Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman

CBS (ended 1998)


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  • A personal escape

    For six years, 'Dr. Quinn' aired every Saturday night documenting the goings-on in a fictionalized Colorado Springs, centring around female doctor Michaela "Dr. Mike" Quinn's struggles to be accepted as part of a profession dominated by men. At the same time, she went through various other struggles--a relationship with mountain man Sully; raising her adopted children Matthew, Colleen, and Brian (and, later, her own birth daughter Katie); being an active member of the town (in more ways than one); and, of course, treating the townsfolk of their various ailments. It also found time to be socially conscious, getting into topics like the suffrage movement, the mistreatment of Native Americans (particularly the Cheyenne, who figured prominently in various episodes), alcoholism, drug addiction, the death penalty, and the like.

    For me, this show was an escape of sorts. During the time the series first aired on CBS, I was going through a very rough time. While this was on, however, I was able to direct my energy toward the various characters and the plotline of the week.

    The cast and crew poured themselves into this series for as long as they could; and it showed. While it may not have garnered a lot of critical acclaim, it still managed to leave a very deep mark.