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  • I never thought I could watch a show like this, but it is the most heart warming, influential, passionate show I have ever watched. . .

    When my sister first brought home the first season of Dr. Quiinn, I wasn't really interested. It looked like one of those really boring, historical shows that only the people living in those times could appreciate.
    Then, when I actually found the patience to sit down and watch it, I was heart stricken. How much that woman had to go through, just to gain the respect of the townspeople, not only as a lady, but as a doctor. Then, there's the fight against racism, and against their own ego's. I've never seen such a show as this, but I think I managed to watch an entire season of it in one day. It's a shame that it's no longer on tv, but I'm still excited about seeing more, when my sister gets it.
  • This is the story of a woman doctor, who moved out west in the 1800's, and her life.

    The story takes place in Colorado Springs. Michaela Quinn has just inherited 3 children, Matthew, Colleen, and Brian. Michaela is a woman doctor and moves out west with her children to find a job. At first no one believes she can do it, but slowly she is accepted. In the later episodes Dr. Mike marries Sully, the white man turned Native American. Colleen goes to Medicine School in Denver, and Michaela and Sully have a daughter, Kaite. This show deals with all sorts of issues that are still relevant today such as gun control, homosexuality, death penalty, and of course predjudice. This show is a wonderful enlightening family show with just the right mix of drama, romance and history. GO, Dr. QUINN!!
  • Dr. Michaela Quinn is from Boston, but travels to Colorado so that she can set up her own practice. But in the 1870s a woman doctor wasn't welcome even out West. But over time, with many struggles and hardships, she gained the town's trust and respect.

    I loved this show when it was on TV, I would rush home from school just to watch it. This summer I re-watched all six seasons. I have to say, that I forgot how much drama there was. I thought it would be good to be able to watch one episode after another, that way you wouldn't have any suspense. Well, maybe there was less suspense, but wow, that much drama really drains a person. LOL. I guess that is what they had to do to keep it interesting.

    There was so much in this show, that sometimes it was a little overwhelming. Let's see, there was the Native Americans, immigrants, military, feminism, and wasn't there some KKK in there? Not only that, but the medicine was pretty realistic to the times. I know some people say that it was not realistic for the people to get so deathly ill so often, but think about it, it's 1870. Medicine was advanced, but no where near as advanced as it is now with vaccines and everything. Besides, Dr. Mike was out in Colorado, when all the new technologies and other advancements were on the East Coast.

    I would have to say that Michaela was my favorite character. I think I was attracted to her because she was determined. She knew what she wanted to do and even if she had to go out West to do it, she was going to. She stuck through it and influenced so many people. But I think also, she was determined, but she wasn't fearless, she did many things despite her fear. As a person and a doctor, she developed over the six seasons. I think that was why the show was such a success. They had great characters and they developed/changed. It was real.
  • Dr Quinn (INSP)

    Why was Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman replaced by Jag now showing on INSP?? I hate this. Loved the afternoon shows & also the 9 PM showing. Why change such a good thing. Please bring it back even if it is at another time!!

    Dr. Michaela Quinn heads out west on her own to practice medicine in the Wild West. Along the way, she adopts a family of children, falls in love with a mountain man, and earns the respect and admiration of the Colorado Springs community....~I could NOT have said it any better. I just love it, ALL of it. PLEASE BRING THE PROGRAM BACK!!!
  • A female doctor, not accepted in late 1860s Boston, heads west to practice medicine and to build a new life after the death of her father.

    This was quite possibly the best show on television in the 90s. While admittedly I wasn't watching much other than Boston sports on TV at the time, I was always in my seat in front of the tube at 8:00pm on Saturdays. At a time when family shows were few and far between and the western was long in its grave, Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman came seemingly out of nowhere and captivated millions of viewers. The reasons for its success are many. A talented ensemble cast, beautiful cinematography, well-written scripts (until the end-more on that later), a lush soundtrack and gorgeous costumes woven together created a world that it's many fans still long for today.
    The premise of the show was unique, if marginally far-fetched. Female doctor seeking acceptance heads west only to find out that the town that hired her thought she was a man and now expects her to go home. Not our heroine! She stayed and we watched along as she suddenly gained a family, slowly became an accepted member of the community, and began to fall in love with the mysterious Sully. The romance was indeed the main hook of the show, but we were also drawn in by the people of Colorado Springs and thier own daily dramas. Part of the appeal was that you came to know and care for these characters. You wanted to tune in to find out if Myra got out of her contract, or if Loren ever got around to telling Dorothy that he loved her. Would racism drive Robert E and Grace out of town? Would Jake ever stop drinking? Yes, the romance was central, but without the town being such a big part of the storylines, I don't think the show would have been such a success. The actors who filled these roles were very talented. No one has to go to bat for Jane Seymour; I'm sure that her name alone got many folks to try it out for the first time, but the talents of the lesser known actors were exceptional. I can't think of one that didn't shine (Many folks didn't care for 3rd season replacement Jessica Bowman, but I have no quarrel there). The pace of the romance was well set. Not too fast, not too slow. Michaela and Sully took just 3 seasons (actually 2.5 as season 1 began in Jan.) to fall in love, court, become engaged and wed. Any longer and some fans might have grown tired of the obstacles that kept coming thier way. Obstacles that provided just the right amount of tension and that were, in fact, quite realistic. Squabbles over money, where to live, and other possible love interests. But they overcame it all and wed in spectacular fashion at the end of season 3. Quinn fans loved Mike and Sully being in love. Despite all that romance, the drama and action did not abate. The versitiliy of the show was amazing. One week funny, the next tragically sad; we remained glued to our sets week in and week out. Unfortunatly, we just weren't the right "we". CBS was looking for that ever sought after demographic of 18-35 year old MALES. In an effort to "bring them in from the garage" the powers that be began to mess with our perfect little show. First, characters began to change and head-shaking storylines appeared. We almost lost Sully to the actor deemed more popular with those men in the garage, John Shnieder. And although Sully remained, as did JS, it changed the feel of the show. We watched and waited, hoping for things to improve and suddenly the show was cancelled without notice.
    It has been just over 10 years now since DQ has gone off the air and testament to its popularity is the fact that hundreds of fan sites are still in active existence on the internet. The show remains alive for us forever on DVD (thank God for technology!), but we fans will forever feel that we were cheated out of a quality final season and a real farewell epiosde.
  • The "Little House on the Prairie" of the 90s!!!

    This show was definitely the family friendly show of the 90s. I loved the romance between Sully and Michaela, the show that family is more then blood. The story lines never got old, and the acting was spectacular! While the change is actresses for Colleen from Erika Flores to Jessica Bowman, through the fans for a loop. But, Jessica made the character her own and quickly became a fan favorite. It also brought a historical aspect, instead of showing Native Americans as savages it showed their pov. The show also talked about women's rights and the founding of the west. It was an amazing show and I wish a network would pick it up and at least show the reruns.
  • woman medical doctor schooled in boston goes to western colorado to start her practice.

    i love, love dr. quinn! i think that i learned from the show a lot, from american history to common and uncommon medical ailments, as well as the family values the show was trying to instill in its viewers. in this series i became a fan of jane seymour and joe lando both as individual actors and as an on screen love team. i have been fortunate to watch a number of episodes, this coming from somebody from asia, who has to beg for a relative to tape the later episodes. i watched the important milestones of the show, at least from the love angle, from the instant chemistry of michaela and sully, to the romance that followed thereafter, to the grandiose wedding, and even to the birh of their only daugther, katie. really, i couldn't ask for more but i long again for a tv series or movie with jane and joe as leads.
  • Dr. Michaela Quinn heads out west on her own to practice medicine in the Wild West. Along the way, she adopts a family of children, falls in love with a mountain man, and earns the respect and admiration of the Colorado Springs community.

    I really liked this show when it originally aired on TV, and I bought the DVDs recently, and like it even more the second time around. It was fun to watch the relationship between Dr. Mike and and her mountain man love, Sully, progress. I seems rare for a show to actually allow a romantic relationship to progress from the very beginning to a mature relationship.

    The "messages" contained in each show were always well done. The show was an example how how television can be entertaining without being shocking or abrasive - one of my gripes about much of what's on TV. The chemistry between Jane Seymour and Joe Lando was fantastic. I'll never get tired of seeing these two together. An excellent ensemble cast rounded out the show, and the writers did a good job of including story lines that involved each of the characters.
  • I loved this show,it was and is a decent show that everyone in the family can watch together. As far as I know the show did pretty well universally but to satisfy the demands of adverstisement companies, CBS cut the plug off on the best show ever on the n

    Dr.Quinn is a marvelous story about family, friendship,love,morality, basically about the human condition with some references to histroical events.In several episodes,the show projected the inhumanely ways the native Americans were treated,the hardships African Americans faced following the reconstruction period in the States among other relevant social issues.The show isn't the average good versus evil western show with good old cowboys chasing dehumanized indians rather the show depicts the complex human nature which is not so clear cut.On many levels the show has a class of its own,and it is a damn shame that its not still running.
  • Good western

    Dr. Quinn was one of the first show that I really got into. I started watching the end of the 5th season and was hooked. Unfortunately it was prematurely cancelled at the end of the 6th season. Likely I was able to watch the older epsiodes and began to like it even more.

    While at times Dr. Quinn could be a bit preachy it showed light into period and the ways of the old west. Supporting characters helped even out the storyline and the actors all worked well on screen together.

    It really was unfortunate that CBS decided to cancel this jem. We did however get the horrible "Revelations" to the decent "Winter's Heart" wrap up movies but what Dr. Quinn needs is a movie to tie up everything the way it should of been. Perhaps some day.
  • A classic family show surrounding the town of Colorado Springs in the Wild West. The show follows Dr Michaela Quinn, her adopted family and other members of the town.

    One of my favourite shows, I've been watching Dr Quinn since it began in 1993 when I was just six years old. Sadly I now have to watch the re-runs but the episodes are still as great as ever. 'Dr Quinn, Medicine Woman' although not a show everyone would enjoy, has a mixture of everything necessary for a good drama. Although it is interesting in its historical context, it also has a range of characters that viewers care for. The show also isn't afraid to deal with social issues of the time such as racism, sexism and social conventions. Altogether, 'Dr Quinn, Medicine Woman' is a classic, original show, and is definetly one of a kind.
  • Dr. Quinn on GMC Channel

    I am watching Dr. Quinn on GMC (May, 2012) Love the Show!!!!! But disappointed because they only went as far as Season 5 and now back to Season 1....skipping Season 6 completely..I am sure I am not the only one disappointed with this....they ended Season 5 last week and started again with Season 1. Why would they do that? Also Monday, May 27,2012, they are having 10 hours of shows that Sully is in.....callling it Sully thon....looking forward.....hope that they show Season 6!!!!!! Any chance of a 3rd movie?
  • One of the greatest family shows of the 90's. It will forever be a cult Classic, that people can not get enough of!

    I was only about 5 years old when this show first aired in 1993, but it somehow become very intergrated into my childhood memories. I remember as a child watching Dr. Quinn with my mom and it almost become a comfort as I got older. We live in a cruel, unfair world, but I know that I can always turn on Dr. Quinn and watch her fight to keep life as fair and safe as she can possibly make it. I love how history was incorporated and yet the show did not feel "period" because the issues they dealt with are still very real and prevelant today. Dr. Quinn taught us how to deal with loss, racism, broken hearts, and of course, illness. Jane Seymour is a fabulous actress, and made Dr. Quinn all the more wonderful. Perhaps, the best part of the entire series is the enduring love between Sully and Michaela. They loved each other through thick and thin and showed the world the real meaning of True Love.
  • A Western Family Drama set in Colorado Springs during the 1870's. The show's main character is a Woman Doctor named Michaela Quinn who, after her father's death, moves from Boston to a small town where she knows no-one to start her own practice.

    Dr Quinn Medicine Woman is a show that ended much too soon. The romance between Michaela and Sully was a personal favourite. Episodes like The Abduction, Point Blank, The Race, Ladies Night, Where the Heart Is, A Washington Affair and Was*hita are so well written and the acting is topnotch. The show addressed all things from racism to homosexuality and let you make your own mind up on what was right or wrong. You could learn a lot by watching this show and yours truly has learned all sorts of things from anatomy to American history just by watching DQMW one hour every week.
  • Love this show as a kid!

    I loved this show as a teen to an adult
    It was like Little House on the Prarie
    But for the 1990's instead of the 70's & 80's
    Sadly they don't make shows for the family
    They like choose quanity over quality
    It is sad but it's true though
    Loved the acting and the writing
    Too bad it was yanked off the air after six years
    But glad it is in reruns
    It will always be that way as well
    Even after the actors are gone!
  • The best series ever, no kidding. A great show for the entire family, complete with amazing acting and great storylines. Everybody should watch it!!!

    Dr. Michaela Quinn set out for Colorado Springs, Colorado from her comfortable life in Boston to bring her medical skills to the people of the Wild West. From high society to rustic, she must learn to make a new life for herself, along with the three children she has inherited. Along the way, she meets Byron Sully, a rough mountain man who teaches her everything she needs to know about living in the west, along with more.

    This show is one of the most diverse shows I've ever seen. It can have you laughing hysterically one minute, and bawling your eyes out the next. Jane Seymour's Michaela Quinn has been called one of the most influential TV characters of all time, and Joe Lando's acting is magnificent. And unlike so many other shows, the supporting cast is more than phenomenal.

    Even if you don't normally watch shows like this, I would highly recommend checking it out on Hallmark or on DVD. It is well worth it.
  • Gentle, sympathetic and positive

    I think that the best part of that show was the values it carried - I am just so tired of all those usual comedies, series what have no moral - for that this one was a great exception.

    Great characters, moving story, though-provoking cases. Little town with it's own superstitions, a female doctor with three children, non of her own, and that doctor changes the life of this down so much - changes their thinking, their way of seeing around. And I am sure - she also changed me - my way of seeing things, thinking, and told me that if you want something, then be ready to fight for it and in one level, it is more about who believes more... that one will get what she wants.

    Absolutely fabulous show and I am sure - one of my favorites
  • A personal escape

    For six years, 'Dr. Quinn' aired every Saturday night documenting the goings-on in a fictionalized Colorado Springs, centring around female doctor Michaela "Dr. Mike" Quinn's struggles to be accepted as part of a profession dominated by men. At the same time, she went through various other struggles--a relationship with mountain man Sully; raising her adopted children Matthew, Colleen, and Brian (and, later, her own birth daughter Katie); being an active member of the town (in more ways than one); and, of course, treating the townsfolk of their various ailments. It also found time to be socially conscious, getting into topics like the suffrage movement, the mistreatment of Native Americans (particularly the Cheyenne, who figured prominently in various episodes), alcoholism, drug addiction, the death penalty, and the like.

    For me, this show was an escape of sorts. During the time the series first aired on CBS, I was going through a very rough time. While this was on, however, I was able to direct my energy toward the various characters and the plotline of the week.

    The cast and crew poured themselves into this series for as long as they could; and it showed. While it may not have garnered a lot of critical acclaim, it still managed to leave a very deep mark.
  • great show

    I still seek this show out when ever I can, it is a true classic.. it had values a good storyline.. enjoyable and loveable charecters.. I wish it would of lasted a lot longer, but at least I have reruns.. I wish that there was more shows like this one still on TV
  • This show was a classic, family oriented program!

    This show was a classic, family oriented program that paved the way for shows like "Touched By An Angel" and "Joan of Arcadia." I remember watching this show with my mom every Sunday night, and the storylines were always engaging and dealt with modern themes like racism, pregnancy, and even homosexuality. This show was ahead of its time and brought many families together on Sunday night. Though the scripts didn't contain sex, violence or otherwise "engaging" aspects of many television programs today, the show brought classic family values back into the home. Towards the end, the show began to taper a bit, but in my opinion, the show finished strong and remains influential today.
  • Sully! <3

    Sully was the best! I grew up w this show!! <3

    Sully was so hot & always bad ass! I saw him in a new show in a suit & short hair...I didn't know how to deal w it!

    But I love their love story! Even if they drew out their marriage 4 to long to be jerks!

    But sersly! this show had everyone! The old man (who's on Desperate housewives now!) the towns pimp & him prostitute. Town weirdo who said a prostitute..Ass holes like their 'mayor'

    Great show all around! They were historically correct on a lot of stuff too! :)
  • great show about a doctor trying to survive in the wild west and starts a family.

    The story got my attention when it first aired on tv but the female doctor trying to survive with three kids was not enough. The woman Michaela Quinn inherited 3 children, Matthew, Colleen, and Brian. Michaela is a woman doctor and moves out west with her children to find a job.
    It was complete when they entered the cowboy - indian aspect with Sully as a love interest for Dr. Mike. The town peoples reactions to the indian were realistic to what the reactions would have been in those times.
    It is a realistic show because it shows the predjudices that were around in those times, like the fact that women couldnt be doctors.
  • It's such a heartwarming and sweet thing to watch and it's a shame these types of shows are hardly made any more.

    This was the show i use to like to watch if I was off school ill when I was little. I recently remembered this by chance and thought I'd look it up on youtube to see if I could see any clips, but the full seasons were uploaded to my delight. Over time I have been watching all the old episodes and it has been lovely thing to watch. I have been amused to see Brian growing throughout the show and the relationships between all the characters.

    In the beginning Dr Mike was not having an easy time, as women did not generally have medical degrees or any important qualifications of the kind, but she was determined that she could fight to be accepted into a small town. After a woman died she was asked to look after her three children, Matthew, Coleen and Brian. Dr Mike had no knowledge of how to look after the children, but it's be fun to watch her in the first season getting used to it. Over the seasons they become a very tightly knit family, resulting in them seeing her as their mother. The children mean everything to Dr Mike and Sully and have saved them on many occasions.

    Coleen has developed a love for medicine and has helped Dr Mike on many occasions. As she got older she decided to follow dr mikes footsteps in medicine, but it proves difficult once she tries to get a job due to the sexist views at the time. Dr. Mike and Sully have had chemistry since the beginning, however it had taken them ages to accept their feelings. They have come across many obstacles in their relationship, but when things get rough they have always looked after on another. This show is sweet on many levels and its hard to see things like this anymore. It is nice to watch with many interesting events that unfold in the episodes. Well-worth watching for all those who is a romantic like me :D
  • Classic Country

    I love old shows like this that show what it was like in olden times living off the land and without the modern technologies of today.
    The fact that Doctor Quinn is a woman back in those times and showing peoples reactions to a women doctor and how she deals with it shows that she is a very strong character.
    She is grown to be a loved member of the community and the childern who she looks after who are not her own but treats as if they were.
    It is a lovely sweet show that provides plenty of drama throughout the series.
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  • A wonderful family show that you can watch over and over again!

    This show was absolutely wonderful and I wish it would not have ended so early. The network made a big mistake canceling. There was so much more story to be told. The characters, the story lines, the town, the love, the friendships...all of it was written with passion. Season 6 ended with Robert E and Grace\'s family beginning, Jake newly married, Colleen and Andrew starting a life together, Cloud Dancing and Dorthy\'s relationship blossoming. So many things that were not addressed in the movies. It was a wonderful family show! You certainly didn\'t have to worry about whether or not your kids could watch it. Make another movie at least!!
  • A very good story set in the old west. It had a love story that melted so well with the chemistry of Joe and Jane (Sully and Mike) you would think they were lovers IRL.

    I always enjoy catching episodes of this show with it\\\'s homourous side, as well as a love story and the more serious episodes I cry laugh and want to go back for more. hank you to Lonestar station for continuing to play dr.quinn. With the sexy Joe Lando playing Sully he definitly makes the ladies swoon with his romantic side saving Dr. Mike in more than one episode. And even her saving him. They make a great pair and for this alone I highly reccomend it of you like a good love story. And they do really well with the set and costumes making it loook very authentic. And even throwing in famous names from that time period (ie they met General Custer).
  • A good show that pretty much the whole family could watch.

    Dr. Quinn is a female doctor back when there were not many female doctors.

    She inherits three children and sets up a small practice in town.

    Doctor Quinn eventually falls for a man who lost his wife, and now lives with Native Americans.

    Dr. Quinn helps heal the town with medicine and love week after week.

    The town's folk are some real characters. A reverend, a store owner, a bar owning pimp, and a a very nervous postmaster.

  • After this show's cancellation, the remnants of "family TV" were all but gone.

    If I had to pick my absolute favorite show from when I was in high school, this show would be it! Nearly everyone of my teen-aged girlfriends loved this show. Every Monday we would get to school and talk about what happened on DQMW on Saturday night. The family environment of the cast really drew me as a viewer into the life on the frontier in Colorado. Jane Seymour and Joe Lando to this day remain my favorite on-screen couple; their chemistry was amazing!

    I recently re-watched the entire series on DVD (the sixth season I watched for the first time), and despite the fact that I now the show would have no place on TV today, I wish that it was still around. It reminded me of a simpler time in my life and of what TV was like at one time. While there are still shows on today that I do enjoy, it saddens me that my own children will not be able to enjoy quality family TV shows.
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