Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman

Season 4 Episode 25

Fear Itself

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Apr 27, 1996 on CBS

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  • The first episode I saw of Dr. Quin, Medicine Woman

    This was the first episode I saw of this series, I decided to watch it because I found out that Chad Allen played in it and I wanted to see more of him.

    I won't count in the disappointment about the little screen time he had into account. :P

    This episode was fun to see for a time but after a little while I got a little bored and I found many things to be very predictable like the lady walking in Mikes office and finding out about the role Denise Crosby (whom I know from star trek).

    But besides that the story was quite good, but it could have been way better if they had done things different, as a first episode I can't say it was very persuasive to watch more.
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