Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Jan 01, 1993 on CBS

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  • A rocky start.

    There are some great moments here, no doubt about that. All the introductions are smooth, the caracterizations aren't overdone (for an example of that turn to Gilmore Girls). The place looks very real, the use of drugs and the diseases treated are well researched.

    However I have to point out one or two mistakes:
    -When Brian runs away the timeline is way off. Dr. Mike wakes up and finds Brian missing. Next scene: her riding on a horse stopped by the Cheyenne. Next scene: Scully awaiting Mike by a fire in the middle of the night telling her they will search for Brian together in the morning. But when they finally find Brian he looks as if he had just waited a couple of hours.
    -The Characters that were recast later are too much alike too really remember them. In the next episode I had really trouble to sort them out again.

    Plus as good an actress as Jane Seymour is (and I'm not saying she isn't) she really can't act crying. That part is way to melodramatic for my taste.

    All in all a very convincing start to a great show.
  • A catching start...

    To intriguing setting of the episode - a woman doctor on an area when women are not taken for someone who could be who she wants.. and her wild decision to go in the middle of the civilization, she, who has lived in luxury life - as one indian thought - she most be crazy woman. And in the beginning it does look like it but the way things start to work out... it proves she has it all to survive.

    I adore the sweet way the story is told - there is something so sincere and something very moving on it.
  • Watching the pilot is like going on a roller coaster ride, where so many things happen one after another, that you just find yourself captivated through the whole journey.

    This was an excellent pilot episode, or rather pilot movie, that I have had the pleasure of watching. So many small stories and adventures of Dr. Quinn’s new life are interwoven into a large one in the pilot. We see her acquaintance with the different townspeople in Colorado Springs, and how she manages to change some of their opinions and judgment towards her. So many character relationships are made and broken in this episode, such as Mike’s friendship with Charlotte or Maude. You hardly expect an interesting character to die in the first episode itself, but that’s what happens here. Searching for a missing child, helping a woman give birth, saving a Indian Chief’s life, and stopping a war from taking place are only one of the few incidents that Mike gets involved in this episode.

    Some of the most memorable scenes in this episode are - Charlotte’s last words to Mike
    - Mike and Sully talking by the fire in the Cheyenne territory
    - Christmas reunion in the end
    - The exciting fight scene at the saloon

    The performances by Jane Seymour, Joe Lando and the rest of the cast are excellent. They portray the characters so realistically, that you actually feel that you are in that era, and you are rooting for Mike to prove herself to the others. I

    All in all, this was a great pilot movie that can be enjoyed by the entire family.