Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman

CBS (ended 1998)


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  • What happened to historical accuracy?

    Okay, admittedly, I'm not the best historian in the world, far from it. However, I highly doubt that plastic surgery was performed in the era depicted in Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. Neither was breast cancer diagnosed and treated with a mastectomy. Even today, breast cancer is not always diagnosed early, and we know to do breast self-checks and have mammograms. Which would mean by the time she diagnosed cancer (assuming she could), it would be too late for a mastectomy alone to be any good and guarantee survival. Especially without chemo. If I'm wrong, feel free to call me on it (I'm always willing to correct my misconceptions). I just don't recall certain techniques that they show being used at that point in time. The lack of historical accuracy bugged me to the point that the show was hardly enjoyable. It just didn't work for me.