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    Interesting subjects . I like that Dr Phil helps people. Must be a good tax write off. Not to say he's not genuine. He and his wife have good causes they support. BUT Dr Phil is very smug, even rude. Sometimes just outright exploiting those who do not know better, for ratings. It seems often he's listening but not really hearing guests. Yes,he's heard it hundreds of times. But not everyone is a moron .Give them some credit and dig a little. Have an open mind. No one knows it all ,not even him.
  • Help! Healthcare Issues

    March 23, 2015

    To whom it may concern:

    My name is Alicia Marie Higgins (34). Wife of Jimmy Joe Higgins (30), Mother of Chloe Marie Higgins (3) and Stepmother of Jimmy Elliott Deville (12). I met my husband nearly 9 years ago. Before this time, I had never encountered or had to speak with anyone hearing impaired. When we met, he had one working hearing aid, that half the time did not work properly. He was working but switched jobs quite frequently. I am glad we met because he was on the path of destruction to himself. He did not know how to get the means he needed. By means, I mean medical and financial help with hearing aids at that time. He had no medical insurance or money to purchase any new hearing aids. I stepped in, barely knowing him, supported him and helped pay for a set of new hearing aids which we ordered through the mail. Yes, he had no medical evaluation or hearing test done. I think at this time we paid a total of $1000.00 through payments in the mail. Since this time, Jimmy was able to hold a steady job (8 years and still going). He just needed someone to show him how to get things he needed and someone who cared about what happened to him. I was that person who changed his life forever.

    Three years ago (2012), we welcomed our first child together, Chloe Marie Higgins. Whom we found out at birth, she was hearing impaired also. We had two different hearing test done and by the time she was 4 months old, she had her first set of hearing aids. Our insurance was Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas, Group# 054632 Id# HBT836171885. We still have the same insurance today. By our surprise, BCBS covered Chloe's hearing aids at 100 %( we met Deductible & co-insurance). We were happy, excited, glad, etc. So happy, that we knew Jimmy could benefit and get him some new hearing aids as well since the ones he had were over 3 years old and starting to break. They had also covered his hearing aids at 100%. We did not have to worry about a financial burden due to their disability. We soon added our stepson to our insurance plan (against his mother's wishes) because his mother had him on Medicaid. In 2014, Jimmy Elliott Deville had a new updated pair of hearing aids costing us a total of $1000.00 (Deductible & co-insurance). These new hearing aids for a child at this time, age 11, was very crucial to his learning ability. He was able to hear more clearly and now had a box (surf link) to bring to school to use to hear the teacher. He did not need an FM system in every classroom he was in and he did not feel like he was being singled out because of his hearing. This box allowed the teacher to send her voice straight to his hearing aids and no one else in the classroom was affected by it. Chloe was also provided this box for her hearing aids at 4 months old (2012) so her speech therapist could help speak clearly into her ear when she could not hear something clear enough.

    My point right now is, the hearing aids my entire family have (excluding me) really benefited from them because they were of higher technology. Many are surprised by the way Chloe can communicate with the moderate to severe hearing loss she has. I praise the hearing aids she has for this. I cannot tell you how many times she put her hearing aids in the dogs' water bowl or her mouth. Or how many times I would forget to take them out of her ears for a bath. These updated hearing aids with the higher technology are water proof! Had she gotten the lower technology of hearing aid (which is not water proof), we would have had to purchase these hearing aids over and over in the last three years or get them fixed without a backup for Chloe. Losing them were a nightmare, but thanks to the box (surf link), I was able to pin point where the hearing aid was to find it! My husband was finally able to go to work in the heat and not have to worry about sweat getting into his hearing aid. Do you know how hard that is when you work outside to not sweat into something that is on your ear? Jimmy finally had a hearing aid that was durable! In the last three years, He may have had to send his hearing aid off to get fixed twice. Lucky for him he had a backup hearing aid (his old ones). Chloe only has one set until June 2015 when she can get another set. She does not have a backup.

    The technology also allowed them to hear things they were never able to hear before. For example, my husband could hear people speaking in the other room. Before, he could never hear or know anyone was in the other room. We as humans, (you and I) take advantage of our hearing. Suppose one day, you woke up and could not hear as well as you use to and needed a set of hearing aids? Would you want the kind that just let you hear people speaking right in front of you? Or would you want the best of the best so you can somewhat hear like everyone else around you?

    Now, do you understand the dilemma I have at this time? My daughter Chloe is due for new hearing aids in June 2015. My husband is due for new hearing aids in September 2015. We were just notified by the place we get our hearing aids from that BCBS has once again changed their policy on hearing aids. That place is: The Hearing Center, 1100 Victor II Morgan City, LA 70380. Phone# 985-746-9933. We were told that BCBS is paying even less money than before (2014) when we got our stepsons hearing aids and BCBS is not even paying the mandated about of money that the state of Louisiana has in place for children's hearing aids. The law states as below:

    Requires individual and group insurers to provide coverage for hearing aids for a child under the age of 18 if the hearing aids are fitted and dispensed by a licensed audiologist or licensed hearing aid specialist following medical clearance by a physician licensed to practice medicine and an audio logical evaluation medically appropriate to the age of the child. The insurer may limit the benefit payable to $1,400 per hearing aid to each hearing-impaired ear every 36 months. The insured may purchase a hearing aid priced higher than the benefit payable and pay the difference to the hearing aid provider.

    Citation: Louisiana . 22:1038

    With this said, BCBS is only paying $840.00 per hearing aid to each hearing-impaired ear every 36 months (what I was told). Let me back up a little bit. The hearing aids my entire family have, cost $5900.00 per person (higher technology includes the surf link box). We have a family of three that require hearing aids. Have you done that math yet? Yes, we are looking at paying for an entire family $17,700.00 for hearing aids every three years! This is a car note. Now add our insurance whom we pay a good deal amount of money for every month. BCBS only pays 1680.00 per set of hearing aids. Let's not forget we also have $600.00 deductible and a co-insurance of 30%. So yes BCBS will pay even less than $1680.00 per set of hearing aids. Take our responsibility out of the money BCBS would pay and now BCBS only pays $756.00 per set of hearing aids. Remember the hearing aids my family have cost $5900.00 per set. In order for my family to keep the same quality hearing aid they have, we would pay $15,432.00 out of our pocket for hearing aids every three years provided the cost does not go up. The last time I checked, we are not rich!

    I have done everything possible to keep my family from being on any kind of government assistance. We have tried to make a living the best that we can. How can we a family of four go on in life without the help of an insurance we pay money for. Everyone has life struggles. Jimmy was diagnosed last year (2014) with kidney cancer and had his kidney removed. He is still working to this day. He is also one of the very few hearing impaired persons to work in the oilfield industry. He works in the snubbing division. Those who know the oilfield, know that he is one of the most deadly jobs in the oil field. I do not get our government, etc. Why are you hurting the ones that are working? Why do they suffer for those who don't work? Should our family lose everything we have and live in poverty so our children can have hearing aids of what they need? Do we have to beg strangers and family for money so our children can get what they need?

    I am asking anyone and everyone to please help us make this battle stop. We want to work and make a better living for our family but how can we? We are faced with so much already!

    Please contact me anytime! Via email:

    If you would personally like to donate money to help us. Please send it to The Hearing Center, 1100 Victor II Blvd, Morgan City, LA 70380. Please put Chloe Higgins in the memo section.


    Alicia Marie Higgins

    Gibson, LA

    also see: 3
  • Race card

    Now Dr Phil is cashing in on the emotional white on black race card just like main stream media. He is another Al Shapton or cnn. Dr Phil: Try doing a program on "white girls bleed a lot" or the topic "don't make the black kid angry". You want truth? Or cash?
  • infomercials

    What is it with the infomercials? Although, as of late, it has been somewhat better, your pushing ''your son, Jay's" publishing company and "your wife, Robin's skincare line" is annoying.

    I was also wondering if Robin's frozen face and lack of expression is due to her use of her skin care products? She was once a very pretty woman but her face looks alien now. What happened?
  • Mom hasnt spoken to daughter in seven years

    Try 25 years and the grandchildren are grown kept from their grandmother and there are no explanations except religion and a possible roach. Add to the mix the son is a minister and his wife is the daughter of a pastor who demanded my son untie his apron strings to his family but his daughter did not have to untie her apron strings. My mother was not did not even raise me however I loved her because she was my mother not because of what she did or did not do. On the March 5th, 2015 show I think Jen needs to understand she is not perfect. I am an adult as well as an abused child. A lot of the people who abused me are now dead and gone but they are still in my head and govern much of my thinking. Sometimes isolation is the only way to deal with abuse. That's what I have chosen to do rather than allow my son and his wife to abuse me any longer.
  • Robin should try this

    I think Robin should try the ice mask from nuvovisage
  • Don't watch him anymore same old thing

    it is the same topic everyday seems like he keeps doing the something everyday

    also pushing his wife's product like a tv spot is kinda of cheep can they not do commercials on tv for them?

    I stopped watching about a year ago after seeing off and on internet dating cheating fighting families drug abuse can not there be more then this?

    I starting watching Live well network but now that abc took that network off for us non cable and dish people will have too look at the radio

  • A fake scam boyfriend

    Hi my name is Sheryl Kervin, I need your help with my situation about not to believe so easily that he loves me and I trust too easily. I have this greatly big soft heart. He brainwashed me that he's real and he claims he's marrying me and is already planning a bomb Wedding. I found out he betrayed me and lied to me. I am heartbroken and wants your help to find out who really this person is and make him pay for using me and wreck my heart. May I have your help with this issue and resolve this. I've never met this person before and he was supposed to show up at the airport to meet me, he never came for the third time. It hurts me and upsets me . I'm forgiving person I gave him many chances. Still... haven't met him or see real person of what he looks like and I've wondered for so long does he ever exists? There were so many emails between him and I.

    Please contact me through this email of mine,

    Many Thank you . I look forward hearing from you.
  • Police bashing

    Todays show about police brutality is sicking. I watched less then 10 min and turned it off when the most racist person in the world came on. the so called Rev shartpton. Evry case you mentioned and one you did not, John Crawford, except the 12 year old in cleveland, Ohio. Back to him in a min. All of these people had history with the police, all were resisting arrest for a offence. Micheal Brown assulted a police officer in his vehicle, John Crawford was was carrying a look alike rifle that he had picked up in a store and went to the othe end while wearing a look alike terroist attire, black tee shirt, cammo pants and refused order to put the weapon down. Yet, all of these peopl family say, they were good boys. the 12 year was seen on vid pointing a weapon at perople at a rec center. So it appears in your mind, it was okat for the rioters to burn buildings and kill withness in Fergerson.

    What would you and so many other do, wait until two policeman are killed or one civilian before the police can react. A policeman is killed almost every day in line of duty. Some say ever 52 min. Somehow the media does air this informaion in most cases.

    People who believe this sshould post a sign in their yard. Please do call polic if I or my family is being robbed, raaped or murdered, because police are corrupt.

    Yes I am mad about this. Blue lives matter. Pull your pants up, get a job and try obeying the law.

    I used to watch a lot, but will reconsider now

  • so disappointed

    I have just started watching the last few months. Probably last show today. It is so Dr. Phil and his staff will go to any means to get the lying to guests. Told this lady her ex would not be on the show and he is. And I do believe the guests that they lied to her. with all Dr. Phil's protestations and self righteousness about his and his staff's integrity. You KNOW you just wanted a juicier show. And I, too, am getting so tired of all the family infomercials. Bye bye Dr. Phil. I should have listened to my friends a long time ago about you!

  • Dr. Phil Show now Dr Phil, Robyn and family

    Will give the Dr Phil show a miss as it is a big commercial about his family and being right.

    Do you have to "buy" your audience?
  • my happiness has been restored


    My Name is JOHN RICHMOND .I will love to share my testimony to all the people in the forum cos i never thought i will have my girlfriend back and she means so much to girl i want to get marry to left me 4 weeks to our wedding for another i called her she never picked my calls,She deleted me on her facebook and she changed her facebook status from engage to i went to her place of work she told her boss she never want to see lost my job as a result of this cos i cant get myself anymore,my life was upside down and everything did not go smooth with my tried all i could do to have her back to all did not work out until i met a Man when i Travel to Africa to execute some business have been developing some years told him my problem and all have passed through in getting her back and how i lost my told me he gonna help don't believe that in the first he swore he will help me out and he told me the reason why my girlfriend left me and also told me some hidden was amazed when i heard that from said he will cast a spell for me and i will see the results in the next couple of i travel back to Germany the following day and i called him when i got home and he said he's busy casting those spells and he has bought all the materials needed for the spells,he said am gonna see positive results in the next 2 days that is girlfriend called me at exactly 12:35pm on Thursday and apologies for all she had done said,she never knew what she's doing and her sudden behavior was not intentional and she promised not to do that was like am dreaming when i heard that from her and when we ended the call,i called the man and told him my my girl friend called and he said i haven't seen anything yet... he said i will also get my job back in 3 days when its Sunday,they called me at my place of work that i should resume work on Monday and they gonna compensate me for the time limit i have spent at home without life is back into shape,i have my girlfriend back and we are happily married now with a baby boy and i have my job back man is really we have up to 20 people like him in the world,the world would have been a better has also helped many of my friends to solve many problems and they are all happy posting this to the forum for anybody that is interested in meeting the man for can mail him I cant give out his number cos he told me he don't want to be disturbed by many people across the said his email is okay and he also have a web site if you want to visit him there' he will replied to any emails he helped u out luck. his web site is/
  • Prescription for the health and well being of the Dr. Phil Show

    I, have been a fan of the show from its very first episode, and haven't missed a single solitary episode, but like so many others I've found, I'm getting overdosed by the constant infomercials and family . Jay's publishing company, Robin's skin products, Doctor on Demand, and even Dr. Phil's books. Once or . But it seems there's been a steady diet of it. It just seems so self-serving. If people want to know more about these things, let them go to your website. I honestly find these plugs to be a real turn-off, and hearing them so often makes it sound like the McGraw family is desperate to increase their finances, and we all know that's not true. On the other hand, if you were plugging things, from which ALL the profits were going to charities, I'd find the plugs a bit less obnoxious, and more in keeping with who I think Dr. Phil wants to be seen as.

    If the show continues to be a platform for so many family projects, apps, I think you'll lose a lot of your viewers. I know I'm close to bailing, and I never thought that could happen.

  • Dr Phil - Informercials

    The Dr Phil show used to be helpful. Now it's just a big commercial for promoting his family's financial endeavors. His books, son Jay's TV show, publishing company, Dr On Demand, Chime (Ching Ching) and now little wifey's skin care products!

    If that's something the show will continue to do then change the name to Dr Phil - Buy It Here.

    BTW, Dr Phil should read now or again Eckhart Tolle's book The Power Of Now or Spiritual Awakening to learn about big egos.
  • full of crap

    Don't say negative things even if they're true on dr phils fb threads you will get blocked! I can't stand Robin she's a fake plastic face with a mini mouse voice, trying to sell skin care when she has no credentials whatsoever.
  • erergerre rtgertrt

    Phil McGraw and wife: I enjoy checking in on your show, daily, the freshness of the stories of the people that you speak to, and particularly like when you provide help for I have noticed a TREND of yours lately. This is your bully tactic of bringing up your take on what's legal. That distorts your whole identity as a show, to me, also puts a bad taste in my mouth, and gut especially when you try to scare the person to whom you have sided with. Well to you quoted the law on childhood pornography; it's 'conduct', NOT a picture of boobs, that's illegal. You falsely frightened the do gooder young lady, and if you want to restore some of your reputation then a shows on your apologies and restoration to your victims seems highly in order. Please keep on the straight and narrow path in the name of psychology and we will keep watching. thank you.
  • plug, plug, plug, plug it up Dr. Phil.

    plug, plug, plug, plug it up Dr. Phil. I cannot take it any more. Your book, your son's book, Dr. on demand, wife's skin care line.
  • Dr. Phil Infomercial

    Lately the Dr. Phil show is just a plug - it's either his latest book, son's new app or wife's skin care line. If I want to watch infomercials I'll go to the shopping channel. Get back to being a psychologist and while you're at it, enough with the good old boy smart-alec witticisms. You are not that funny or clever.
  • Pitch man

    I am all about being proud of your family and promoting their projects, but I think there is way way way too much selling going on in the show. Between his wife's new skin care line and his son's publishing, it occurs way too often and goes on for too long. I just change the channel when the selling start.
  • advertising

    I love dr phil but lately he just advertises his son's book. His own book. Dr on demand ap. Robin's new skincare line. Its getting ridiculous.
  • Racail profiling

    Selena you need to shut up!

    You make no sense.

    I'm heated oh wow!
  • Margret danyell

    Backstreetboys mean nick Carter back missouri

    Bad backstreetboys

    Can not cd way

    Margret danyell cory
  • The dirty little secret that no one talks about!

    My story start when my son was 18, and as a blind mom I thought it had ended. It called methamphetamine and it seems that that drug got our teens,20,30,40 and I'll bet 50 year old's hook.

    On 5/1/2013 my son was pronounce dead at the age of 32. The night before when I got to the hospital he was already in a coma. His temperature was 110 , degree's he had pneumonia, hydro-condone, pot in his system. Well the time line of his last day before he went into the coma is not adding up.

    I'm 51 disabled and can't afford a private investigator to investigate what happen to him from time he was dropped off at work at 8 am till he finally got help. The man who was working with him was ask he says by my son at noon to take him to his girlfriends home which she live 15 minutes away. Instead the man called his grandmother who shows up I don't no how much later to take Matthew to the hospital, The grandmother goes by her daughter and pick's her up and they finally pull into the old woman church and call for the EM T's. By this time my son has lose conscientiousness. which I'm told later that evening when I arrive at the hospital in Tyler Texas where Mathew had been care flighted to that he had not been getting oxygen to his brain. So even if he does by some miracle come to he more likely not going to be the Matthew we've know his entire life. I race home when they get him settled in ICU to grab things I need for my hygiene because I am a BKA. and need special products to clean my stub.. Before I get in the door good I being called from the hospital to return Matthew has taken a turn for the worse When I get back Matthew on is complete life support which he wasn't when I left the hospital at about 5am. . At 9am that morning his girlfriend show up and when it's just her and I in the room with him he starts coding. He code 2 more time and each time they revive him. At a little passed noon the doctor who had order a EEG of his brain called us all into a room. His EEG had shown no brain activity. As she telling us this. Matthew codes again, I rush to his room and ask then to stop and to allow him go peacefully. My room-mate had got me a driver because he knew there was no way I could get my self home safely if Matthew passed on us that day. ,The young man whom Matthew had been working with come to the hospital. When he get into the room were all of us were we were waiting someone told him I was Matthew's mother he grab me in a bare hug and laid his face on my shoulder and cried for about 15 minutes when he finally let me go someone told me whom he was when they had left to go smoke a cigarettes. I was stun because here this man crying on my shoulder like a baby and I didn't have a clue as to whom he was. While outside he told Matthew girlfriend when they were smoking that he guess they try put him back in jail after this. So his statement the fact the man told someone Matthew and him had got hot and sit down to eat a sandwich and drink a beer at noon,[ No Alcohol in my son system deem the autopsy report]. then him not calling EMT's for help when Matt hew first ask for help none of it making me. Them the statement he made at hospital about them trying to put back in Jail for,this,,,

    It been a chore for me to get out bed each morning . Pain I've never hurt so bad in my life, I cry all the time,I get angry seem like 100x faster than I did before my son passing and I'm in denial because I expect Matthew to call to day are he'll text me maybe today, are he show up which is stupid I have his urn in the living room. My grandson Matthew Jr which is 31/2 is grieving in his own way I believe this because his stomach hurts daily, Them my youngest grandson Christopher his grieving is coming out in meanness. Before their father passed Matthew Jr. never complained of stomach ache and Christopher was sweet as he could be.

    I heard of mother against drunk driver, A national campaign against people not text and drive. A few years ago here the drug store took the couch medicine then sinus medicine and put behind the counters but it not slow any Meth dealers down here at all. So If you can help me find answer and get some kind help for me and my grand baby's so we can get our life back on track. Maybe not theirs as much as mine. I felt a piece of my heart broke off that early afternoon the first of May and a part of my soul left with my baby boy. I know he was 32 but when I think of him right now it's the night he was born and they laid him across my chest. I believe that the mother like myself who need to know just what their kids are doing before another senseless death accrues, It would be much appreciated Judy Edwards
  • show 8/5/Internet dating

    I have been on just about all the dating sites over 4 years and 85% of them are scammers including and Christian, Meet Me, AYI, BBP, Mate 1, POF and on and on and on. If you are going to give some good information about these dating sites, you need to include the bad things. I chased a scammer over 8 sites, same profile, different name and city but same picture which may or may not have been him. I was appalled at the show today and how it glorified the dating site. Good money wasted when the sites don't investigate before they allow them to be members. I have reported them to an FBI site I know what to look for and block them, only to see them back on the same site.
  • Zimmerman and Trayvon

    Dr. Phil, Generally you provide good solid advise and come across as fair and unbiased in your opinions on your show. However this was not the case on your show yesterday on the Zimmerman / Trayvon trial. The show was shocking and extremely one sided in favor of Trayvon Martin because he was "young". The words that proceeded from your mouth at the end of the show clearly demonstrated bias. Under the rule of optional completeness you might have added to your but for's.... had Trayvon Martins parents raised him to be respectful to all persons he may not have found himself in the position he found himself; had Trayvon Martin not attacked and injured Zimmerman he may not have found himself in the position he found himself. I am of the opinion that Zimmerman was merely doing his job and from what I can understand, with diligence in light of the break-ins in the neighborhood, and merely defended himself against an assailant who just happened to be a young, rebellious, dope smoking, racially prejudice, person. according to trial testimony. I agree 100% with the jury verdict that Zimmerman is NOT GUILTY. I am also of the opinion that if you were confronted and attacked by a young person who had the appearance and speech of a typical street punk (If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck it probably is a duck. If it looks like a punk, and talks like a punk, it probably is a punk) you would find a way to defend yourself too. Protection of self is instinctive. Zimmerman had no way of knowing whether his attacker was armed or not armed with a knife or gun. I am of the opinion that Zimmerman clearly was in fear for his safety given that Trayvon had Zimmerman on the ground and was smashing his head on the cement. Had this been a Black on Black or White on White or Hispanic on Hispanic incident this incident most likely would not have received media attention. Its sad that there is always someone who wants to promote racial tensions or use incidents like this one as a smokescreen for other things. I am shocked Dr. Phil that you played into this propaganda.
  • Zimmerman and Trayvon

    Dear Dr. Phil, I am a great admirer of you and the show. Always defending you when it comes up in conversations about you and the show. But todays show about Trayvons an Zimmerman nocked me over. It was soooooo one sided I could not believe it. Not fair at all to both sides, so you lost me and a lot of trust to the media went with it. There must be a lot of people out there very disappointed.

    Ernie the Woodbutcher

    I am so sick of the fact that you use to be someone I and everyone else used to believe in until getting ratings became your first Priority... I thought you didn't care what others thought, well you PROVE just the opposite each and everyday. If you and your wife Truly Cared about others and helping them then you would not act like you are just saying what you say just to get more ratings for your show, Dr. Phil, it's NOT ABOUT YOU, it's about the other people YOU say you Want to HELP. Then START acting Like it!!!!!
  • Katie

    Katie might look at a food allergy. Canola oil can cause the extreme mood swings especially when heated at high temperatures. Vegetable oil is in almost everything and can be canola oil. good luck Katie.
  • Enough with the non-stop book promotion!

    Did you write a book that's currently a New York Times best seller? Does your son have a publishing company that published your book? Gee we'd never know, you only mention it at least 4 or 5 times EVERY SINGLE EPISODE! Enough already!! The only suggestions you seem to give anymore to address the guest's issues is to (SURPRISE) read your book to solve their problems. If I wanted to watch an infomercial, I'd stay up all night. Go back to what you do best before your show goes down the drain.
  • Guilt and cancer.

    I just watched the episode with the lady with stage 4 cancer and her husband finally meeting their son after 41 I rarely watch your show, but that one was very touching and by far seemingly real. I'm so happy for the couple to have found their son and now have a relationship with him and his 10 yr old son. Bless you for bringing them together.
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