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  • My Arabian life culture and other.

    Hi Dr Phil!.. i am an Arabian girl living here in the U.S, I am 15 year old. And i really wanted your help . I have been suffering living here in the U.S i pretty much hate it because of all the issues going on with me and my overprotective family, especially my older brothers. I have been causing alot of drama and troubles to my family lately (always been) and i really dont think its my fault, because they treat me differently. When i cause all the troubles it mostly has to do with how im not following the religious rules, such as covering, other personal stuff. I hate living here with my family (not saying that i dont love them, because i do very much) it's just that they dont treat my right like my other younger sisters my family showw no love, and i have no idea what to do. I go through alot with my family. I have brothers that hates me because of my dark complexion. I'm the only dark member in the family (tanned) and i think my skin is beautiful, because i could tell you that i attract alot of guys (not bragging about it) but i hate the fact that they treat my other sisters with love and caring. Tyra there's alot to say but i dont know how to even make this enough sense..or what to do. I go through alot of suicidal thoughts i tried to k..... ( i once asked my dad that i want to go back to Arabia, he responded "for what? to get married? alright i"ll think about it") Dr. Phil im scared of living this life like the way it is now. -Tyra please help me what should i do?