Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman

CBS (ended 1998)


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  • This show was a classic, family oriented program!

    This show was a classic, family oriented program that paved the way for shows like "Touched By An Angel" and "Joan of Arcadia." I remember watching this show with my mom every Sunday night, and the storylines were always engaging and dealt with modern themes like racism, pregnancy, and even homosexuality. This show was ahead of its time and brought many families together on Sunday night. Though the scripts didn't contain sex, violence or otherwise "engaging" aspects of many television programs today, the show brought classic family values back into the home. Towards the end, the show began to taper a bit, but in my opinion, the show finished strong and remains influential today.
  • woman medical doctor schooled in boston goes to western colorado to start her practice.

    i love, love dr. quinn! i think that i learned from the show a lot, from american history to common and uncommon medical ailments, as well as the family values the show was trying to instill in its viewers. in this series i became a fan of jane seymour and joe lando both as individual actors and as an on screen love team. i have been fortunate to watch a number of episodes, this coming from somebody from asia, who has to beg for a relative to tape the later episodes. i watched the important milestones of the show, at least from the love angle, from the instant chemistry of michaela and sully, to the romance that followed thereafter, to the grandiose wedding, and even to the birh of their only daugther, katie. really, i couldn't ask for more but i long again for a tv series or movie with jane and joe as leads.
  • I loved this show,it was and is a decent show that everyone in the family can watch together. As far as I know the show did pretty well universally but to satisfy the demands of adverstisement companies, CBS cut the plug off on the best show ever on the n

    Dr.Quinn is a marvelous story about family, friendship,love,morality, basically about the human condition with some references to histroical events.In several episodes,the show projected the inhumanely ways the native Americans were treated,the hardships African Americans faced following the reconstruction period in the States among other relevant social issues.The show isn't the average good versus evil western show with good old cowboys chasing dehumanized indians rather the show depicts the complex human nature which is not so clear cut.On many levels the show has a class of its own,and it is a damn shame that its not still running.
  • Good western

    Dr. Quinn was one of the first show that I really got into. I started watching the end of the 5th season and was hooked. Unfortunately it was prematurely cancelled at the end of the 6th season. Likely I was able to watch the older epsiodes and began to like it even more.

    While at times Dr. Quinn could be a bit preachy it showed light into period and the ways of the old west. Supporting characters helped even out the storyline and the actors all worked well on screen together.

    It really was unfortunate that CBS decided to cancel this jem. We did however get the horrible "Revelations" to the decent "Winter's Heart" wrap up movies but what Dr. Quinn needs is a movie to tie up everything the way it should of been. Perhaps some day.
  • The best series ever, no kidding. A great show for the entire family, complete with amazing acting and great storylines. Everybody should watch it!!!

    Dr. Michaela Quinn set out for Colorado Springs, Colorado from her comfortable life in Boston to bring her medical skills to the people of the Wild West. From high society to rustic, she must learn to make a new life for herself, along with the three children she has inherited. Along the way, she meets Byron Sully, a rough mountain man who teaches her everything she needs to know about living in the west, along with more.

    This show is one of the most diverse shows I've ever seen. It can have you laughing hysterically one minute, and bawling your eyes out the next. Jane Seymour's Michaela Quinn has been called one of the most influential TV characters of all time, and Joe Lando's acting is magnificent. And unlike so many other shows, the supporting cast is more than phenomenal.

    Even if you don't normally watch shows like this, I would highly recommend checking it out on Hallmark or on DVD. It is well worth it.
  • great show about a doctor trying to survive in the wild west and starts a family.

    The story got my attention when it first aired on tv but the female doctor trying to survive with three kids was not enough. The woman Michaela Quinn inherited 3 children, Matthew, Colleen, and Brian. Michaela is a woman doctor and moves out west with her children to find a job.
    It was complete when they entered the cowboy - indian aspect with Sully as a love interest for Dr. Mike. The town peoples reactions to the indian were realistic to what the reactions would have been in those times.
    It is a realistic show because it shows the predjudices that were around in those times, like the fact that women couldnt be doctors.
  • I tried to like it. But no dice.

    I try to watch this show. And I try to like it. But it does not feel right. I cannot figure out if it is due to bad writing or dialogue. But the show seems too predictable at times. It may also be due to bad acting. The pacing seems off. And sometimes I think that Sully is not quite the man he should be… Shrugs. The character of Doctor Mike does not seem realistic or something. I think this show is intended for an audience of women, but the problem is its just too sappy. Here are a few more words to get around 100.
  • A classic family show surrounding the town of Colorado Springs in the Wild West. The show follows Dr Michaela Quinn, her adopted family and other members of the town.

    One of my favourite shows, I've been watching Dr Quinn since it began in 1993 when I was just six years old. Sadly I now have to watch the re-runs but the episodes are still as great as ever. 'Dr Quinn, Medicine Woman' although not a show everyone would enjoy, has a mixture of everything necessary for a good drama. Although it is interesting in its historical context, it also has a range of characters that viewers care for. The show also isn't afraid to deal with social issues of the time such as racism, sexism and social conventions. Altogether, 'Dr Quinn, Medicine Woman' is a classic, original show, and is definetly one of a kind.
  • This is the story of a woman doctor, who moved out west in the 1800's, and her life.

    The story takes place in Colorado Springs. Michaela Quinn has just inherited 3 children, Matthew, Colleen, and Brian. Michaela is a woman doctor and moves out west with her children to find a job. At first no one believes she can do it, but slowly she is accepted. In the later episodes Dr. Mike marries Sully, the white man turned Native American. Colleen goes to Medicine School in Denver, and Michaela and Sully have a daughter, Kaite. This show deals with all sorts of issues that are still relevant today such as gun control, homosexuality, death penalty, and of course predjudice. This show is a wonderful enlightening family show with just the right mix of drama, romance and history. GO, Dr. QUINN!!
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