Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman

CBS (ended 1998)


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  • A Western Family Drama set in Colorado Springs during the 1870's. The show's main character is a Woman Doctor named Michaela Quinn who, after her father's death, moves from Boston to a small town where she knows no-one to start her own practice.

    Dr Quinn Medicine Woman is a show that ended much too soon. The romance between Michaela and Sully was a personal favourite. Episodes like The Abduction, Point Blank, The Race, Ladies Night, Where the Heart Is, A Washington Affair and Was*hita are so well written and the acting is topnotch. The show addressed all things from racism to homosexuality and let you make your own mind up on what was right or wrong. You could learn a lot by watching this show and yours truly has learned all sorts of things from anatomy to American history just by watching DQMW one hour every week.