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  • Parenting Secrets
    Parenting Secrets
    Episode 198
    If your kids are kicking, screaming, calling you names or saying "I hate you!" help is on the way. Michelle says her two boys are so out of control, they've even taken a bite out of her! Her husband blames her for their bad behavior, but what's really the problem? Then, Kyle and Jill say their 4-year-old daughter is obsessed with kissing. They even found her in a closet smooching a sweater! Is this normal? Plus, advice for dads about when and how to have the sex talk with their daughters.moreless
  • Favorite Guests Followups
    The real work begins when the guests leave the stage. Dr Phil checks in to see how some of audience's favorites are doing now.
  • Teens Who Cheat and Gamble
    Dr. Phil takes on two dangerous teen trends that are making headlines across the country, online cheating and gambling.
  • Sports Fanatics
    Sports Fanatics
    Episode 145
    In their new movie, Fever Pitch, Drew Barrymore and Jimmy Fallon are lovers at odds over his Red Sox addiction. For Dr. Phil's other guests, sports obsession is a harsh reality.
  • Kids Ask Dr. Phil
    Kids Ask Dr. Phil
    Episode 144
    Dr. Phil goes in his mailbag and answers letters from pre-teens and teens about coping with parents and overcoming challenges. Plus, with the help of the Children's Defense Fund (CDF), he helps make some dreams come true.
  • 'Help Me Get My Kids Back!' Follow-up
    Tina has been desperately searching for her two children who were abducted by their father who is now in jail. She believes the one woman with answers is her ex-husband's best friend, Lisa. Now, new information is revealed as Dr. Phil continues the search for Tina's 9-year-old daughter and 8-year-old son.moreless
  • Weight Loss Challenge Updates
    Dr. Phil and this year's weight loss Challengers show how to lose weight, get in shape and be ready for summer!
  • The Osbournes: 'Is My Family Normal?'
    Dr Phil speaks with one of America's most controversial families, the Osbournes.
  • Critical Mates
    Critical Mates
    Episode 138
    Dr Phil speaks with guests who say they are sick of being corrected, nagged and picked apart by their spouses.
  • ADD Dilemma
    ADD Dilemma
    Episode 137
    ADD is the most commonly diagnosed disorder in children, but oftentimes it is misdiagnosed and many go undiagnosed. There are at least as many adults who have been slipping through the cracks as well. Dr. Phil has advice for determining if a person has ADD and ways to ease the effects.moreless
  • 'Is My Son a Sexual Predator?' Aftermath
    Dr Phil checks in with Brad and Kenda who's 19-year-old son, Mikai, admitted he had acted sexually inappropriate with his younger sister.
  • Biggest $$$ Mistakes Families Make
    Dr. Phil offers some "financial CPR" to families who feel they are living hand-to-mouth.
  • Dr. Phil's Premarital Bootcamp, Part 3
    The three couples take one final test.
  • Dr. Phil's Premarital Bootcamp, Part 2
    Dr Phil checks back in with the couples who participated in the Premarital Bootcamp.
  • 'Help Me Get My Kids Back!'
    With half of all marriages ending in divorce, you've either been through it or you've seen it: the nasty, unfair and extreme measures parents go to when fighting for the custody of their children.
  • Extreme Sex Differences
    Dr Phil speaks with couples who say their different sexual appetites threaten to break them apart.
  • In-law Intervention
    In-law Intervention
    Episode 128
    Dr Phil talks with a couple who are caught in the middle between two interring, feuding, competitive, controlling and combative mothers-in-law.
  • 'My Life is a Mess!'
    'My Life is a Mess!'
    Episode 127
    Dr Phil talks to people whose life is in disarray.
  • 'Is My Son a Sexual Predator?' (pt ii)
    The results from the lie detector are in!
  • 'Is My Son a Sexual Predator?'
    Brad and Kenda seek Dr Phil's help with their adult son who they fear has interferred with their baby girl and is involved in dark sexual behavior.
  • Wedding Disasters
    Wedding Disasters
    Episode 124
    Dr Phil speaks with couples who had their dream wedding day turn into a nightmare.
  • Scary Trends
    Scary Trends
    Episode 123
    Dr Phil highlights some of the latest frightening trends facing today's children and teens, such as abusing over the counter drugs and binge drinking.
  • Debate Dr. Phil
    Debate Dr. Phil
    Episode 122
    Viewers take on Dr Phil over some of the advice he has given over the past year.
  • 'Grow Up!'
    'Grow Up!'
    Episode 121
    Dr. Phil has advice for dealing with friends and family members who just won't grow up.
  • Dr. Phil's Premarital Bootcamp
    Three engaged couples join Dr. Phil's premarital bootcamp which gives them real-life issues, like money, sex, kids and in-laws to deal with, thus pinpointing their trouble spots and preparing them for a lifetime together.
  • Fixing the Feuding Family
    Dr. Phil offers advice to two families caught in the middle of painful feuds over money.
  • Ask Dr. Phil About Sex
    From a grandmother dating college boys to a swinging couple, Dr. Phil takes on some of today's most taboo topics.
  • Finding Your Perfect Match
    Are you looking for love? Dr. Phil and PerfectMatch.com team up to find a love match for everyone in the audience ... and possibly for you!

    Bree has been unlucky in love, but today she's trying to change that. PerfectMatch.com has narrowed down her search for a man to three lucky bachelors. Now she and Dr. Phil have some questions for them.

    They thought they were just coming to a taping of the show ... but they may be about to meet their "perfect match."

    PerfectMatch.com may think Fred and Minerva are a "scientific match," but Dr. Phil has a different way of determining their compatibility.

    Ken, 69, wants to find a woman and get married. Will PerfectMatch.com have the perfect lady for him?moreless
  • Gold Diggers and Trophy Wives
    Would you marry for money? These self-proclaimed gold diggers say they'll do whatever it takes to land themselves a rich man!

    Harmonie won't give a nice guy the time of day unless he's filthy rich. "Is there something wrong with being a gold digger?" she asks.

    Charmin is fed up with men who mooch and is now determined to marry a man worth at least $10 million.

    K.T. was insulted by a marriage proposal with a three-carat diamond, and says it's "hard work" to be in her shoes.

    Scott is a successful concert promoter who's tired of "money-grubbers."

    Sugar was married to one of the world's richest men and has advice for gold diggers.moreless
  • Celebrity Obsessed
    Celebrity Obsessed
    Episode 115
    Everywhere you turn, it seems people are talking about Brad and Jen's breakup, J-Lo's latest marriage, and Paris Hilton's anything. Is America's obsession with celebrities out of control?

    Marie is so in love with Brad Pitt that she's lost all sense of reality. She can't stop reading and fantasizing about him, and daydreams that they'll get married one day.

    Stacie will do anything to look like Jessica Simpson. She's even considered getting more plastic surgery just so she can resemble her idol.

    Katy loves being a fashionista. With 120 pairs of shoes and 40 purses in her closet, her habit has gotten so bad that her husband cut up her credit cards.

    Cathy says her husband, Paul, watches so much professional wrestling that it's "unhealthy," and he wants her to get over her obsession with Dr. Phil!

    Thanks to America's obsession with celebrities, Wayne gets a lot more attention than he used to.moreless
  • Pushy Parents
    Pushy Parents
    Episode 114
    Every parent has big dreams for their children, especially if you think you're raising an exceptional kid, but could you be pushing them too far? And do you want them to live up to your own dreams or to theirs? Dr. Phil examines the fine line between supporting your children's aspirations ... and pushing them to unrealistic limits and setting them up for failure.

    Ed and Diane would love if their son, Barry, became the next Barry Manilow, but they worry because they say his tremendous talent is causing him to be bullied by jealous kids.

    David and Deandra have done everything in their power to insure that their 22-month-old daughter, Madelyn, becomes a "superkid," even sacrificing their own marriage.

    Charlene and her fiancé, Mark, are so prepared for their 8-month-old son to become a successful athlete, that they named him JJ because it sounds like a catchy sports name.moreless
  • Invasive Inlaws
    Invasive Inlaws
    Episode 113
    When in-laws are meddling, disapproving, demanding and condescending, it can really tear a family apart. If you have a problem with your extended family, Dr. Phil has advice.

    Kasey calls her mother-in-law, Carol, "the little devil." She blames her in-laws for ruining her wedding and says they've encouraged her husband, Luke, to divorce her.

    Judi says her brother-in-law, Matt, is so rude and hostile that he once threatened her with a gun. "I really can't stand him. I think he's abusive," she cries.

    Kerry's mom and her mother-in-law have been fighting, cursing, meddling and competing about who gets to spend time with the grandkids. She's ready to cut them out of her life forever.moreless
  • My Child Is Ruining My Life
    All parents make sacrifices for their children, but what if you are so resentful that you literally fantasize about life without your little ones? Dr. Phil has advice for parents struggling to bond with a child they say is ruining their lives.

    Veronica was so devastated by her cheating ex-husband that she takes out her pain on their 4-year-old daughter, Lily. She yells at her, tells her she hates her and has even thought about placing Lily for adoption.

    Scott says his wife, Sara, practically bribed him to start a family. Their son is now 7 months old and Scott would rather be out riding his motorcycle than at home bonding with his son.

    After four years of constant yelling and fighting with their son, Michele and Michael say they fantasize about life without him. His behavior has even put a strain on their marriage.moreless
  • The Doctor, the Wife and the Mistress
    It's the affair that has everyone talking! Ed, a successful doctor, revealed to his wife, Kandi, that he was having an affair and his mistress is pregnant. Now, with the baby due in less than eight weeks, Dr. Phil checks back in.

    After visiting her dying father, Kandi returns home to more bad news.

    Ed has moved out, but the kids are still caught in the middle.

    Joi is involved with a different married man, and has also had his child. She says wives of cheaters are 'dumb' and 'in denial.'

    Brittany caught her husband in a web of sick lies when she and his girlfriend compared notes.moreless
  • Newlywed Nightmares
    Newlywed Nightmares
    Episode 110
    Just because you have a fairytale wedding, doesn't mean that you're going to have a fairytale marriage. Dr. Phil has advice for new couples who already fear their relationships may not survive.

    Brandy and Jason haven't even been married for seven months, and they don't think they'll make it to their first anniversary. Jason's lying and flirtatious ways are a major issue.

    Michael was recently married, and says he's tired of his wife Jerry Ann's screaming, cursing and throwing things.

    Blake is so terrified of getting divorced, that he doesn't even want to get married! He's afraid to pop the question to his girlfriend of two years.moreless
  • Parents' Biggest Mistakes
    Do you worry that your parenting decisions may be scarring your child for life? Dr. Phil has advice on how to move past your mistakes and lead your family.

    Lena's 12-year-old son, Richard, was abused by his father, and she worries every day what will happen when his dad gets out of jail in July.

    Tammy's 13-year-old daughter gets suspended from school, steals and may be in a gang. Tammy admits that she yells and screams at her daughter and blames her for the family's problems.

    Sarah's 3-year-old daughter, Jessica, can't stop telling everyone how pretty she is — even total strangers! Sarah wants her child to be confident without being arrogant.

    Peggy says she is a complete failure at the only dream she ever had — motherhood. Her 15-year-old son, Kyle, talks back, gets bad grades and has become morbidly obese.moreless
  • 'Overhaul My Spouse'
    'Overhaul My Spouse'
    Episode 108
    Dr Phil introduces guests who get an overhaul on the inside and out to please their spouse.
  • Adoption Controversy
    Adoption Controversy
    Episode 107
    Dr. Phil discusses two devastaging stories involving tug-of-wars over children and asks the question, should biological parents have more rights than adoptice parents?
  • Parents Ask Dr. Phil
    Parents Ask Dr. Phil
    Episode 106
    Dr Phil addresses questions from a stay-at-home dad to parents of aggressive kids about parenting using his book Family First: Your Step-By-Step Plan For Creating a Phenomenal Family.
  • Brides with Secrets
    Brides with Secrets
    Episode 105
    Dr. Phil catches up with the six brides who took on the challenge to lose weight before their weddings. It would seem they have some secrets to share with their fiancés before the big day.
  • Dr. Phil and Dr. Bill
    Dr. Phil and Dr. Bill
    Episode 104
    Dr. Phil calls Dr. Bill Cosby to talk about issues facing children and parents in today's world.
  • Letting Go of Love
    Letting Go of Love
    Episode 103
    Dr Phil has advice for people who have been dumped, betrayed, cheated on and left heartbroken and need help letting go and moving on.
  • More Parenting Dilemmas
    Dr Phil talks to parents who are battling out-of-control children.
  • Staying Alive in 2005
    Staying Alive in 2005
    Episode 101
    Dr Phil catches up with the five contestants in the "Staying Alive in 2005" weight loss challenge. One of them hasn't made the grade and must leave the challenge to allow another to take their place.
  • Dr. Phil Takes on Abusers
    Dr Phil shares some frigtening statistics about domestic abuse. He then takes the audience into the Tubman Family Alliance Centre for a rare glimpse into two private therapy session with abusers and their victims in different stages of their recovery.
  • Custody Battles Update
    Dr Phil sounds an alarm on parents who are putting their children in the middle of vicious custody battles and updates the audience on guests met on previous shows.
  • Adoption, Part 2
    Adoption, Part 2
    Episode 98
    Dr Phil updates the audience on what's happened to the couples and babies he introduced in the first part of the Adoption series. Also, Dr Phil discusses some of the difficulties that arise when an adopted child comes home with their new family.
  • Overweight Brides
    Overweight Brides
    Episode 97
    Six brides desperate to lose weight before their big day compete for the chance to have their wedding wishes come true.
  • Coach Carter
    Coach Carter
    Episode 96
    Oscar-nominated actor Samuel L. Jackson, who portrays a controversial coach in the movie "Coach Carter," joins Dr. Phil to offer advice to parents whose children are so committed to sports that their grades are suffering?
  • Nanny Cams
    Nanny Cams
    Episode 95
    Dr Phil tells parents how to protect their children when they are in the care of others by talking about the dangers that exist.
  • 'Makeover Our Marriage'
    Dr. Phil talks to couples who say their marriage has lost its spark, and they want to fire it up.
  • Family Resolutions
    Family Resolutions
    Episode 93
    Dr Phil talks about the tools necessary to make family resolutions such as less yelling and more together time, a reality.
  • Addiction Resolutions
    Dr Phil talks to people who have resolved to kick their dangerous habits in the New Year.
  • Weight Loss Resolutions
    Dr Phil introduces his "Staying Alive in 2005" weight loss challenge. Five people agree master the seven keys to success and lose the weight or be replaced in the challenge.
  • Money Makeovers
    Money Makeovers
    Episode 90
    Dr Phil introduces financial expert Elizabeth Warren to show viewers how to manage their money and keep spending and credit card debt under control.
  • Jealous of My Extreme Makeover
    Dr Phil talks to plastic surgery patients and their patients about their transformations.
  • Ask Dr. Phil and Robin!
    Dr Phil and Robin answer viewer's questions; from a bride-to-be who's becoming obsessed about the wedding to a guy who says he's so good-looking to get a date.
  • Newlywed Dread
    Newlywed Dread
    Episode 87
    Newlywed couples talk to Dr Phil about the difficulties they are facing in their marriage. Is this just the typical ups and downs of marriage or are these relationships already too far gone to be saved?
  • Suddenly Single
    Suddenly Single
    Episode 86
    Dr Phil talks to women who are having trouble accepting that their marriage is over.
  • Parenting with Pills
    Dr Phil discusses the controvesial practice of medicating children with behavioural problems.
  • 'Is My Spouse Normal?'
    Dr Phil talks with guests who want to know if the strange behaviour of their spouse is normal.
  • Ultimate Family Weight Loss Challenge
    Dr Phil checks in with his Weight Loss Challenge families
  • Women Addicted to Psychics
    Dr Phil talks to women who are spending a fortune visiting psychics. Guests include: Michelle who was estranged from her brother when he was killed and is now spending thousands of dollars on psychics trying to communicate with him. Michael Keaton talks about his new film, "White Noise", a paranormal thriller about communicating with the dead. Trina was approached by a spiritual adviser in a mall who told her she was cursed. She has spent $30,000 to try and turn the tides.moreless
  • Dr. Phil and Robin's Christmas Party, Part 3
    Dr. Phil and Robin host a party for military families with loved ones overseas.
  • Dr. Phil and Robin's Christmas Party, Part 2
    Dr. Phil and Robin host a party for military families with loved ones overseas.
  • Dr. Phil and Robin's Christmas Party, Part 1
    Dr. Phil and Robin host a party for military families with loved ones overseas.
  • The Rudest Kids in America
    Dr. Phil discusses ways to deal with disrespectful kids as part of his "Family First" series.
  • Medical Controversies
    Dr. Phil discusses some of the most controversial medical concerns of our time, including choosing the sex of a baby and surrogacy.
  • Five Factors for a Phenomenal Family
    Dr. Phil continues his parenting series, outlining the five factors needed to make a phenomenal family.
  • Family First Follow-ups, Part 2
    Dr. Phil checks back in with two of his Family First couples, John and Devon and Tony and Tammy.
  • Aging Gracefully With Robin
    Robin talks to women about being truthful about their age and aging gracefully. She also sits down with Olivia Newton-John, Cher, Bernadette Peters and Mimi Rogers who share their beauty tips.
  • Kids Ask Dr. Phil
    Kids Ask Dr. Phil
    Episode 73
    Dr. Phil goes in his mailbag and answers letters from pre-teens and teens about coping with parents and overcoming challenges. Plus, with the help of the Children's Defense Fund (CDF), he helps make some dreams come true.
  • Ultimate Family Weight Loss Challenge
    Dr Phil kicks off his Family Weight Loss Challenge with two families, the Penningtons and the Halls.
  • Follow-ups
    Episode 71
    Dr. Phil checks in with some of his most memorable guests to see if they took his advice or went back to their old ways. Guests include: Shopaholic, Lacy who made a deal with Dr Phil — no shopping for 30 days in exchange for a diamond engagement ring; Jesse who used to make fun of everyone she saw; Nicole who's young son was ordered by the school to take ADD medication; and Meg who at 88 pounds was losing her battle with anorexia.moreless
  • Desperate Diets Update
    Dr Phil catches up with Cassie and Nicole who were taking extreme measures to be thin and after speaking with Dr. Phil on a previous show, each checked into treatment centers for their life-threatening eating disorders.
  • 'Afraid of My Child's Behavior' Update
    Dr Phil talks to parents who's teenagers lie, steal, get expelled from school and get arrested.
  • Real Talent? Or Get Real!
    Dr Phil talks to guests who are hanging their futures on a dream. Do they have real talent or should they stop pursuing the dream and get real?
  • Black Sheep of the Family
    Dr Phil talks to families who just don't understand why one member is so different to the rest.
  • Anywhere USA, Part 5
    Dr Phil catches up with the citizens of Elgin, Texas for an update.
  • Adoption, Part 1
    Adoption, Part 1
    Episode 65
    Dr Phil kicks off his adoption series, vowing to bring "some wonderful, deserving children and loving parents together".
  • 'Afraid of My Child's Behavior'
    Dr Phil has advice for parents who are living in fear that their children are headed down a destructive path.
  • The Real Lives of Desperate Housewives (pt iv)
    Just as a new desperate housewife is ready to tell Dr. Phil her secret he puts a stop to the public announcement and seeks private help. Plus, he checks in with the other women and the secrets they could no longer hide.
  • Stage Parents
    Stage Parents
    Episode 62
    Dr Phil talks to parents consumed with making their children stars.
  • Left at the Altar
    Left at the Altar
    Episode 61
    Dr Phil talks to guests who want to know if their wedding jitters are normal or if they are trying to make it work with the wrong person.
  • A Family Affair, Part 2
    Dr Phil continues his in-depth look at the anatomy of an affair with Ed and Kandi who face the ultimate consequence, a child born to the mistress.
  • Pedophiles: A Parent's Worst Nightmare
    Dr Phil tackles the confronting issue of child predators - no longer hiding in the bushes, these days, one of the biggest threats to children is the Internet which lets them into the home at any time. Dr Phil talks to TV's first Survivor, Richard Hatch, who faces his biggest challenge yet: protecting his 14-year-old son from a pedophile.moreless
  • The Real Lives of Desperate Housewives (pt iii)
    Dr Phil catches up with the seven women who took part in his Desperate Housewives series.
  • Ask Dr. Phil and Robin
    Robin joins Dr. Phil to give a female view on everything from bachelor parties to keeping in touch with ex-flames. The audience is also given a little insight into what Robin gets up to when Dr. Phil's not around.
  • A Family Divided: The Baby's Father
    Dr Phil catched up with his Season 2, Family Divided. Marty and Erin's marriage continues to crumble. The family face another crisit when the teenage father of Alexandra's baby decides he wants to play a part in his son's life.
  • A Family Affair
    A Family Affair
    Episode 54
    Dr Phil talks to a couple who are in crisis. Six months ago, Ed revealed to his wife of 12 years that he'd been having an affair and that his mistress was pregnant. Further, Ed refuses to make a choice between the two women, believing he can have both.
  • Desperate Diets
    Desperate Diets
    Episode 53
    Dr Phil talks to guest who will go to any extreme to be thin. From taking drugs to having unwanted sex just to burn calories, these guests are willing to put their lives in jeopardy. Guests include: 21 year old Cassie who has been consumed with being skinny ever since she was 13. A heart attack at 16 didn't even stop her destructive ways. Her drastic measures to stay thin have divided her family and brought them all the way from Australia for help. Nicole, 24, takes up to 24 diet pills a day to keep from going back to the 300 pounds she once weighed.moreless
  • The Real Lives of Desperate Housewives (pt ii)
    Dr Phil continues his face-to-face workshop with the seven women who say they live in fear their dirty little secrets will be exposed.
  • The Real Lives of Desperate Housewives (pt i)
    Dr Phil introduces seven women who say they live every day in fear that their secrets will be discovered. Dr Phil facilitates a two-day workshop where in he asks the women to confront the truth and stop living their masquerades.
  • How YOU Look Drunk!
    How YOU Look Drunk!
    Episode 50
    Dr Phil enlists 30 people to allow cameras to follow their every move on a night on the town as part of a drinking experiment.
  • The Rules of Fighting
    Using a hidden earpiece, Dr Phil coaches couples on how to argue with their spouse.
  • Extreme Behaviors and Disorders
    Dr. Phil's talks to parents about the warning signs for self mutilating behaviour such as cutting, sratching and burning, a phenomenon seen among one in 200 girls.
  • Families on Fire: Managing Crisis
    Dr Phil talks to parents who are afraid their children are on destructive paths. Guests include a couple who are odds over disciplining their kids and a man who has spent 8 1/2 years in prison for fraud and assault, while relatives raised his two sons. Now his 14-year-old son, Blake, is drinking, sneaking out and getting into trouble with the police.moreless
  • Custody Battles Update
    Dr. Phil sounds the alarm on parents who play tug-of-war with their kids in custody battles.
  • Gastric Bypass Controversy
    Dr. Phil talks with guests about the pros and cons of the controverisal, risky and expensive gastric bypass surgery.
  • Hot Warning Signs
    Hot Warning Signs
    Episode 44
    Dr. Phil discusses the hot warning signs for parents that their child may be in crisis.
  • Judgmental People
    Judgmental People
    Episode 43
    Dr. Phil talks about the judgments we all make as we meet people. Guests include: Jaron who has started the process of changing his gender from female to male and faces name calling and judgements every day; former news anchor, Bree Walker who has disfigurement to her hands and feet; and Candy, a preacher's wife who says she's supposed to be accepting of everyone, but in truth she is quick to judge and puts people down.moreless
  • Desperate Parents' Biggest Dilemmas
    Dr. Phil gives parents the tools to deal with bad behaviour (including biting, stealing and flashing) by their kids
  • Postpartum Depression
    Dr Phil deals with the overwhelming emotions and consequences of Postpartum depression (PPD).
  • Totally Obsessed!
    Totally Obsessed!
    Episode 40
    People can get so consumed with something or someone that it becomes their whole life. Dr. Phil's guests want to know if their passion is normal or an unhealthy obsession.

    Guests include a woman who's totally obsessed with Dr. Phil, a man who's trying to surgically turn into a tiger, a guest who eats and eats because she wants to gain weight, a man on a mission to find the perfect woman ... one with big feet, a woman consumed with all things purple, one who can't stop vacuuming and a woman who's obsessed with the loves of her life, her bulldogs.

  • Blended Family Trouble, Part 2
    When Dr. Phil first spoke with Lou and Dina, they were struggling to blend two families together. Their parenting styles conflicted, their kids weren't getting along and everyone was feeling the turmoil. Now, as they attempt to turn things around, new crises have erupted.
  • Critical Mates
    Critical Mates
    Episode 38
    Guests talk about being tired of being corrected, nagged and picked apart by their critical spouses.
  • Parents' Top Three Problems
    Dr. Phil confronts the top three behavior problems faced by parents with toddlers - They don't pay attention! They talk back! And they absolutely lose control when they have temper tantrums!
  • 'Don't Be a Mooch!'
    'Don't Be a Mooch!'
    Episode 36
    Dr. Phil confronts freeloaders who beg, borrow and count on others to pay their way. First, Dr. Phil meets Connie who is sick of supporting her son, Shane. He's a 21-year-old high school dropout who parties all night and sleeps all day. Next, Hillary is sick of supporting her mooching husband, Jed who dropped out of college to play the guitar and does nothing to contribute to their household. Finally, Danielle says her mother, Pamala, mooches off of everyone and Danielle is fed up.moreless
  • Newlywed Dread
    Newlywed Dread
    Episode 35
    Dr. Phil talks to newlyweds who are experiencing more than the typical ups and downs during their first year of marriage to ascertain if their relationships already too far gone to be saved.
  • Family First: Follow-ups
    Dr. Phil catches up with two of his "Family First" families who, when they first met with Dr. Phil were in absolute chaos. Dr. Phil checks in to see if they have begun to make changes in their lives?
  • Extreme Parenting
    Extreme Parenting
    Episode 33
    Parents want the best life for their kids and often go to great lengths to make that a reality. But what happens when they get so controlling, they end up hurting the children they love?
  • Adoption, Part 1
    Adoption, Part 1
    Episode 33
    Dr. Phil kicks off his adoption series meeting a couple looking to adopt, a teenage mom-to-be and a group of children looking for a good home.
  • More Sex With Kim Cattrall
    She played the part of sexy "Samantha Jones" in the hit TV series Sex and the City. Now Kim Cattrall has written her second book about female sexuality. She joins Dr. Phil to talk about her own journey and to help guests achieve sexual satisfaction in their relationships. Send the kids out to play! This show is strictly adults only.moreless
  • What Type of Parent Are You?
    Dr. Phil discusses various parenting styles and advises which may work best with individual children's personalities. Guests include a women who is ready to leave her husband if he continues being so strict with their children, a couple who worry that they're raising completely opposite sons and a woman who can't get her three kids to clean up their rooms. Finally, Robin recalls how she and Dr. Phil used different styles to raise their two very distinct boys, Jay and Jordan.moreless
  • Deadly Injustice
    Deadly Injustice
    Episode 31
    Donna Wooten lived with her two daughters in a peaceful town in the heartland of America. When she broke off her relationship with her boyfriend of five years, Jerry Savage, she had no idea the lengths he would go to hurt her.
  • Ask Dr. Phil and Robin!
    From a bride-to-be who's becoming obsessed about the wedding to a guy who says he's so good-looking that women seem to run the other way, Dr. Phil and Robin answer guests' questions.
  • Is This Normal?
    Is This Normal?
    Episode 30
    Do you have a really strange habit? Are you in a bizarre situation and you think you're the only one experiencing it? Dr. Phil has advice for guests who wonder if their behavior is out of control.
  • 'Is My Spouse Normal?'
    Dr. Phil talks to people who are worried about their loved ones' strange and unusual behavior. Guests include a man whose wife has adopted 63 pets, a man addicted to sports, an immature man who wears his pajamas in public, a shop-a-holic and a hygienically challenged slob.
  • Moms and Money Conflicts
    Money is often cited as the number one reason couples divorce. Dr. Phil talks with moms who say their money issues are causing major problems. Plus, the biggest mistakes people make when they think they have the latest, greatest money-making schemes.
  • Ask Dr. Phil About Parenting
    From out of control kids to critical moms, Dr. Phil answers the burning questions about parenting. Among the guests are 8-year-old Beau who gets mad, hits the family dog, has screaming tantrums and pounds on the bedroom door. Also featured are Jacquie who always finds fault with her 11-year-old daughter and Cindy who worries that the best friends her 3 1/2-year-old daughter, Destiny, has are not real.moreless
  • You Ruined My Reputation!
    A wise man once said, "It takes a lifetime to build a good reputation, and five minutes to ruin it." Dr. Phil talks with guests whose lives have been destroyed by rumors and gossip.
  • Exclusive: The Kerry Family
    Weeks before the presidential election, Senator John Kerry and his wife, Teresa Heinz Kerry, talk openly to Dr. Phil and Robin about marriage, divorce, parenting and blending families.
  • I'm Gay, OK?
    I'm Gay, OK?
    Episode 27
    Over a decade ago, the average age of a person “coming out” was 26. Now, it’s 16. Being openly gay isn’t considered as taboo as it used to be, but for some families, accepting that their child is gay still presents challenges.
  • Suddenly Single
    Suddenly Single
    Episode 27
    Dr Phil speaks to women who didn't see the end of their marriage coming and are having a hard time accepting that it is over. He offer advice to viewers for moving forward after divorce.
  • Anywhere, USA: Weight Loss Challenge
    Dr. Phil returns to Elgin, Texas to tackle the issue of weight.
  • Weight Loss Challenge Follow-ups
    Dr. Phil checks in with the 10 winners of the Weight Loss Challenge to see how they are doing and how their lives have changed.
  • A Checkup with the Horvath Family
    When Dr. Phil first met this family, their house was filled with yelling, screaming and name-calling. Dr. Phil checks in to see if Jackie has calmed her raging temper, if Zoli and Derek are speaking to each other and if the kids are following the new house rules.
  • Exclusive: The Bush Family
    President George W. Bush and First Lady Laura Bush welcomed Dr. Phil and Robin to their ranch in Crawford, Texas to talk about family and raising kids.
  • Parenting with Pills
    The first line of treatment for the millions of kids who are diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is often drugs. Dr. Phil questions if medication the best treatment?
  • Exclusive: Cher Opens Up About Family
    In honor of Dr. Phil's new book, Family First: Your Step-by-Step Plan for Creating a Phenomenal Family, Cher welcomes her good friend, Robin McGraw, into her home for a candid conversation about family, parenting and motherhood.
  • Two Years of 'Dr. Phil': A Look Back
    Dr. Phil checks back in with some of viewers all-time favourite guests.
  • Blended Family Trouble
    Dr. Phil addresses a problem facing half the families in America - what happens when a new group of people move into your home, into your personal space, eat your food, and start giving you orders? This episode focuses on the extreme challenges of trying to blend two households into one.moreless
  • How To Get Your Kids To ...
    The art of negotiating to get your kids to do anything begins the moment they are born. Dr. Phil has advice for parents who are tired of struggling with their children when it's time to eat, get dressed or go to sleep.
  • More Sex!
    More Sex!
    Episode 17
    Women are telling Dr. Phil and O, The Oprah Magazine, that they want better sex in their marriages and they want it more often. Dr. Phil has advice for putting romance and intimacy back in your relationship.
  • Anywhere, USA: Teens in Trouble
    Dr Phil returns to the town of Elgin, Texas where he turns the spotlight on the teenagers to give a wake-up call about bullying, drugs and teen pregnancy.
  • Follow-ups with the Dr. Phil Families
    Dr Phil catches up with last year's Dr Phil Families and updates the audience on Marty and Erin's progress, as well as that of Stacy and Chris. Both families have been dealing with the arrival of new babies in the aftermath of their time on the show.
  • Custody Battles
    Custody Battles
    Episode 13
    Dr Phil highlights three custody battles that see innocent children being caught in the crossfire of bitter fueds. First, recently divorced Heidi and Will are arguing about Heidi's decision to take their three children and move to Alaska. Next, Twelve-year-old Dillon is caught in the middle between his grandmother, Robin, who raised him, and his mother, Jamie, who is desperate to regain custody. Last, model Bridget Marks' talks to Dr Phil about the high profile battle that made the headlines when she had to hand over her twin daughters to their biological father after a court deemed that she falsely accused him of molestation.moreless
  • Family First
    Family First
    Episode 12
    After spending more than two years working on his latest book, Family First, Dr. Phil shares his step-by-step plan for creating the phenomenal family everyone wants. "I know you have the love in your heart," says Dr. Phil. "Family First is the plan to live the love you feel and create a healthy and nurturing family."moreless
  • Follow-ups
    Episode 10
    Dr. Phil checks back in with guests who were caught up in the vicious cycle of fighting. Have they put Dr. Phil's advice into action and have things changed?
  • Faultfinders and Flakes
  • What a Difference a Year Makes
    Dr. Phil checks back in with some of his most memorable guests to see if they took his advice, and if they were able to turn their lives around.
  • Where's Your Child on the Development Curve?
  • Trading Places, Part 2
  • Inside the Mind of a Mistress
  • Mom vs. Mom, Part 2
  • Inspired by a Guest
  • Dads and Daughters
    Dads and Daughters
    Episode 3
  • Ask Dr. Phil
    Ask Dr. Phil
    Episode 2
    Dr. Phil meets guests who want to know how to build relationships in a blended family, how to rein in a disrespectful 7-year-old and how to handle dating after divorce.
  • How to 'Get Over It'