a dirty hands, this was from playing.Jenifer Negre had Taken them out to the Zoo for the day and she also made a false statement that Ashley had gotten mad and called her Daddy a bad name, I have never heard Ashley Cuss and Ashley Loves her Daddy, she Carries his picture around and says I Love my Daddy and gives him Kisses. I asked Jennifer what would cause her to say this bad thing about her Dad and she said I don't
    know she just got mad and said it. I asked her why would Ashley bring her Dad up out of the Blue and say this Bad thing, she got made at me and said what are
    you calling me a Liar. About saying they were dirty at all I said how could they be when they like to take 9 baths a day and even when they come to my House they want to take a bath, this makes no sense.Ashley has Naturally curly
    Hair so if it wasn't up in a Pony Tail Jennifer Negre would call her unkept, Her hair was washed and brushed , but like my Daughter Cassie who has Naturally
    curly hair, it would look tangled sometimes. Jennifer also made a False Statement that Cassie was being evicted from her apartment and locked out this was not true we were in touch with The Manager and we tried to stop the
    eviction, but it had already began, so it would have cost my Daughter $2,695 to keep the apartment, Cassie couldn't afford that so Cassie found another apartment and moved out before getting evicted and locked out.But this is not
    what Jennifer Negre reported. She was stalking my daughter and because Jennifer saw a Sheriff come up to my daughters Apartment stuck her nose into it and got it all wrong.Cassie Loves her children all three and they all Love her very much. When Cassie moved Jennifer made a big Deal about Ashley 4 and Exceviar 3 getting registered in School, Cassie had just moved and was working on it. On March 10th Friday, CPS had Cassie's two children removed again because of Jennifer. Now on March 15th Cassie could Loose all Right to her children. No family has ever been given or asked to take the kids from the start.There are
    other problems. Please Help! This has all been done wrong My Phone# 619-659-8644 CPS is only there to Rip apart Loving Family's I know that the President and you are supportive of Family's. It's our God Given right to Raise our Children! That is being Taken away. The CPS Case worker Ross Ramos never returns my Daughters calls or any of our Familys calls. We have had a Conference with His Supervisor Corey Kissel and Her Supervisor Karen Martin. we need help. This is a Good Family! Please help us President Bush and Vice President Cheney! GOD BLESS! TAKE CARE! and KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

    Brokenhearted Grandma

    Deborah l Collins
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    [2]Apr 23, 2006
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    Why would you put this on a website that anyone who could help you would never go to. It does not make any sense. And it makes sense for CPS to take the children when they can not tell if the story is true. How could they know about a babysitter who did drugs. They would just assume it was the mother.
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    [3]May 4, 2006
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    Good for CPS. After reading your story - the facts that YOU wrote was that your daughter was doing drugs, was evicted from her apartment, had babysitters for her children that were doing drugs, didn't timely register them in school. I think you need to quit making excuses for your daughter and start thinking about what is best for your grandchildren.
    It is not a God-given right to raise your children. If you are a harm to the children, they should be taken away. A family is made not born.
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    [4]May 9, 2006
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    You should send to Dr Phil and not to the boards.
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    [6]Jul 6, 2006
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    I think CPS does a good job generally but like all organisations with people involved there are human errors...but in your case they did the right thing...How could she NOT KNOW?? A babysitter is someone you leave ALONE with YOUR children and are supposed to protect them! Why on earth did you post this HERE???
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    [7]Aug 30, 2006
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    You posted your phone number, if that is your real phone number, on a public message board?  That's not a good idea.  If you're serious, you really should go to Dr. Phil's web site.  I would highly doubt he comes here.
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    [10]Sep 26, 2006
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    splizzrinkle wrote:
    If you dont like it, find another forum.

    If you don't like the responses, too bad.

    You say you work in the system? Then try to change it instead of just complaining about it or threatening posters with a different view than yours. I'd have no trouble telling this to your face.
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    [11]Oct 21, 2006
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    I think I'm going to have to tell that persons boss what he said. I don't think it's very appropriate to talk badly about another government agency when you work for the government. And my mouth isn't fat. :'(
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    [12]Oct 21, 2006
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    splizzrinkle wrote:
    I just so happen to work for DHS. You folks that posted above could not be more wrong. Try educating yourself before posting.
    Child Protection Services just so happens to be the most corrupt Dept. in the nation. If you second guess this, do some reading, 74% of the cases are proven to be lies. Everyday I go to work, I see first hand what they do. It's the most discusting thing I could ever imagine. I do not have kids, so I have no reason to be dishonest about this. It is no ones concern where the poster above chooses to write. If you dont like it, find another forum. For the person who said "I really hate people like you", I sure wish you would show that attitude to someone like me in person. You would really be surprised. If anyone gets to feeling froggy, here's not only my REAL phone number, But my REAL address, give me a call or stop on by, I know just how to handle you.
    509-438-4266 109 SW Olive Ct. Boardman, OR 97812
    What do you think of them apples?
    PS. Hide behind that keyboard now and run that fat mouth.

    I just thought that since this person decided to post some personal info, I should post some more. Most likely, Charree Swindoll and Joshua Bartholow have some sort of relationship. Both want to "reform" CPS. The address listed is Joshuas. The phone number listed for that address is (541) 481-3747. Charree lives in Washington, her address is 2101 Rainy Ln. Benton City, Wa 99320. Her phone number is (509) 588-1919. Charree is 36 or 37 years old, while Joshua is 31 or 32. Charrees email address is splizzrinkle@yahoo.com, and Joshuas is impalanitro@msn.com. Joshua made a petition about CPS, saying to sign is you want to go to a rally in Washington, and he would set a date after the first 5,000 signatures. Since May, the petition got 62 signatures. Maybe they should rethink their goal. Charree was the first to sign it. Why not give them a call or send them a letter saying what you think of them?
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    [13]Oct 26, 2006
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    I just had to post after reading all this. I don't judge you'r daughter, but I have to say NOONE should EVER use their husband being in the military as an excuse to do drugs. If her husband is in the military, she had soooo many people she could have gone to for help. I understand she lost her baby and I can't imagine ever going through such a horrible lost. My husband just returned after a year in Afghanistan and I had a 1 year old and was pregnant and gave birth all alone, but never did I ever leave my child with someone who did drugs. Trust me, if someone is doing meth, YOU KNOW. My parents did it all my life. As for CPS, I have heard some stories about them and it's hard to deal with them when you'r child is injured or has died, but you just have to prove your case. I had a friend who's kid jumped off of his bed and fell on the tile floor, he had bleeding around his brain and the first thing the hospital did was call CPS, but she proved that it wasn't her fault and everything was fine, she didn't hide behind drugs to deal with the pain.

    I'm also wondering where the hell is the father in all this. Does anyone know?

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    [14]Dec 27, 2006
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    Six words: Where the hell is the father?

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    [15]Jun 13, 2007
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    CPS stole my 3 great-grandchildren and held then hostage. Not believing anyone but a lieing sister. Tyana Fisher has done nothing but lie. Her alcoholic boy friend is a nephew of Tammy Oslandso she gets away with everything.He shoots herion and they do nothing.Lisa SanMiquel and Joni Babcock have had a vendetta against Christina and now they are going to adopt the children out at $10,000.00 each. This is what they get for breaking families up. If you are lucky enough to have money for a lawyer you have a chance. If you can't afford it you lose. Even though it is the tax payers money that it paying for CPS. They should all be fired starting with the govenor.

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    [16]Sep 27, 2007
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    This is not good as "CPS" has told my Son that he can not see his children do to a lie from My Daughter-in-law's X husband or someone.

    My son is a family man an love's his children he never abandon the children he dose everything he can to keep the children happy.

    My son and his wife dated for ten years, and is married for one year, one of the children may or may not be my son's child as my Daughter-in-law was married to a man at the time she had her son who is just eight years old, what do you think of that?

    So now I am looking for help from any one to tell me why is it that "CPS" thinks it is better to rip the family apart and make them all home less, There are four children and one on the way who Love's my son as a DAD.

    What is going on in our world...


    Edited on 09/27/2007 2:36pm
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    [18]Oct 5, 2007
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    You guys all realized Dr. Phil isn't reading this forom and putting your phone number out there isn't a good idea.
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