Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman

CBS (ended 1998)


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  • One of the greatest family shows of the 90's. It will forever be a cult Classic, that people can not get enough of!

    I was only about 5 years old when this show first aired in 1993, but it somehow become very intergrated into my childhood memories. I remember as a child watching Dr. Quinn with my mom and it almost become a comfort as I got older. We live in a cruel, unfair world, but I know that I can always turn on Dr. Quinn and watch her fight to keep life as fair and safe as she can possibly make it. I love how history was incorporated and yet the show did not feel "period" because the issues they dealt with are still very real and prevelant today. Dr. Quinn taught us how to deal with loss, racism, broken hearts, and of course, illness. Jane Seymour is a fabulous actress, and made Dr. Quinn all the more wonderful. Perhaps, the best part of the entire series is the enduring love between Sully and Michaela. They loved each other through thick and thin and showed the world the real meaning of True Love.