Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Jan 01, 1993 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • After Matthew sets the table, waiting for the soldiers to knock on the door looking for renegades, there is nothing but plates and cups. In the next scene, we can see bread.

    • Vehicles in 1867? In the scene where Charlotte and the kids drive Michaela back to her homestead, if you look above Charlotte's hat, you can see a white van driving to the left in the background.

    • Colm Meaney was Miles Edward O'Brien on both Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

  • Quotes

    • Brian: Do you think Ma would mind if I called you Ma, too?
      Dr. Mike: (looking at Colleen and then Matthew)
      I don't think she'd mind a bit.
      Brian: Good.

    • Sully: (to Michaela) Sometimes life just has a way of taking its own course.

    • Dr. Michaela "Mike" Quinn: (About Michaela's advertisement) You took it down.
      Byron Sully: No, I'm answering it.

    • Charlotte Cooper: (About losing men) Funny, it don't matter how you lose them, the pain's still the same.

    • Charlotte Cooper: Bein' a doctor, that's one thing. Bein' a woman, that's another and bein' an unmarried lady, that's another. You got enough black marks to get you to last for a while.

    • Dr. Michaela "Mike" Quinn: Maybe I belong in a different world.

    • Dr. Michaela "Mike" Quinn: I had come to the Colorado Territory to find acceptance as a doctor, but I found much more. I found a home, a new family, and for Christmas, I received the greatest gift of all, the Gift of Love.

    • Sully: Chief Black Kettle just gave you your Cheyenne name: "Medicine Woman."

    • Dr. Michaela "Mike" Quinn: How did you get so involved?
      Byron Sully: See that wolf over there? Some people think that it's evil. He's been a friend to me, just like the Indians. 30 year ago, when the white man first set foot in this territory, there were thousands of those wolves. Then the Government put a bounty on their head. Now there's just a few hundred. The way I see it, same thing's happened to the Indians.

    • Dr. Michaela "Mike" Quinn: Except for Charlotte, none of the townspeople would take me seriously as a Doctor. I was beginning to think Chief Black Kettle might be right. Maybe I was crazy. I had come to Colorado Springs to be a pioneer doctor, but I was fast becoming just a pioneer.

    • Dr. Michaela "Mike" Quinn: You ever get homesick Mr. Sully?
      Byron Sully: No.
      Dr. Michaela "Mike" Quinn: You think he (referring to Brian)will be all right out there, all by himself?
      Byron Sully: There's no way to really know.
      Dr. Michaela "Mike" Quinn: I let Charlotte down.
      Byron Sully: No you didn't. You did your best. Sometimes life just has a way of taking its own course.

    • Dr. Michaela "Mike" Quinn: I demand to know, why you placed another advertisement for a doctor, when that position has already been filled.
      Rev. Timothy Johnson : Now I don't mean to offend you Miss Quinn…
      Dr. Michaela "Mike" Quinn: Doctor Quinn!
      Rev. Timothy Johnson : That is a matter of opinion!
      Dr. Michaela "Mike" Quinn: Whose opinion? Have you polled my patients?
      Rev. Timothy Johnson : I'm not aware of you having any patients!

    • Hank Lawson: Ladies ain't allowed.
      Dr. Michaela "Mike" Quinn: I'm not a lady. I'm a Doctor!

    • Rev. Timothy Johnson: This is most embarrassing Ms. Quinn and I want to apologize for the inconvenience. We will of course pay your way back to Boston.
      Dr. Michaela "Mike" Quinn: That won't be necessary thank you. Colorado Springs needs a doctor and I happen to be one.
      Rev. Timothy Johnson: But you don't understand! No one around here has ever heard of a lady doctor!
      Dr. Michaela "Mike" Quinn: Well there's always a first time.
      Rev. Timothy Johnson: Miss, there are no respectable single women in Colorado Springs.
      Dr. Michaela "Mike" Quinn: That's a shame Reverend. Every town should have at least one!

    • Dr. Michaela "Mike" Quinn: Michaela Quinn, M.D.; the new doctor.
      Rev. Timothy Johnson: I'm afraid I don't quite understand. The telegram said 'Michael Quinn'.
      Dr. Michaela "Mike" Quinn: I believe I spelled it out quite clearly. That's Michael with an 'A', my father was expecting a male.
      Rev. Timothy Johnson: So was I!

    • Dr. Michaela "Mike" Quinn: My father taught me that different customs, language or color of skin, were not causes for prejudice or hostility, but as I saw real Indians for the first time, I could not reason with the knots in my stomach.

    • Dr. Michaela "Mike" Quinn: My mother would say that he'd (Dr. Mike's father) would spoil me. I would say, he'd given me the freedom to be myself.

    • Dr. Michaela "Mike" Quinn: I was born on February 15th, 1833 in Boston, Massachusetts. I was the last of five children, the four before me all girls. My father, being a man of science, firmly believed that the odds would finally dictate the birth of a long awaited son. He would be named Michael. I was named Michaela.

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