Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman

CBS (ended 1998)


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  • Dr. Michaela Quinn is from Boston, but travels to Colorado so that she can set up her own practice. But in the 1870s a woman doctor wasn't welcome even out West. But over time, with many struggles and hardships, she gained the town's trust and respect.

    I loved this show when it was on TV, I would rush home from school just to watch it. This summer I re-watched all six seasons. I have to say, that I forgot how much drama there was. I thought it would be good to be able to watch one episode after another, that way you wouldn't have any suspense. Well, maybe there was less suspense, but wow, that much drama really drains a person. LOL. I guess that is what they had to do to keep it interesting.

    There was so much in this show, that sometimes it was a little overwhelming. Let's see, there was the Native Americans, immigrants, military, feminism, and wasn't there some KKK in there? Not only that, but the medicine was pretty realistic to the times. I know some people say that it was not realistic for the people to get so deathly ill so often, but think about it, it's 1870. Medicine was advanced, but no where near as advanced as it is now with vaccines and everything. Besides, Dr. Mike was out in Colorado, when all the new technologies and other advancements were on the East Coast.

    I would have to say that Michaela was my favorite character. I think I was attracted to her because she was determined. She knew what she wanted to do and even if she had to go out West to do it, she was going to. She stuck through it and influenced so many people. But I think also, she was determined, but she wasn't fearless, she did many things despite her fear. As a person and a doctor, she developed over the six seasons. I think that was why the show was such a success. They had great characters and they developed/changed. It was real.