Change an ending?

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    I am borrowing this query from a survey posted on the DQ discussion list, but I don't think the author would mind:

    If you could change the ending to any episode, what would it be?

    This is hard because the show was so well written, but I think I would chose to change the ending of Another Woman. I hated the fact that Sully and Michaela didn't resolve their issues at the end of the episode and that we were left with them being so tense with one another. I would like to have seen them work it out much the way they did in Ready or Not, where she would explain to him how much she was hurt and he would apologize for hurting her even though he didn't mean to. Of course, if this had happened, Ready or Not would have been totally different and much less dramatic/suspenseful.

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    I respectfully disagree. I think that, as sad as the ending was, it was realistic. Some issues between couples don't get resolved so quickly, so I like that they made it an unresolved issue at the end of the episode. If I were to change an ending of an episode, I would choose the ending of the second tv movie, The Heart Within. I would keep everything in the movie, but I would add to it. I would show Dr. Quinn and Sully return to the town at the end, so that we could see everyone. I was bummed that we didn't get closure for a lot of the citizens of Colorado Springs.

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