Best Mike and Sully moments

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    They've been replaying Dr. Quinn on GMC (gospel music channel, strange choice) and I've been watching it. I noticed that they seem to be very conservative as they block out the word "hell". I have no idea what else they may be blocking or even if they skip some scenes. I'd like to get the full experience of the show, particularly scenes involving Mike and Sully so I was curious what episode it is that Mike and Sully first consumate their love, to put it politely, or any other episodes with moments a channel that blocks the word "hell" might decide to cut out. I want to make sure that when those episode airs, they don't cut anything out.

    They've just started airing season 3 and so far there have only been a few innocent kisses. It's been great watching their romance blossom and I don't want to be cheated out of any special moments.

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    I'm not sure why this should be such a strange choice to play a show with morals as it's roots. Dr Quinn Medicine woman was a VERY moral driven show so I think it's quite proper that it should be shown on GMC. It can get through to a lot of people with being too preachy. One of my main disagreements with the show is that they try to make a lot of modern day things appear in it sort of like they did in later episodes of the Waltons. Things that would never have happend back then. One more thing. They DID show on GMC the episode already where they consimated their marriage. It sort of shocked me in a way being the time of day it was BUT thinking back on it.. there was not much shown other than what needed to be shown.. no real nudity to speak of so I had no real problem with it.
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    The scene in the railroad car, after the wedding reception, during which Sully and Micheala consummate their marriage is one of the most tastefully done "love scenes" I have ever seen on television. First of all, and perhaps most importantly, you never see anything more than some passionate kissing and Sully untying the back of her wedding gown, the rest is left up to our imaginations. Secondly, I found it endearing and somewhat amusing that Michaela protests that "it isn't even dark yet", reminding us that she is still nervous and shy about what she is about to do with her new husband. Very appropriate for GMC, I think. And as far as the time of day, well tune your TV to any daytime soap opera and you'll get more of an eyefull in 10 minutes than you'll get in the whole series of DQMW!

    I have the collector's set of dvds, but I still tune in to GMC when I am home in the afternoons, just to catch whatever episode happens to be on, and I haven't noticed any editing other than the occasional "blocking" of a "hell" or a "damn". The faith-based PAX cable network used to rerun DQ back in the late '90s/early '00s and they would often do the same thing, but not always. I think a few slipped by them. I actually taped a lot of episodes from PAX back in the day before the dvds came out.

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