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    SHE created a monster
  • What has happened to this show?

    The Dr Phil show now resembles the old Jerry Springer shows! This show has really gone down. People yelling and screaming at each other. He has no control. Time to change format or cancel the show.
  • Stop with the infomercials

    Dr Phil has been trying to make his wife a household name from the get-go of his show. He has now taken it to a new low.

    If the majority of women loved his wife... he wouldn't have to try so hard.
  • Dr Phil is losing his credibility because of his wife

    Kudos to everyone who has already pointed this out...

    This was a wonderful, constructive show until Dr Phil took the low road by using his forum to push his wife's stupid products.

    Enough is enough..

    Its gotten overwhelming. many shows end with 10 minutes of these "commercials". Doesnt he have any pride ??! And the audience! Omg give them something "free" and

    they go nuts.

    How demeaning..

    Thats what power and money will do to you. its embarrassing..

    Dont they have enough money? If she wants to start a company she should do it all HERSELF.

    , including the marketing! To me its mind boggling he doesn't see this..

    Perhaps he's in denial.

    Its "cheap" and narcissistic. obvious he's at a point where he doesn't care what other people think..

    He better be careful- this will come back to bite him in the butt. I shut the show off immediately when he starts their advertisements..

  • Disappointed!

    I watch Dr. Phil everyday and have really enjoyed it. Especially when he is able to help young people and their parents. However, today's (11/01/17) show was a big disappointment. Many times people have taken polygraph test and when they fail Dr. Phil only says how great the person giving the test is and nothing improper was done. However, since he passed Dr. Phil said it was only because he believes himself to be innocent. That leaves me to believe you cannot trust polygraph tests and you should no longer have them given on this show. To me Dr Phil was trying to appease the step children and the man who actually has taken 2 polygraph tests and past both. Sorry but the daughter who recanted and then said actually he did do it, is not believable. I believer all the woman have said this for so long and had their step dad convicted that if it is not truth they cannot turn back now. Sorry but Dr. Phil could have done a better job supporting the step Dad since the test was negative. He failed his audience and really failed the step daughters and the step Dad.
  • Facebook Live Fanatic show Oct30

    Two days of listening to this woman, watching her behavior and Dr. Phil does nothing. She throws herself on the floor when being taken off stage. Does anyone care? She clearly is disturbed and needs help. The little dear wifie even belittles the woman by saying "we didn't see any tears," You sound like a high school click chick. So the woman was overly attention-seeking. That is a mental health issue. Not something to judge her for, or belittle her. Be a father figure and show how to lovingly help someone, not laugh at them. I am appalled and this is the last show for me. These folks have been taken over by the Hollywood fantasy. And good work done by Dr Phil in past will long be forgotten. This show is nothing but a narcissistic attempt to bring in more money. What happened to your value system, Dr. Phil???
  • Very concerned viewer of Dr. Phil

    For the past 3 months or so, it seems very apparent that Dr. Phil's health has deteriorated. It seems that he has become short with guests, he doesn't give out the wonderful advice he once did and it just seems as though he forgot "where he came from". There are a million commercials, which in reality, makes his one episode from a one hour show to a 40 to 45 minute show. It's getting to the point, where I change the channel in between all the commercials, and then I forget to change it back to Dr. Phil. I don't know, it just seems that he should perhaps just retire, and just enjoy the rest of his life with his wife and family.

    He has done so much good for people, that I don't want to see him sabotage his wonderful reputation with distasteful remaining episodes as he ages.
  • Stop peddling moisturizer

    He rushes through with guests that need SERIOUS help to spend 10 minutes selling his wife's dopey products. I think it's more likely she got that face on an operating table. Who would buy those products to look like THAT.
  • Quit hawking your wifes products

    It seems like everyday he is hawking his wife's beauty products! Enough, I am done watching as it is so annoying! it is like an infomercial and there are plenty of those already on tv. Do these people not have enough money already?
  • Where is all the fresh air?

    Please do a show on canned air and kids that use it and die. When investigatinget look up "Duster" on line to find company and the people that make it and are getting paid $8 or more a head to kill.. AFAD told them to put something in it to make it taste bad to discourage people from inhaling it, but I really don't believe they did or at least not enough because it is still being used to get high. Judges don't know how to handle people that use it other then arrest them make them pay bail then keep delaying hearing, I know this because my daughter used it and the day of her 4th scheduled was put off again she went home to DIE.

    PLEASE do something to wake people and the Courts up.

    Thank you for any and all help!
  • His BOOK fits into every show

    Today Show is about dog grooming-- OH, got to talk about his book !! today show is about cheating husbands -oh got to talk about his book !Today's Show is about unruly children - yup,,,got to talk about his BOOK ! today's show is about cooking Chinese food-- YUP, THE BOOK FITS IN HERE TOOOOOOO!! Oh and don't forget about the fact that his son published the book with his Publishing Company... We've only been reminded of that 16 billion times !!
  • E108 "My Entitled, Lazy Adult Son" & Multiple Restraining Orders and Fake Births: What's Next?

    Although Dr. Phil may have good intentions, I find it harder and harder to watch his show. One the most disgusting aspects of this show is his tone of arrogance and over dramatic slightly narcissistic behavior.

    I really wish that will simply dial it back with yelling, confrontational and op-positional attitude. Don't get me wrong, the show is a great show! Which is why I'm baffled to as of why has to resort to this type of behavior. I believe that he can still be the tough love that we all have grown to love, but over the years he just gotten out of control.

    The episode "Multiple restraining orders and fake births". I truly believe that should have thought the segment through a little more. If this women is as sick as he lets on or as her friends made him aware of, why did this have to be a television show. This episode wasn't about helping this women, it was a hot bizarre topic for his talk show that he could simply exploit into two episode with interviews and snippets from the headlines in the media.

    Also, he seemed to really enjoy exposing and confronting this women instead of simply trying to help her This episode had not substance, except the two fat hens exchanging juicy details and possibly facts about her case and the rest of the show and part two was simply confronting and exposing this lady on national television and her running and arguing off the stage.

    There seems like there could have been a more efficient and strategic way to get this women some help and have her willing participate in the process of talking with to get the help that she needs.

    is appearing really thirsty and desperate for ratings. Which brings me to my next that he should appear in an reverse role on his own show and confront his own personal issues and flaws with a licensed psychologist.
  • Why is he talking so slow

    I like a lot of Dr. Phil shows. I have to care about the guests, and sometimes if they are total lowlifes I turn it off, but I love the way he puts the idiots in their place - the 30 yr old sons who live in the garage and make the elderly mom wait on them hand and food, the jerk husband who disrespects the timid wife, etc. Thank God he stopped advertising his book - that was so sleezy - but what's with the saying one word at a time with 3 seconds inbetween? You want to scream to finish his sentences. It's torture. Spit it out Dr. Phil!
  • Crass

    Wow... A story about infidelity, a child out of wedlock, and a family in jeopardy. Let's hurry up and get them off, so that I can hear more about Robyn's skin care line. Geez, really?!
  • It's becoming one big commercial...

    Dr. Phil is a guilty pleasure of mine, because I'm not at all convinced he's as helpful as he portrays himself as, but at least he provides aftercare. But I'm ready to quit watching if the shameless plugs don't stop. In an hour program, only 40 minutes are actual showtime, the other 20 is actual commercials. Dr. Phil has gotten where the last 10 to 15 minutes is an infomercial for his wife's very expensive skin care line, he rarely offers his guests face to face counseling when they get home, instead using that as a chance to plug Dr on Demand, which is he and his son's app, he not only plugs his books, I'd expect that, but he also plugs his son's book sales site the and correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't Robin designing accessories when Avery was first born? I could be wrong but I think I remember her trying to sell bows to go in babies hair. Celebrity just goes thinking you can do anything. But I'm losing interest in a show thats only purpose seems to be commodifying our relationship.
  • What's wrong with Dr. Phil

    Has anyone noticed how he seems off lately? Not every show, but he's not inspirational when he acts like this. He's lethargic, confused and slow. He looks like a deer in headlights. It's hard to watch because it's so distracting.
  • Dr. Phil So Angry Recently

    Has anyone else noticed how very ANGRY Dr. Phil has been on the show recently? It's quite a stretch from the way he used to be. It almost makes me not want to watch the show.
  • Celebrities need to repent of being celebrities

    I know that Dr. Phil means well and he has the best of intentions. But the road to hell is paved with good intentions, especially since Dr. Phil and his staff are unknowingly giving millions of people a very bad example of what is and isn't important in life. First and foremost, Dr. Phil needs to get off of national TV and the Internet and repent of the sin of being a celebrity. No one should ever want to be a celebrity, especially if they claim to be a Christian. The very purpose of being a celebrity is to honor and exalt oneself on high--just like Lucifer did while he was still an angel in heaven. On the surface, what Dr. Phil is doing for millions of people is honorable and praiseworthy. But it's a direct slap in the face to Jesus Christ and what He said in Matthew 6:1-6 in the Bible. If Dr. Phil really wants to help people and make the world a better place, he absolutely must do his good deeds in secret (behind closed doors) . We too should avoid social media whenever possible and avoid becoming a celebrity at all costs. I pray also that everyone of us would stop fueling the fire by honoring and praising those celebrities. We need to stop communicating with any celebrity until he or she repents of it.
  • Enough with Infomercials on Robyn's skin care products

    I have watched Dr. Phil since he was on Oprah and thru the years he has occasionally promoted his wife's causes like "When Georgia since she has had her own skin care line it's been promoted at the end of nearly every show to say it's starting to really bother me to the point I am ready to stop watching him all together. There are rich enough to do their own infomercial to promote yet another "miracle skin product(s) without forcing it upon his TV show audience. They are richer than God and there is NO NEED for what he is trying to do by forcing people to hear about how great Robyn's skin care line is. Have you priced out this skin care the rich and famous can afford it. Please inform Dr. Phil to stop this nepatusm now because he is going to lose viewers for trying to turn the last 10 mi Utes if the show in to a promotional ad for his wife's products. In the last 15 episodes he has promoted her 13 ALREADY. He could use this time to promote missing children or posting America's most would be better than what he is should threaten to cancel the show if he doesn't stop. No doubt he has helped a lot of people over the years but this has nothing to do with it except to try and help her sell her ridiculously priced "miracle" skin care line very similar to Julia Roberts, Christy Brinkley, and Cindy Crawford but to name a few. Are you as fed up as I am with this?
  • Aren't they rich enough?

    What is with the info commercials on Dr. Phil's show. Aren't they rich enough that they now have to peddle Robin's skin care too. Why don't they just create an info commercial for their skin care, books and apps apart from the Dr. Phil show? So sick of that. He says she hasn't had plastic surgery, not buying it. She clearly had her eyes done and she is full of filler and Botox. Not for a minute am I buying it's her skin care. She doesn't have one wrinkle. Dr. Phil let's get back to the business of mental health and bag the constant peddling of your products it's disgusting!

  • infomercials

    What happened to Robin's face? It looks as though she is constantly surprised and can't close her eyes all the way. Her lips are puffy and don't meet when she tries to close her mouth. Her face is frozen into a mask. She was probably quite attractive at one time but plastic surgery has done a number on her. Are her skin care products just for those people who have overdone the plastic surgery? Maybe she should have tried them before she went under the knife.

    Dr Phil now gives a perfunctory effort to help people and spends too much time marketing products. I am disabled and Dr Phil is a important part of my afternoon. Now I am constantly disappointed and, sometimes, angry. I will NOT buy anything hawked on the show,
  • Enough Dr. Phil

    Why is Dr. Phil using the last 10-15 minutes of his show every day to sell his wife's beauty products? Isn't he there to help others? I get so sick of him talking about his wife and kids. My sons in a rock band, my son owns this book publishing company, my wife created a beauty product line and on and on. The only thing more irritating than Dr. Phil's voice is his ego.. It's always about him and his family. Pictures of his family and grandkids every day. He always makes his guests story about him. Get over yourself Dr. Phil. It's not all about you. No one has a perfect family. Not even you.
  • Tiresome promotion of wife's skin care products

    This repetitive hyping of his wife's "skin care" product is painful and very unprofessional. I for one am not interested in yet another over-advertised skin care line. I turn on to Dr. Phil to listen to him and his interviewees, not his wife. And certainly not to another ad ... which is what this is. A glaring conflict of interest. Just stick to your successful format. Please!
  • Dr. Phil infomercial

    Anybody else sick of the Dr. Phil infomercial peddling his wife's snake oil.
  • Megyn Kelly

    I thought the show with Megyn Kelly was pitiful. It was very inappropriate talking about Donald Trump, our President elect. If she wants to write her side in her book that's fine, but for you to have her on TV telling her side was unfair. I feel, if it had been and any other President or President elect, you would not have done it. I think you and Kelly owe our President elect an apology. You may think Kelly is telling the whole truth, but I for one do not believe everything she says. Of course she wants herself to look everyone else to look bad. She says she believes in the first amendment and she can say what she wants, but she doesn't want anyone else to say what they feel. Freedom of speech is for everyone, not just her. Again, Shame on having her on your show talking about our President elect. I thought you would have more respect for that office than you do.
  • Poor Megan Kelly

    I cannot believe that Dr Phil who I normally agree with totally sold out to Meagan Kelly! Isn't it interesting that she did NOTHING about her sexual harassment until others came out and she follow them! If she was all she says she is she should have said something when it happened and maybe others would not have been harassed. But, Megan doesn't do anything unless it benefits Megan. She is so upset when SHE attacks Trump and how dare he do the same to her and the untouchable corrupt media that has been lying to this country for years and continues to do so. Trump did this country a huge favor exposing the corruption in the media. Megan is right in there with the biggest of them. I only hope Trump doesn't let any of them that lied to America anywhere near the White House. And Dr Phil, Megan Kelly's book is terrible. Shame on you for pushing it. I am no longer a fan.

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  • Be right back!

    Well regarding the show on the obese have to take a break. Be right back! (Music chimes in here)
  • What is going on lately?

    I always loved Dr. Phil and I do still like him, and the show. But it just seems like he has gotten really impatient and short with his guests. I don't know if it's his ego, for just for show, for ratings, or whatever. But I don't remember him being so nasty in his younger years. If he were my personal therapist I don't think I would allow him to talk to me the way he talks to his guests. Lately, he has become demeaning and insulting to most of his guests. I can understand when he gets frustrated at guests who act as though they are doing him a favor by being there. I can't stand guests like that. But he seems to treat everyone in a rough way these days. He all but calls them idiots and behaves in a way that I would call unacceptable. What happened to you Dr Phil? Are you tired of doing the show? And, yes, we get it. You have been doing this for 45 years.